My money is on “False Flag”

So reports say that a “Noose” was found in the garage of Bubba Wallace’s NASCAR team on Sunday. 

I’ve had press passes to the NASCAR team areas. Spent many hours in the garages and pit areas.

At no time is the garage nor the cars unattended. We are talking Millions of dollars worth of equipment, parts and, of course, the car itself. They are never left unattended. No one gets into the garage without being cleared.

If there was a noose placed in the garage then it was placed with the knowledge and  acquiescence of the team.

I call Bullshit on this one. This is about as real as the Jussie Smollet incident.

Exalted Grand Kleagle of the Klan:

So are the Black Lives Matter folks gonna demand the eradication of the statues and the removal of the names of the (many many) buildings that were named for him?

You know, the (Democrat) Senator that gave so much of the taxpayers money to the folks in West Virginia while also leading the Klan as the Grand Kleagle or whatever his title was as the National Leader of the Klu Klux Klan?

Yes, I am referring to the grand exalted Kleagle (and Senator) Robert C Byrd. The one whose name adorns nearly every third library, post office, DMV in West Virginia?

The Senator who has 5 out of 8 bridges (large AND small) named after him in the State?
Whose name adorns an AIRPORT?

You know, the Democrat Senator who opposed the Civil Rights Act, who opposed LBGT rights,
Who was Eulogized after his death by both Barry Obama and Nancy Pelosi (spit), and whom Hillary Clinton (and Bill as well) considered to be a mentor? …..Even though he was a racist, by any reasonable definition.

Is Nancy gonna have his portrait removed from the Halls of the Capitol, and his name stricken from the records of the House and Senate?

Are we gonna remove him from history like the Mob wishes to remove those statues? And as Nancy did with those Representatives who were Confederates?

And after that, are they gonna go after Yale University?

I am lucky

Father’s Day.

I have something to celebrate.

I had a Dad. He was there from my earliest memories.

He taught me right from wrong, taught me to THINK, to analyze, to have a moral code. Taught me to look beyond today, beyond the immediate.

Dad took a little monster of a boy child, and helped guide me and shape me into the man I am today.

My Dad grows smarter every day that I am alive. Thankfully, he was able to impart some of that wisdom to me before I really needed it.

I think today’s “Woke” youth shows what happens when boys and young men don’t have a Dad.

As I said, I was lucky.

Happy Father’s Day, Dad. Thanks. 

Except when they don’t.

Black Lives Matter…..Right?

So I fully expect to see the people marching in the streets, demanding that the perpetrator of this heinous crime be hung or something.

And I fully expect marchers to be demanding that something be done to change this systemic killing of children and young adults.

I expect Al Sharpton and the other black “preachers” to tell us all how this sort of killing is forever scarring the soul of the Black Community…

Or not. 

A 3-year-old was shot and killed while riding in a vehicle Saturday night in the Austin neighborhood on Chicago’s West Side

A three year old child….Does That Life Matter? 

(and there were over 50 other people shot in the greater South and West sides in Chicago this weekend…)

Anyone wanna bet that the “Black Community” will ignore this? That they will simply chalk it up to another day in the South Side of Chicago?  Since this isn’t unusual in the black community (Drive by shootings are common in the Austin neighborhood) and since the media (and whoever drove the George Floyd protest circus) isn’t fanning the outrage, I will bet good hard cash that there will be …..nothing. No protest, no marches (and therefore, thankfully, no looting) but also no calls for “justice” no calls for “reform” , no cries of “racism” (’cause chances are it wasn’t a white man who did the shooting)…..And chances are that the stepdad who was driving wasn’t a choirboy….And he knows who did this. 

In other words, “Black Lives Matter” only when the Media pushes the meme and when it is a black criminal at the hands of a white police officer….And there is cell phone video that can be edited to make it look like injustice. 

So why do the police allow it?

Many statues taken down by the crowds in cities across the country today, Saturday, June 20th.

Yet the police stand by and watch.

Blatant Destruction of Public Property. Easy to see. Easy, really, to stop.

Yet they stand there.

Are they afraid of the crowd?

Or are they under orders to stand their by the Mayors of those (generally, but not always) Blue cities?

Either way, are the police not supposed to prevent such actions? Or are they simply political police, who only enforce laws and prevent actions when it is easy and approved? 

Again, if the elected government chooses to pass legislation to remove the statues, that is one thing: But to allow a Mob to make that decision?

At what point will the Police step up and stop this behavior?

Note: these folks destroying the statues claim they are “Racist”.

Do I get to destroy things that I see as “racist”?  Just because I FEELZ that it is racist? Who gets to decide the validity of the “Felling” of something being “Racist”?

CMP goodness

So Fed-Ex delivered my 1911 to the FFl .

On Monday, they called and said that my number had come up and I was gonna get the 1911 I had applied for. They shipped it Tuesday, and it arrived Wed

I got to see it, and handle it, but can’t take delivery until Thursday evening.

It is a Remington Rand, likely delivered in late 1944.

It has a new barrel and bushing, is nicely (re)-parkerized, and has an obviously new bit of lockwork. The trigger and hammer appear to be correct, but I’m not enough of an expert to know for sure at first glance. …The trigger is crisp, but is gonna take some shooting to smooth out and lighten up. I bet it is 6 lbs. Kinda looks like they jacked up the slide and the frame and replaced everything under the hood….

I’ll take a box of 50 ball ammo and see how well it shoots tonight. I’ts not gonna be a safe queen. Maybe not a carry gun, but few of my firearms are safe queens.

Might do pictures later. 

Things you never expect to hear

“Uh, Gary tower, Conqust 4588…there’s a really HUGE snapping turtle on the taxiway”

“Ok, We will send someone out”.

And a few minutes later, as I taxiied past the turtle “Gonna take take 2 or more people to move him, he’s better than 18 inches across”.

I hope they didn’t hurt him moving him off the runway. As I departed, they had a big rope they were pulling him with, one guy on each side, sliding him off the pavement. 

I bet he was more than 50 years old. 

Oddly, they are never choirboys

Nearly every person who is shot by police, be they black miscreants or white miscreants, Hispanic or Asian, innocent or not, has had experience with the police and the court system before.

Example: our Black Man killed by police du jour: Mr. Rayshard Brooks.

He had been arrested and imprisoned in 2014 for FOUR charges…. False Imprisonment, Simple Battery/Family, Battery Simple and Felony Cruelty/Cruelty to Children. He was on probation. 

Not a choirboy, as they say.

And, apparently, that explains why he fought arrest. He didn’t want to go back to prison (even though it was a futile thing, they knew who he was and they had his car….they would simply have issued a warrant and added to his woes with two additional charges…resisting arrest and felony DWI…but I doubt, in the heat of the moment, he was thinking rationally.

No one, especially the media (or the BLM folks) ever seem to notice that they are backing a criminal. It doesn’t matter to them, all they see is a Black Man. Which raises the question:

Who is the racist here? 

Just say “no”

I’m not advocating Mob Rule here, but since the Governments seem to be allowing the Mob to run rampant, perhaps others in our society should start taking matters into our own hands a bit, if only to stop the wholesale destruction of our history….

Perhaps it is time for some upstanding citizens to start defending those monuments the Mob hates so much, and that the police are choosing not to defend.

Since the police are standing by while Mobs of Black Lives Matter (or those claiming to be) are tearing down monuments. Perhaps we should stand between them and the Mob. A line of people, perhaps carrying signs (conveniently) stapled to a Louisville Slugger shaped handle. Of course, things could get somewhat …Kinetic…in the ensuing argument, but that might not be a bad thing, as long as no one died or was too seriously injured.  Not advocating violence here, but a line of people standing around these monuments, simply saying”no” and refusing to let them pass with their ropes and sledgehammers and crowbars might be a good thing.

If some folks then got bruises, it might make the others think.

We have what we have in this country because we protect it. We pay our police offers (via taxes) to do that protecting…normally. If, however, the police choose to stand by and allow a Mob to wantonly destroy our public treasures, then perhaps we, as a population need to step up.

I’d much rather the police do so, mind you. They are trained and have the tools to (more or less) properly restrain the miscreants. We don’t. But needs be when the police are absent or fail to act.

Yes, this also makes Us a Mob. But a mob bent on protecting rather than destroying.

The real reason these people do what they do is because they are no stopped nor disciplined for doing. Like a child or a puppy that is never disciplined, they never learn right from wrong.

A bit of Hickory Shampoo might teach them, if the police choose not to stop them.

Again, not advocating that we hunt them down or anything, simply that we stand in their way as they try to do illegal acts.

What happens then is up to the Mob themselves.

wasn’t it just about 19 years ago

That the Left told us not to judge an entire group based on the actions and behavior of just a few?

Of course, that was Muslims. Followers of the Koran, the word of Mohammed the Prophet….a downtrodden minority group.

But they won’t give the same consideration to cops…police, the enforcers of the laws of the country. They are a reviled group, hated by those folks who don’t think that the rules apply to them. Instead, they judge all cops on the behavior of a few.

If you remove the Left’s double standards, they’d have no standards at all.