I figure about 60 days

Is what it will take to pay this off….maybe 90 days tops….

In ammo savings alone……. I mean, I live 7 minutes (4 miles) from the pistol range, so gas isn’t an issue….but still.

Recoil laser trainer. 

CO2 powered. Kinda pricey, but….


I’ve worn out 2 .45ACP LaserLytes in the past 3 years……

Seriously, I spend a bit over a $150 a month on pistol ammo, even with reloading my own.

Not sure how much the CO2 will cost. (or how many shots one gets per recharge) I could recharge with C25 or argon from the welding bottles though, which would make it cheap……

How soon til it happens to the US?

First Cyprus, then Greece, Europe in general (especially Western Europe).

Now the Canadian Government is planning Bail Ins for large depositors.

Seems like the more free stuff the government gives it’s citizens, the sooner they have to resort to shenanigans like this to pay the debts.

Odd that.

One wonders though, if you have worked all your life, made good decisions, maybe good investments or sold a house for profit,:

Where does one put his money where it can be safe?

Large safes? Coffee cans buried in the yard by moonlight?

Seriously, if the banks aren’t safe, and might give you a 20+% haircut, where do you put your money? Swiss accounts? Large safes? Where is it safe?

Questions Re: Brussels:

How many times just prior to the bombing did the “authorities” tell people that “there is no credible threat”…Just like we hear here in the United States?

How is it that the Police in and around Brussels were able to know who to arrest immediately after the bombing at the airport?  And in France and Germany as well…..(“Round up all the usual suspects”)…..If they knew who these people were, and they were able to break up an attack in the “late planning stages” then why were these people at large?

If the landlord where these folks rented an apartment was aware that the tenants were “odd” and used a  fake name and that the apartment had a lot of chemical smells and liquids that leaked through the ceiling of the apartment below (according to CBS news) that smelled of chemicals…..Why didn’t he bother to report it to the cops? Lessee here: Paid cash, put a fake name on the mailbox, chemical smells, lots of Islamic visitors coming and going……Nah, nothing to see here folks, move along……

(I figure, from the descriptions given, that they were making “Mother of Satan”….TATP. Not for the timid. It isn’t stable….and it is…energetic. Don’t ask me how I know.)

Things I learned this weekend:

I bought a scale from Amazon.

One like This One.

(Of course, I hadda get a chain so I could hang it from the bucket, and a swivel so that I wouldn’t damage the scale with a live load, but hey, even guys get to accessorize, right?)

Now, my small tractor will pick up about 1950 lbs at the end of the bucket if the conditions are right, and I move a lot of things, so I wanted to find out how much, exactly, some of those things weigh.

I learned that the bucket for the backhoe (which I can sorta pick up and scoot, but barely) weighs about 268 lbs.

I learned that the wedges of wood that I pick up and put on the splitter weigh from 140-230 lbs. I can carry those…mostly.

The pieces that I cannot quite pick up weigh in around 320 lbs.

The big 35″ rounds from which I make the above pieces weigh in from 550 to 780 lbs.

The plate that I made for the boom so I could pick things up higher weighs about 172 lbs. No wonder I have issues moving it….The Bush Hog (that I cannot move by myself at all) weighs 694 lbs.

I learned that the log tongs I made a year ago twist at about 1750 lbs. ( now I gotta spend time with the press to make ’em flat again, but hey, I hadda find out, right?)

Now, at least, I know.

I had thought that I was weaker than that, actually. No wonder my knees hurt after splitting wood.

Remember this next time the Muslims say you have to accommodate their religion

Blast kills over 50 in Lahore Easter Celebration


Respect other religions…..

“Religion of peace” and all that.

May be true for some, but how do we separate them?

How do we know that average nice guy who is a Muslim won’t suddenly suffer from Sudden Jihad Syndrome? It HAS happened here, and it will again.

Ar you willing to risk your children and family?

(I find it sad, because I know many seemingly decent people who are muslim……?)

I am all for letting people practice their religion as they see fit (as long as it fits our Constitution and harms no one) but it has to be a two way street….and with Islam, it doesn’t seem to be any way but their version of Islam. In fact, Muslims are the largest killers of Muslims…because the muslims they kill practice a different version of the “Religion of Peace”.

For the love of all that is holy

PLEASE, PLEASE, learn the difference (and the proper usage) between”Brake” and “Break”….especially when referring to things firearm related. Even more so if you are advertising or otherwise trying to sell me a product.


It is a “Thumb BREAK holster”….

And it is a “Muzzle Brake” on the end of the barrel.
Break and Brake are not interchangeable. Just because spellcheck passes it does not mean it is the right usage. Look up the definitions if you are unsure.

That is all

Soft targets

So everyone is (again) all “On Alert”..watching for terror attacks.

But we are stupid.

In a few weeks, we will be just as complacent as we were on Monday. Not paying attention. Not bothering. Not caring. Who won on “Survivor” or whatever will be the hot topic, along with the latest news from the elections.

Right now, there are men with badges dressed in black with masks covering their faces in many public spaces, showing a military-like presence….intimidatingly carrying AR rifles. Some folks find that comforting. I find it amusing. Firstly, because in a week or two, they will be gone. Secondly because if they need those rifles today, then they will need them next week or next month or sometime in the future….but they won’t be carrying them then, not when the next attack happens.  Thirdly, because a rifle isn’t much good against a suicide bomber in a crowded area. What, except for comforting our more rabbit-like citizens, are they doing? If there is a good reason to carry a rifle TODAY, then there is a good reason to carry them everywhere, every day. They (the officers) look intimidating and warlike, but really, what good are they doing? (Let us  not, at this time, bother with the fact that the face masks are for NIGHTTIME operations, to hide their white faces, not for daytime use) What good is a menacing presence in some spaces doing to enhance our security? Are all those men doing anything besides menacing the population and getting the citizens used to an armed presence in their public spaces?

And the people lining up to have their bags searched….Really? Why, if the bombers want to inflict damage and bloodshed and pain and terror would they not choose to detonate them in the non secure (but crowded) areas in front of a checkpoint? They will still kill and wound many. People will still die. Terror will still occur. People will still be afraid…. It matters little where the bomb goes off…..

If the terrorists are patient, they know that next week they will have another chance, in another area, and that they will be as unimpeded as they were on Monday. They play a long game, not a short one….Chess or Go, rather than checkers, as the West does.

So what, exactly, besides giving the police a bunch of overtime, are they accomplishing?