Y’know, I am getting pretty fuckin’ tired

Of this sort of thing.

Couple of points:

When a black man murders white people, for some reason it isn’t “racially motivated”, but when a white kid kills some black people, it must be racially motivated. Couldn’t just be crime, could it?

And because he once wore a cap that had a Confederate flag, we must scrub all the US from ever having anything honoring the dedication and honorable service of the confederate soldiers.

If every time a back man murdered a white person, can we strip some statue of MLK? Or (perhaps) remove Harriet Tubman from replacing a white guy on currency? If we find that the black kid committing a crime has an X hat, can we start changing the street names and other monuments to the Black civil rights movement?

Logic would say so…

And then there is this bullshit. (and I actually agree with his ENTIRE statement about when power and responsibility should shift. …)

ETA: For those assholes who won’t bother to learn the quote that I am referring to:

“I believe in white supremacy until the blacks are educated to a point of responsibility. I don’t believe in giving authority and positions of leadership and judgment to irresponsible people,” ” (this was in the early 70’s, BTW)

Now where, exactly was that racist? (see also Baltimore and Detroit for examples as to why he was correct…..)

The definition

Of a “Hate Crime” is getting so watered down that it is becoming meaningless.

Police called to college when one person states that “there are only 2 genders” ….investigate it as a hate crime.

These universities (and their staff) need to get a grip. There is racism. There are hate crimes committed, there is gender bias. There are many evils in the world, But panicking and pointing the finger for minor things, often only perceived by a person, waters down the definition these evils.

And makes the universities look foolish for even wasting time on such trivialities. THese folks need to realize that hyperbole isn’t reality. .

Then there is this: The graduation ceremony is called the “Lavender Graduation,” signifying “pink triange that gay men were forced to wear in concentration camps and the black triange designating lesbians as political prisoners in Nazi Germany,” according to HRC.

Out of problems:

Yeah, really.


     Many of our nation’s poor are fat, lazy and satisfied. They have flat screen TVs and cable,                  microwaves and Internet, and all the food they need. Even our homeless have cellphones. Because      we don’t have to wake every day to forage for food and hope some simple scrape won’t lead to an      infection that kills us, we’re afforded the luxury of feeling cheated by someone having more.

Or, we could ban phones….

I mean, a significant bunch of people think that banning guns for the actions of their owners (or the people that posses them, that is)

So, instead of making it easier for folks to know when NOT to cross the street, we should, using that logic, ban smarphones (and earbuds). Right?


Jesus, Western society has sunk to a terribly low level when, in order to prevent people from inadvertently killing themselves, we have to put traffic signals in the sidewalk so that they will see them? So that they don’t have to look up? (Really, because they DON’T look up).

Sometimes yer the bug:

So the step was somewhat loose on my truck…has been for a week. Been on since 2003 and investigation shows that the support was badly rusted. I can easily fab a new support, but first I had to get the step removed from the truck…

I decided to do something about it before either:

A. it broke while I was using it to step up into the cab, therefore hurting myself badly


B. fell off while I was driving

Either which would end up requiring me to try to remove the other half of the mounting on the side of the road or in a parking lot.Probably with a battery powered sawzall with a mostly discharged battery then a hacksaw….And likely end with me pulling and twisting (and cussing) to get the final bit of metal to break off…..

So this morning, after 10 AM (so as not to disturb my neighbors too early on a Sunday morning) I swept the apron in front of the barn, moved the truck, fired up the air compressor and set to work with the impact wrench to remove the bolts.

The half inch impact removed 2 of the 4. The other two? Not so much. Been there for 13 years…lots of salt and rain and such to rust ’em in place…..

Ok, I dig into the cabinet and get out the seldom-used 3/4 inch impact and the air tank and the 3/4 inch hose so I can use it at full power for the first 3 minutes….(the 3/8 hose doesn’t really supply enough air, but it will fill the tank to run the impact for a short time at full power).

Yeah, that worked….broke ’em right loose.

Now I have the step removed from the truck.

So then I get to removing the bolt which holds the mount and the step together., so I can make a new mount.

The half inch bolt snapped off .

Ok, not unexpected, but the end is stuck in the bracket in the step. About an inch and a half sticking out. (but buried 2″ deep inside the tube…..)

Not an issue, I will get two nuts and stack ’em and use them to remove the remains of the bolt. Tossed a bit of penetrating oil and some heat on the broken bolt first, just to help things…..

Yep, snapped it off a half inch from the bracket.

Ok, take a nut and weld it to the end of the bolt. Reach in with a socket ….Apply torque.

Snapped off just under the weld.

Ok, drill the remains of the bolt and weld that to the nut. Same same….

Snapped it off just under the weld again. Cheap goddamn grade (-4) bolt or whatever from China…)

Hell with it. I’ll drill the rest of the way through the bolt and tap it. (shoulda done that first)….grind it off as low as I could with a high speed burr and drill from there…

Yeah, now it is hardened by the repeated heating. Kinda hard on the burr….Burned the end off the pilot drill. (Twice). But I got the bolt /bracket drilled for a half inch tap.

OK, got the tap in and started.

Yep, you guessed it. Broke clean off at the face. 3 turns in. Hand pressure, no more . What I get for using a tap from TSC. I should know better. Buy American…..I will next time.


Tune in tomorrow and see if I was able to get the tap backed out or if I take a torch and burn the damned thing out and reweld the hole and drill and try again (or maybe weld a nut to the face of the bracket in the tube and go with that).

And I still haven’t fabbed a new mounting bracket.

ETA: Torch (the blue wrench). Welded a nut on it and put it back together after refabbing the bracket.

All back together now.

And realize that they have (essentially) no military

So there is the fact that they are hiding behind the skirts of NATO (which is really the US, as most other european countries can’t field an army either) And the fact that Sweden doesn’t have a huge minority group that sucks up a very large percentage of the social safety net and is non productive…..nor that nearly HALF of the people in the US don’t care to work and pay no taxes…..

Bernie is right: America SHOULD be more like Sweden….

But don’t bother to compare apples to apples…..


Today, for the first time in a long time, as I was getting ready to get in the car to run errands, I looked for (and nearly called for) my dog to go with me…..

She’s been gone now for nearly 4 years.