IF they work, why worry?

I have a person with whom I used to work who went full bore into the Covid fear. She has, effectively, been a recluse since March 2020 in fear of getting the covid. She has her groceries delivered, does not leave the house if she can help it, etc. Her fear of the Wu-Flu is almost to the point of psychosis.

She called the other day…”I can now meet with vaccinated people,,,,wanna have lunch?”

Sorry, I’ve not had the Covid shot

“Oh, then I can’t see you…only vaccinated people”.

I refrained from pointing out that she had no idea about the vaccination status of the other people we might have interacted with, or been close to, while having lunch…Like servers, hostesses, other patrons, etc

And I should get a medal for NOT embarassing her (not that she would get understand the logic) by pointing out the disparity in her thinking: that if the “Vaccine” works, then there is no reason to fear interacting with people who have not had the shot (she’d be protected)….and if it doesn’t work, then it doesn’t matter if I had the shot or not.


50/50 it is a false flag

Seems that a couple of statues of George Floyd were vandalized with spray paint…..

And, of course, the people who did it left the name of a “known racist white supremacist group” on the statue as well….

While I don’t condone this sort of behavior, I am somewhat amused by the people’s reaction to thos…I mean, it was OK to tear down other people’s statues in a paroxysm of hate, however tenuous their connection to slavery or oppression of black people or whatever….Now that THEIR revered statues are being vandalized, they are all butthurt. Kinda different when the shoe is on the other hand, innit there folks?


And supposedly there is video of the vandalism…but we aren’t being allowed to see it. I expect that it shown people with more malinin than the average redneck doing the deed….

anyone know where I can trade my AR in

towards an F-15 and a nuclear bomb?

I mean, I want to be able to keep my government at bay and limited, and apparently the “weapon of war that can kill thousands with the single pull of a trigger” can no longer be used to defend against an out of control government so I need to upgrade to F-15’s and nuclear weapons..


Asking for a friend and all that….

An excellent choice they made

Seems that the Kenosha City council chose to reject the claim from Jacob Blake for damages. 


Jacob Blake had many chances to make the end of his arrest, in fact, the entire day, end differently.

He didn’t have to start shit at the gathering such that the police were called…

He didn’t have to have a warrant that he had not dealt with.

He didn’t have to be uncooperative with the police when they found out he had a warrant.

He didn’t have to resist arrest.

He didn’t have to continue to resist after he was tazed.

He didn’t have to walk towrds the car promising to shoot people.

He could have stopped the encounter at any point.

He chose to continue and be stubborn and foolish.

He chose the path that led to the bad outcome.

He is owed no compensation. He made the choices…over and over.

Of course, he will sue, and might get some money, even though he should not.

But Kudos to the Kenosha council for sayng “No”.



‘Tis odd

Suddenly, the Chicago TV stations are telling us the race of the perpetrators of crimes, at least the most horrendous ones.

And they naren’t hiding the race of the other criminals for lesser crimes

Before they were doing their best to hide/mask/obfuscate the race of the criminals…Now not so much.


Almost as if they WANT people to know that about 85% of the crime is peretrated by black people,  nearly 100% on the South and West sides of Chicago.


Maybe they are thinking to add this to a Race War?…..First rile up the Blacks, Hide what everyone already knew…then push the crime factor to piss off and rile up the whites/Hispanics and Asians….


It looks like I bought a 340.

Now we gotta do the inspections and I gotta get the type specific training mandated by the insurance company.


So about three weeks

Coal powered cars

It is pointed out in this article that, among other issues with Electric Vehicles, they are, mostly, coal powered vehicles….and that they aren’t as “Green” as people think…


The mining of Lithium (for batteries) can be inexpensive or it can be environmentally friendly, but not both. Copper, also, can be “green” or it can be inexpensive…but it can’t be both.

Ultimately, Electric vehicles aren’t as green as they are made out to be….they just cause pollution somewhere else….out of sight.