Still no computer

The local Geek Squad could’t fix it (deleted comment) so it was shipped out to Depot Level repair for a hard drive replacement.

Bloggging will continue to be light and terse because Android doesn’t work well with Blogger and there are, apparently, no decent keyboards avaiable for bluetooth.

24 yearz ago

TheATF attacked the “Branch Davidians”compound in a remote part of rural Waco Texas. Believing that the isolated ocation would allow them to get away with a commando style raid, the untrained agents stormed the compound…leading to a debacle that lasted an additional 50 days and one that showed the ineptness of the ATF management and the Federal  oversight of that agency.

Further, it showe the Federal Government use propaganda to demonize the Branch Davidians and whitewash the mess the Feds made when they negotiated and eventually stormed the compound and killed 76 people.

Somewhere I have a t-shirt that asks the question: “Is Your Church BATF Approved?

‘Tis a good question….

Don’t play well together.

Laptop is in the body & fender shop due to imminent hard dive failure, so am using the Android tablet.

Which is nice for surfing the web, but SUCKS for adding content to it.

Expect a lot less bogging for a while. Blogger and Android do NOT play well together.

Which is ok, as the weather is nice and I gotta go help my brother clear a fenceline for his new homesite.


7 miles on the sand today. Monday.  Total for the day 11.

I helped a friend at the Gunshow this weekend….I was on my feet all day, both days, but I didn’t actually MOVE that much. I only walked a mile and half on Saturday, and a little less on Sunday. Not my normal level of exercise…

So, Monday, I went for a walk on the beach. The temps at noon were 61 degrees F and there was little to no wind. The lake has 4″ waves. Looked like a millpond. I  walked the whole way in a tee shirt and jeans…Got a sunburn.

The sand was soft, so that 7 miles probably equalled 10 (or more) on pavement.

Feelin it this mornin. 

A report for Harry:

The Valpo gunshow was as normal. Lots of old collectible rifles and some pistols…, lots of plastic and new guns available. Pricing for New firearms was 10-15% under MSRP.

There were no cases of old surplus import rifles for sale. Mosins were $230-300 (each), little old ammo for sale.

Powder and bullets in bulk were a bit pricey, new ammo the same. .22 LR is available, and the prices are coming down……bricks for $35-45.

Lots of lookers, not as many buyers as last year. No panic. Lots of Trump hats and such (go figure). People seemed to be waiting for prices to go down.

Watching on the Tee-Vee

The evening News Propaganda….

The Media just can’t miss a chance to twist what they report to try and make Trump look bad, can they?

The thing that pisses me off is that they seem to think that I and my fellow Citizens won’t notice….Or that they ALL use the SAME terminology and descriptions in their slanted reports of The Donald…..Almost as if they were coordinated………

I am told

By the News Media, so the story is somewhat suspect) that the Government and people of Canada are “welcoming Syrian Refugees with open arms and smiles”.

(Perhaps the Government, but I doubt the “People” are welcoming)

I say, if it is true, fine. Let ’em have all the Syrian refugees they want to take in. In fact, they can have all the ones that aren’t welcome here.

A caution, however:

They should look to most of western Europe for examples. Germany, France, Switzerland, etc. Where even the police and other white people can’t go before they welcome too many,….but hey, they can invite as many as they want into their country. We don’t get a say.

Of course, at some point we will likely have to build a border wall in the north too, and the fallout of the unchecked muslim immigration  will, eventually, cause issues with the maple syrup supply and the some other Canadian products like back bacon and whisky, but I am sure we will adapt when the Syrians take over canadia.

A joke? Not really.

Just FYI:

The “Day Without an (Illegal) Immigrant was, again, a flop.

This despite the help from the Media.

Such a surprise.

Who knew this was illegal?

While it has been a few years, I have, indeed, been intoxicated enough to try something like this……….

Riding a couch, towed by an ATV, though a drive though. 

Hammered, of course. And the cops had to, (because cops) arrest someone. Killjoys.

Dude, McDonalds run…munchies.

But at least they were  wearing helmets.

Safety first when out in public while intoxicated and riding a couch….

Now if the couch had been pulled by a moose…..