On the protests:

They are even happening near me (more or less peacefully)…less than 20 miles away, in a fairly affluent area where the cops generally don’t hassle anyone unless they REALLY try to get the attention of the Po-Po…Not even in the areas where there are a lot of Section 8 folks that have been relocated in an attempt to integrate them into a more affluent mindset in a fairly decent neighborhood. 

But the protest near me is about 2/3 white, 1/3 black. And they are protesting …..because……Whites must have, at some point “Put the black man down” or something.
Nevermind that the facts of the George Floyd case are not what the Media chose to show us. To quote one of my local protesters:
“Yelling facts at people doesn’t change feelings,” he said.

And that is what this is all about. Feelings. Just because someone got crossways with the police, it must be because he was black. Just because someone dies while struggling with police while being restrained for arrest, it must be the police that killed him. ‘Cause cops are racist because they investigate, detain, and sometimes arrest black people.

Of course, if anyone thinks that this round of protests” spontaneously erupted across the country then they must be stupid as well as blind , gullible, and a fool.

Have you noticed?

Every time the DNC types have problems, or a scandal, or are losing in the polls…..

The media shows us a carefully edited snippet of video showing a black man being mistreated or killed by a white cop.

Protests ensue, sometimes black people, sometimes white people doing the rioting.

Funny, that.

You gotta ask yourself who, exactly,  organized these “Spontaneous Protests” ?

It is, after all, an election year. 

Modern day lynching

Protests all over the country for “justice”.

Of course, they don’t really want “justice”, They want revenge.
No investigation, no trial, just revenge. Right now.

They call that a Lynching. If it were whites insisting on revenge for perceived crimes by a black person, and summary justice rather than a trial, they’d call that a lynching.

But that is what they want. Instant “Justice”.

Should the cop get off without an investigation and a trial? Absolutely not. Should he be lynched? Also absolutely not.

Just because a 30 second video with no context was shown on TV, and a report that it happened over 7 minutes is no reason to demand a lynching. Of course, it is a white cop and a black man so there is no presumption of guilt on the cop’s part.

But I doubt that the protesters care enough to be logical or rational. They want revenge.

Sadly, they don’t realize that this is scripted. Designed to keep them angry.

And another thing: I can understand the protest (not the riots) in Minneapolis. That is where the incident occurred. But everywhere else? Sorry, no excuse.
And burning your own neighborhood is the process? Just a bunch of people demonstrating why we have stereotypes for them. Sad. 

Not that the WHO has been right about much

At least, the World Health Organization has dropped the ball a LOT regardign the CoronaVirus “pandemic”.

But now their advice directly contradicts the Center for Disease Control….

Healthy people should wear masks only if caring for coronavirus patients, WHO says

So masks work, except they don’t but everyone should wear them, except most people don’t need to wear them, unless you do.
And the WHO is the authority on the Covid, unless the CDC is the ruling authority, except when it contradicts the WHO then ….?

“he’d not be dead if he was white”

So George Floyd is dead in Minneapolis. Cops killed him.

He was a nice guy and didn’t deserve it.
Maybe. I don’t know.

It is odd that black men nearly never surrender when being arrested. That is one thing that the media never notes when they are doing what they can to fire the race wars.

“If he was white this wouldn’t have happened”
Probably true. If he was white, or hispanic, or chinese or Irish or lithuanian or south american or nearly any other race, he probably would have stopped struggling once he was arrested.
Ask any cop, they’ll agree with the above statement.

Did he deserve to die? No. Did he deserve to be arrested? I don’t know. Chances are if he had stopped struggling such that it took several men to hold him down he might be alive. Did his behavior lead to his death? Probably, but the media hasn’t shown us any video from earlier in the incident.  All we get is the dramatic parts. Probably because they really don’t want us to see it since it might damage their meme.

How you end up after the arrest mostly depends on your behavior. Choose wisely.

Should the cops be disciplined and charged with murder? I don’t know enough about the whole incident to judge.  Hell, I don’t know enough to be sure that he WAS struggling, but it is likely.
I’d like to see the whole video, and if he submitted without a struggle, then I’d expect the cops should be charged with murder.

ETA: If his trachea was crushed, or if the cop was pressing his neck to the ground so hard that his airway was restricted, then why can we hear him telling the cops “Officer, I can’t breathe”? 

Your padlocks are useless

No, seriously, they will keep honest people out, and (maybe) undermotivated thieves.

Man, I got the Rigid Tools cordless grinder …couple this tool with a decent cutting disc and you can cut through a grade 8 half inch bolt in less than 30 seconds.

Effectively, except for armored locks, this makes locks easy simply cut.

(yeah, I had to try it on a tungsten carbide shackle….3/8 inch shackle with a carbide core)
Like butter.

And as this is a handheld cordless unit, one can walk up to ANY lock (pr damned close to any)and simply cut the shackle with a minimal amount of noise… and at speeds which a corded grinder would be hard to beat. Yes, the battery power is limited , but not by as much as you think.

Effectively, you padlocks and steel storage containers are not gonna stop anyone who is serious about getting inside wherever you think you have locked them out of.

Farm gates? Gone is 20 seconds….Barn doors? Heh. Locks pretty much anywhere can be cut in less than a minute….and a 4 AH battery is good for about 50 minutes of actual cutting time.  Yep, nearly an hour.

Best defense is an alarm system and some cameras. If someone wants to get nto your stuff, they don’t need a key. While a torch or a sawzall type cutter will work, they don’t like harder steel. Tends to eat the teeth off of the blade, even carbide ones

A grinder (to a certain extend) simply doesn’t care what you put in front of it. A thin abrasive wheel and you are all set…..And now we have cordless tools with Lithium batteries…..

Did the Lockdown really do anything?

Besides trash the economy?

So now that the “lockdown” (That wasn’t a lockdown, really) is lifted here in Indiana, since more or less May 1, we should be seeing an uptick in the number of deaths …right? I mean, it has been three weeks, so we should be seeing an increase in deaths or at least symptomatic cases….Or so the “experts” tell us….

And yet, we haven’t. The number of deaths is still decreasing, and the number of symptomatic cases has also decreased…(the number of cases has increased, but so has the number of tested people…we are testing more people every day)…

One would expect that if the “lockdown” would have done anything that there would be an uptick in deaths and symptomatic cases by now. It has been over three weeks..I find it hard to believe that this “Pandemic” has burnt itself out already.

I think that the “Lockdown” didn’t do much at all, really. If it had, we’d be seeing the results of ending it by now.

What a colossal failure the CDC and Dr. Anthony Fauci have engineered….

Unless, of course, it was a failure and not a plan to damage our economy.

And shame on the Medical Profession for buying into this farce with no reason to believe the bullshit they were fed.