I mean, It’s like expecting my girlfriend to actually apologize, or even admit she was wrong,….The Liberals just amuse me…

But it’s funny watching them flail about trying to deny that Trump was right about the impotence of NATO because most of the European countries spent their military budget on socialist programs….and not on military preparedness.

And they think correctly:

An “amazing” 62% of Americans think that Putin would not have invaded Ukraine if Trump would have been President.…and meanwhile, 59 percent of Americans said it was Biden’s perceived weakness that had prompted Putin to launch the bold attack in the first place,

Even many Democrats know the Truth. These are probably the same 62% that believe that the election was stolen.

Word is that Trump promised to bomb Moscow if Putin invaded Ukraine. (Remember, the DNC types told us he was Putin’s lapdog when the truth was that Biden was being paid large sums by Russians) Also, word is that Biden said that “the dogs of war would lie sleeping while the deaths of the children were blamed”.

But Joe isn’t all that rational. is he?

‘Twas the banks that made Trudeau back down

It seems that his blatant power grab via the “Emergencies Act” scared LOTS of Canadian citizens….

The freezing of bank accounts (and other property) caused LOTS of folks to decide to withdraw monies from Canadian banks and open accounts in the US. Leaving the (some) banks at close to insolvency. 

What with modern internet banking, there is no reason to have your money in Canada…you can use credit cards to pay most of your bills, and transfer what monies you need for cash or checks to a local account via wire transfers or ACH. Better to keep it in the US where (so far, at least) the Rule of Law still exists….

I am told that in excess of 850 million dollars was moved to new accounts out of the country in the 2 days by private individuals. This frightened the banks greatly.

I expect that the trend of withdrawals will continue, and that the damage to the bank’s solvency will not recover in the near future.


10 years on

And the press, for whatever reason, is still hiding the fact that Trayvon Martin was the thug, a criminal, and a blatant anti-white racist who attacked George Zimmerman for following him because Zimmerman (a “White-Hispanic”!) thought he was acting in a criminal manner.

To see the photos of Trayvon, one would think he was a 14 year old kid, not a 17 year old man. You’d never know from the coverage that he was a thug, a troublemaker, and a kid whose mother had been unable to handle him and so had pushed him off to his father…who didn’t care much either. You’d never know from the coverage that he was a turd, one of the dregs of society, raised poorly and a part of the reason people are cautious of young black me….and the reason young black men are viewed as criminals.

But the Media is portraying him as a young, angelic boy “who was just on his way home from the store where he went to get some skittles”.

It comes as close to lying as one can get.

But I guess they gotta keep those black folks riled up however they can. Most of my black friends and acquaintances are not fooled by the Media….but I guess that enough of the population is to make it worthwhile.

“No private citizen needs an assault rifle”

Yet, oddly the folks in Ukraine are handing them out to any citizen who will take one. Apparently, they have run out of firearms to give to people.

How useful they will be in the hands of untrained people remains to be seen. Shooting (shooting well, at least) is a skill, and a perishable one. Just handing out “assault rifles” won’t make accurate shooters.

We here in the US, most of us, that have rifles actually shoot them several times (or more) a year. We (generally) know how to care for and feed these rifles. While AK’s are robust and need little care, they still require some care and cleaning.  We shooters generally have a fair bit of ammo for our firearms as well. locally stockpiled, as it were.

“But no one needs a 30 round magazine for hunting”………depends on what we are hunting, doesn’t it?

A lesson the Ukrainian people are learning.

And now we see

What happens when the American people get a weak president.

Notice I said “get”. I still don’t believe that he was truly elected by the votes of the Citizens of the United States. He was foisted upon us by the Left and the Media ….and we accepted the deception and allowed it.

But we have what we have, and at the end of it, the invasion of Ukraine is the result. Even Barry Obama had more steel in his spine that the aging, decrepit, elderly and confused Joe Biden.

And because of that, Putin knows that there is no strong leadership in the West. Biden cannot stop him, and the other NATO countries cannot do so either….separately OR together. Without leadership, the West is left flailing…with the end result that we see currently.

A weak, confused old man is not what we need as President, and it shows today. It is what the Left gave us, what we have swallowed and accepted, and what we have.

And Ukraine and the other eastern European countries will suffer for it, Russia will grow stronger and the West weaker.

Biden (or those speaking for him) blocked the Israeli pipeline that could have kept Germany and other western European countries from dependence on Russian gas, and did nearly everything he could to open the door for Russia. If there were three mistakes he (or his handlers) didn’t make, I cannot think of them.

We got screwed in this last election, as did Western Europe and the NATO countries (although they were complicit and have been for years in their weakness as a military deterrent)….We, as a nation, allowed our election to be stolen, and now we have the result, an illegitimate, weak President who commands no respect, either at home or on the international stage. The US is neutered and the world is afraid. We have neither the military nor the leadership to maintain the status quo nor to keep Russia in place. And Mr. Putin knows it.

I pray that we will not, as a country, get involved, but I fear we will. All because we, as a nation, allowed our elections to be usurped.


Smart Suzie

So one day at school, 2 boys bet Suzie $5 that she couldn’t climb up a ladder and back down in 10 seconds…

She knew she could, so she took the bet and climbed the ladder and back down in 8 seconds. She took her $5 and went home.

When she got home, she told her older sister . Her sister said “Suzie, they just wanted to look up your skirt and see your underwear”..


The next day, the boys bet her $5. she couldn’t climb the ladder and back down in 10 seconds. She took the bet, climbed the ladder and back down again, took their money and went home.

She again told her sister about the easy money she had made. The sister told her in exasperation “I told you they just wanted to look at your underwear!”.

“Hah!” said Suzie, “The joke’s on them! Today, I didn’t wear any underwear!”

I can’t win

From the old dudes at the Tuesday morning informal rifle shoot:


“hey, B, now come yer only shooting 5 shots per target instead of 10?”

“Well, it gets harder to figure out where to aim when the 10 ring is missing”

“You gotta tighten up those groups boy, if the hole in the center is too big for you to have somethin to aim at, then yer shooting too big of groups”.

Fuck. I guess I gotta up my game. 3/8 inch 10 shot groups at 50 yards is too big.

Less coffee in the morning, I guess.


As an aside, I’m not so sure I like the new lead-sled rifle rest. I think I’m gonna go back to a front rest and a sandbag. I feel like I am fighting the sled and it isn’t reducing my group size.