And now we see

What happens when the American people get a weak president.

Notice I said “get”. I still don’t believe that he was truly elected by the votes of the Citizens of the United States. He was foisted upon us by the Left and the Media ….and we accepted the deception and allowed it.

But we have what we have, and at the end of it, the invasion of Ukraine is the result. Even Barry Obama had more steel in his spine that the aging, decrepit, elderly and confused Joe Biden.

And because of that, Putin knows that there is no strong leadership in the West. Biden cannot stop him, and the other NATO countries cannot do so either….separately OR together. Without leadership, the West is left flailing…with the end result that we see currently.

A weak, confused old man is not what we need as President, and it shows today. It is what the Left gave us, what we have swallowed and accepted, and what we have.

And Ukraine and the other eastern European countries will suffer for it, Russia will grow stronger and the West weaker.

Biden (or those speaking for him) blocked the Israeli pipeline that could have kept Germany and other western European countries from dependence on Russian gas, and did nearly everything he could to open the door for Russia. If there were three mistakes he (or his handlers) didn’t make, I cannot think of them.

We got screwed in this last election, as did Western Europe and the NATO countries (although they were complicit and have been for years in their weakness as a military deterrent)….We, as a nation, allowed our election to be stolen, and now we have the result, an illegitimate, weak President who commands no respect, either at home or on the international stage. The US is neutered and the world is afraid. We have neither the military nor the leadership to maintain the status quo nor to keep Russia in place. And Mr. Putin knows it.

I pray that we will not, as a country, get involved, but I fear we will. All because we, as a nation, allowed our elections to be usurped.


5 thoughts on “And now we see

  1. this is only the beginning of our suffering. they are laying the groundwork for the false flag cyber attack on the grid. followed by martial law, gun confiscation, world war, nuclear exchange. all proceeding to plan. before its over the lefties will be begging trump to save them.

  2. Word salad doesn’t do a damned bit of good, nor do sanctions that don’t target the right people/things.

  3. “…and we accepted the deception and allowed it…”

    …No, I neither accepted it nor allowed it… There’s only so much I can do though when everyone from the Supreme Court on down denies anything untoward happened in 2020…

    • And you, like me, had no choice.
      We allowed it, by default. We did not revolt, nor “vote from the rooftops”, nor any other action. We expected someone else to start it.
      We allowed it, if only by INACTION. And we accepted it by allowing it. Don’t hide from that fact.

  4. And Russia will get away with it because the US and especially Europe are not willing to suffer any pain by imposing real sanctions like denying access to international banking or curbs on oil and gas exports.

    The only thing that will work is guerrilla war by the Ukrainians. Turn the country into Kabul or Iraq. The people of Ukraine haven’t forgotten that Stalin’s Soviets killed millions of Ukrainians in the Holodomor mass starvation in the early 1930s.

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