“Money won’t buy you happiness”


“Nope, but it will buy you big boats and fast cars and nice houses and that gets you hot women, and that’s almost as good”


Many pieces of data and advice found on the internet are lacking in veracity. Some more than others. Be careful.


Glenn Seaborg,










(first person to separate plutonium)

Call ’em what they are: Invaders

“They are not migrants, they are ‘newcomers'”

W. T. F.


Is this really the view of Biden and the DNC?


“Newcomers? People wo illegally cross our border, invade our country, sponge off the Federal and State government….add to crime and economic collapse, burden our society and damage our country?


It shows that the DNC types INTEND to let each and every one of these people stay.

The DNC in general and Joe Biden in particular are traitors to the USA. Most of the Republicans who have stood by and let this happen as well.

He won’t be missed

Much like the departure of Wayne LaPierre from the NRA, the departure of Mitch Mcconnell is greeted with glee by many (if not most) conservatives.

A weasel of the first order, a failure at representing what he supposedly believed in, and a sellout of the American Republican voters time after time.

Now if only the Republican Party can find someone with a set of testicles larger than frozen peas to replace him we might have a chance here.

Sadly for him, he will only leave a legacy of failure and appeasement, not one of bold leadership or victory.

Buuuutt….Diversity is our strength!

Isn’t that what they kept claiming 3 or more years ago? All these open Border liberals? Easy when the open border doesn’t bring it’s problems to your neighborhood…..

Of course, that strength comes with a crime wave, and costs to house them, and feed them, and clothe them. And LOTs and LOTS of crime. Then they don’t like it so much.

NYC Mayor Eric Adams calls for an END to sanctuary city status in screeching U-turn after welcoming migrants with open arms – drawing 200,000 arrivals in 18 months and sparking a crime wave

OF course, now that New York City has to deal with the same things that the Border states have had to for many years, things look different don’t they?

He at least wants to be able to turn the worst offending criminals over to ICE in order for them to be someone else’s problem, rather than the city’s.

I fully expect Chicago, Denver, and all the other affected Sanctuary Cities to soon change their tune. The Citizens will oust the Government if they don’t.




If this twit remains as a judge

Then it undermines the entire court system, not only in Illinois, but around the country.

She should be disbarred for not being able to realize that she is putting her personal political beliefs over any legal precedent. The fact that she felt that she could do this, or that she failed to be able to separate personal feeling from law, is embarrassing for the court system. Or, it could be that she felt secure enough in her position that she thought it was a good idea to do this even though she knew it to be wrong,  just to be a hassle to the Trump campaign. Or maybe she is just trying to impress some other people,,,Or maybe she intends to resign soon.

Either way, if the Illinois Bar lets this stand, Doesn’t punish this judge (or disbar them completely) for this egregious failure….they’ve made all judges in Illinois a laughingstock. Why should anyone obey any judges orders if the judges cannot even follow the law?


There’s that whole “Innocent until proven guilty” thing, and the fact that as far as I am aware, there have not even been any formal CHARGES against Mr Trump regarding this matter.

If a judge is so ignorant of the law, should she be a judge? Of if she is aware and is that partisan, should she be allowed to adjudicate any cases?

She has proven her unsuitability to be a judge. If she isn’t disbarred then every case she ever tries from this point onwards is suspect

How to bring the US into WWIII

Take a senile old man who is (appears to be) bought and paid for by the President of Ukraine.

Add in the confiscation of billions of dollars of Russian bank money.

Now give that money to Ukraine.

Stir in a bit of NATO and we got ourselves another war.


Exactly what does Zelensky have on Biden and others in our government? Is he that big of a source of cash ?? Does he have Epstien-like files on them or their relatives? There has to be something.

Seriously. The fact that they are even considering this is nightmarish.

Summer to winter in 18 hours

Yeah, gotta love spring in the midwest.

High 60’s low 70’s on Tuesday. Sunny and beautiful


This morning: Snow. High 20’s


With a really nice set of thunderstorms (what do you expect with that temp change?) in between.