At some point…

It’s gonna come down to axe handles and baseball bats

I think at that point the “Pride” folks will learn the lesson that they aren’t welcome to indoctrinate the children. That their behavior is way past the “Acceptance” that they claimed they wanted…..Of course, it’s gonna go hard on the Pride folks, but that is the way of such things, innit?

Heightened security, including Los Angeles Police Department officers, was in place at a protest over a Pride Month recognition on the campus of Saticoy Elementary School. The protesters, some wearing shirts that read “Leave Our Kids Alone,” carried signs featuring the same phrase and others, including “No Sexualizing Our Kids,”


At some point, these parents are gonna go farther, and someone is gonna get hurt. So far, the parents have been non-violent, but if peaceful protest doesn’t work,,,,,,

I’m kinda starting to get nervous

And REALLY glad that I don’t live in a larger city.


Yet another call, this time from a college perfesser in DC calling for Five Million Dollars in “reparations” to black people.

This time he has a bunch of folks from the UN pushing behind him…….

I’m not gonna get into the reasons for or against this idea….but I am gonna say this:


There isn’t enough money for that across the country. Never was, and never will be. No way/no how. It just ain’t gonna happen. You know it, I know it, and anyone smarter than hot dogs knows it.

But what happens when all that hope being generated among uneducated black people is denied, when they realize that the “promised” money isn’t gonna materialize? Then what? How many are gonna decide to Get Their Share from Whitey? Decide to take their disappointment out on the cities and the other people with different color skin…


I think it’ll make the Black Lives Matter “Mostly Peaceful” protests look like a rowdy party. Things will get REALLY sporty really quickly. Really bad real fast. Really really fast.

Bet on it. Those communities always have had really low flashpoints and high volatility even before we had Social Media to move it along even faster. Add in professional agitators in the communities… can figure the result.

If you live near…..have a plan to bug out. No other way do you survive if you are white, indian, chinese or hipanic. You can’t fight a crowd of a hundred (or more) by yourself no matter how well armed you might be. Have a bug out plan that can be put into action in MINUTES, not hours. Just run.



Things like this give me hope

for the Republic, and and it’s people that make it strong:

Firstly: This gem  from “Area Ocho”

Made me get all misty eyed. I don’t know where and I don’t know when it happened.

But when I tried to find out that info as to where/when, I also came across this:

Crowd sings national anthem after announcer says it wouldn’t be played

(California, no less! Now this was back in 2018, but still…)


It must take a very special kind of stupid to decide to forego the national anthem at ballgames and such. Personally I think the crowd should take the time (and physical effort) to make sure the person choosing to not have an Anthem understands the error of their ways…..”pour encourager les autres”…





Well, at least SOMEONE

In the Department of Defense has a smidgen of sense:

Pentagon cancels Pride Drag Show at Nellis AFB: The drag show was shut down by Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Mark Milley who claimed such events are ‘not a suitable use of federal funds and resources.’ 

About fuckin’ time someone put a stop to this bullshit in the DOD.

Enough is enough. Finally someone in command realizes that.

“A small Minority”

GLAAD says that it is only “a small group of extremists that are threatening disgusting and harsh violence in response to Target continuing its long-standing tradition of offering products for everyone should be a wake-up call for consumers” and that we should not be swayed by them….


But really  the entire Trans/LGBT/Gay/Pedo whatever population is…..only a small minority of the US population

People who identify as L, G, or B are 3.5%

T are 0.3 percent.

Total 3.8 % (figures and data can be found at this source)

SO they are a “very small minority” as well….but they have a outsized amount of influence… marketing, media and other social influences. Why is that?

If we follow GLAAD’s lead, since they are such a “small minority” we should just ignore them. But the Media and the government and the advertising and corporate folks won’t. They give the LGBTQ+ (and the pedos) an overwhelmingly large amount of influence. Why is that?

So now Kohls, as well



So we have Bud light, Target, North Face, and now Kohls.

All pushing the trans agenda, with Target and Kohls pushing it for KIDS as well.

Each brand thus damaging their sales and reputation.


So where is this coming from. Once is happenstance, twice coincidence, three times enemy action….and now a fourth.

Someone is pulling the strings to make this happen. Target and Kohls had to have their orders in about a year ago for products to be available to put on the shelf today….so this plan had to be in place at least 12 months ago. Add in Bud Light’s stupidity just before the Target debacle, and it seems to be more than a coincidence….

Even yet, neither Target nor Kohls chose to not continue…to not stop and to not put the merchandise and the merchandising on hold (or cancel it completely) even after seeing what happened to Bud Light/InBev. Someone is attempting to push this, and that someone has the power to influence major chains like Target and Kohls….and a plan to make it all happen at the same time. Someone has the ability to force 2 major retailers to keep the push on and try to sell trans merchandise even in the face of the rejection by the public of Bud Light over an ad campaign. Someone to force this even with them knowing how much it would hurt them financially.  (I am assuming that North Face is just “Woke and Stupid”, trying to follow, but there may be something sinister there as well).

I’m not gonna tell ya to put on yer tinfoil fedora just yet, but it is looking more and more like someone (or someones) has not only the intent to push the Trans agenda onto the rest of us, even in the face of opposition, but  the POWER to force major chains to do so even knowing they will face major backlash from their customers and face great financial damage in doing so….. They can’t be stupid enough to not know what was going to happen once the Bud Light idiocy happened. Yet they continued their path.

I cannot believe that the folks running Target, and Kohls got their positions by being that stupid……so even if they are Woke and Liberal, They must have known what was coming…..they must have been forced to continue even in spite of the damage they had to know they would take.


I find that thought scary. Someone has the power to force huge corporations to do things they know will lose BILLIONS….that is real power. What else can they do?

So the truth

is trickling out about the multiple tens of thousands of people killed by the medical establishment because they were unnecessarily put onto a ventilator  during the Covid-19 crisis in early 2020.

Again, we see the fact that the medical establishment failed to practice MEDICINE and instead followed the fashion-of-the-moment in care rather than actually diagnosing and treating individual patients infected with the Chinese virus.

It appears that nearly 50,000 people were put on ventilators even when they failed to meet the criteria for their use….but that was the current treatment trend and so medical establishments just followed it….even though the use of the ventilator was likely more dangerous than the disease itself.

Medical Fashion rather than actual Medical Science.

And they wonder why people don’t trust the medical establishment anymore…..It’s because they have trashed their credibility as badly as the FBI.

To be fair, at the time many doctors said that the ventilators were being overused…but they were shouted down by the medical establishment leaders.

All that hype for a bug that was (for most people) not too much worse than a bad case of flu. Add in the number of people who died WITH covid rather than FROM covid, and I wonder how many people whose deaths were actually excess because of covid.

We’ll likely never know.


On the “Budget Deal”:

No. Just no.

At the very least, keep the limit where it is.

Cut some spending. Go across the board a minimum of 5%.

Then we can talk about where else to cut and other remedies.

Don’t raise the limit even one red cent.

No new taxes either. Just stop the bloat.


Hold the line.