Is the war really to blame?

Or is it the shortsighted “Green” programs that did their best to get rid of Natural Gas and Coal as sources of heat for electricity generation?

“Due to the war in Ukraine and gas shortages in Europe, there is a significant risk that gas shortages could occur during the winter 2022-23 in Great Britain. As a result, there is a possibility that Great Britain could enter into a gas supply emergency,”

Planning on “Renewables” to make enough energy was a foolish move. Depending on another country (especially Russia) for your energy security is stupidity. Great Britain COULD have plenty of gas, but the envirowhackos would not let them frack or make their natural gas fields produce.

But the Brits will persevere in the cold and dark….They are already approaching third world status, having passed their peak and declined for over 60 years….

Whose fault?

So, apparently, (some of) the people in Ft Myers can’t be trusted to know when to come in out of the rain….or, in this case, to leave their homes because of an impending hurricane.

The media is making a big deal because the county officials in Lee County didn’t issue evacuation orders to the residents soon enough.

You are responsible for your own safety. The County cannot force you to leave, they can suggest it, but the choice is up to you. If you aren’t smart enough to asses your situation and make a good choice, well,  Mr Darwin is always waiting to greet you as you pass beyond this realm.


After 5 weeks…

I flew a Cherokee 180 for an hour. The choices of rental planes is pretty slim…one can rent 172’s in 2 hour blocks, or there is a 180 with limited availability..That is pretty much it.

Man, I never realized how good I had it with the 340 (or the 182 previously) . The differences are tremendous. Not only is the power to weight ratio significantly different (and the Cherokee is a pretty decent airplane in that respect) but the cockpit is wider and much more comfortable in the  340.

The bigger twin (340) is more stable in both pitch and roll, and is just smoother to fly. While the 180 has a decent set of radios, I do miss my Garmin Nav equipment and the Aspen…

I so miss my plane.

It’s like going from a fine educated elegant lady to dating trailer park girls….


12 Billion dollars to Ukraine as foreign aid.

COngress can’t help Americans, can’t stop the border from being overrun and causing economic damage tot he US economy. Can’t understand how to fix inflation.

But they can give 12 BILLION DOLLARS (which we don’t have, so they are making them out of thin air) to Ukraine…and they wonder where the inflation comes from.

Nordstream issues

Lawdog has an interesting viewpoint on it.

Can’t say his scenario is unlikely. IN fact, he may well have hit the nail on the head.

Lots of possibilities. This one is more likely than true sabotage or outright blowing the things up by a nation’s military.

Likely we will never know for sure though.

But if I were in Germany, I’d be buying wool socks and blankets right now. Warm jackets too.

If yer not prepared

And haven’t bugged out…

Then it is almost too late. Bail or hunker down, but at this point, pick one and stick with it.

Of course, if one lives near the coast in Florida, then hurricanes are one of the weather phenomena that you are signing up for. Don’t expect sympathy.

It is sad that the media hypes the hurricanes so much, but not the blizzards and ice storms and other weather events in other parts of the country.. unless, of course, one hits the East Coat…then it is news.




Planning for blackouts this winter

If I were in England, I’d be hoarding cash…..


Banking and financial firms in London are closely studying and updating contingency electricity supply plans to protect themselves and their customers in case power outages hit the UK this winter

So they (the banks) plan on blackouts…apparently bad enough that they are buying backup generators.

Of course, all the stores won’t be able to process payment cards without power to the terminals, and the data infrastructure and internet won’t have power to transmit that payment data from the store to the banks. I suppose that wireless can take up some of the slack, but that requires power too….

Without cash, the economy as a whole will grind to a halt pretty fast. I doubt that there is enough cash to supply the need, either.

Oughta be interesting, if they do have long term blackouts.