Not that they’d use it for a De-facto Gun Registry…..

Or anything like that….

And of course, criminals and the like would assuredly line up and buy the insurance like good law abiding citizens.

And no, I am sure that the insurance companies would never get together in a smoke filled room and set the pricing to ensure maximum profits or anything like that.

The anti gun people never stop trying, do they?

On May 29, Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-NY)  introduced legislation requiring all would-be gun owners to purchase liability insurance before being allowed to purchase a firearm.

The price of freedom is eternal vigilance. We gotta make sure that this goes nowhere.

I’m unsympathetic

While the Texas floods are a terrible thing, and I feel sorry for these people whose home are flooded, and whose lives are disrupted by the unusual level of rain….I am NOT terribly sympathetic for those people who need to be rescued because their cars wouldn’t drive through 2 foot or more of water.

The media keeps referring to the flooded overpasses or other low areas as “flash floods” but they aren’t flash floods. I’ve seen (and barely escaped from) real Flash floods, which are like walls of water….generally where a streambed gets a lot of water quickly, Literally, the area goes from just wet to feet underwater in a matter of moments. Flooded streets and underpasses aren’t flash floods.

It isn’t a Flash Flood when the water is, essentially, still and you drive your mini-SUV (with about 10″ of real ground clearance)  where the air intake is MAYBE 16″ off the ground…..into 2 foot of water at 20 MPH..and it isn’t a surprise when you “crossover” stops because the air intake is underwater or the ignition is drowned because the water is too high…..I saw a PRIUS drive into water that was at least 18″ deep (I own a Prius, and while they are nice cars, they aren’t meant for off road nor for more than a few inches of water… less than 4 inches at most) and, of course, the car stalled and the person needed to be rescued from the “flash flood”.  I watched on live video while a COP drove his Equinox/Traverse into water that was over the hood (still water, not running water) and lo and behold, it did the same thing….died. He had to be rescued from the air.

They oughta leave those idiots in the water for a few hours so they’d learn a lesson.

Hint: Never drive into running water. I have made that mistake crossing a bridge over a flood stage stream in a DIESEL pickup (6800 lbs,16″ ground clearance) and have had water (2 foot deep) move me…Imagine what it will do to a 3500 lb car with 8″ of ground clearance? And I had an air intake 38″ above the ground level and no ignition to short out….

Never drive into water you can’t see the bottom of. Ever.

Never drive into water  in a car or normal truck that is more than halfway up your tires. Halfway. no more….

Now, if you have a vehicle designed or modified to ford deeper water, then yes, you can go into water that is still or only slowly moving. If you have a diesel with an air intake that is above the water, and the water is still, then you can successfully enter (and leave)  still water that is below the air intake.

But if you have a simple car (or truck) ….(and yes, and SUV is a truck, at best….and a “crossover” is a car, really) then be aware of the limitations.

Don’t be one of those jerks that needs rescuing because you were stupid.


You should start a GoFundMe thing so you can buy this….


Thank me later….

(Ida emailed it to you, but can’t find one for you…)

Past the House!

There is hope that you can own a 1911 from the CMP. 

Of course, Barry will fight this tooth and nail, but still…

If you aren’t a member of a club that is CMP affiliated, then you still have time.

Call your congressmen (and women) tell ’em you want to have the CMP distribute the 1911’s that cost the Army money to store …

Greek Default:

It be happenin’.

Greece cannot make debt repayments to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) next month unless it achieves a deal with creditors . . .”.

Yep, they have used up all their credit. The Socialist dream has “run out of other people’s money”.

All those financial instruments are set to fold. 230 BILLION dollars are, essentially, uncollectable…. Trillions of dollars of derivatives are triggered. Some say Doom is upon the financial markets. Perhaps. Perhaps only some folks who gambled wrong will face losing their fortunes. It isn’t gonna be pretty.

This is, of course the beginning of the end for the European Union.

How long until the US is in the same boat?  England? Japan?

One expects this from a country like Greece or Argentina….but the US isn’t that far from the same catastrophe.


Thank you, ladies and gentlemen:

You know who I am speaking to. You stood up when it was needed and did what had to be done. You sacrificed yourselves for the country….Or maybe were just unlucky…but you were there…doing what had to be done……maybe for a wife, or girlfriend, husband or boyfriend. Parents, Kids…. I dunno.

It really doesn’t matter why. You just did. Gave it all. Died in the service of your country.

So thank you.

I appreciate your sacrifice.

I remember. I hope others do.

If they have internet wherever you ended up…Heaven or not, you might be reading this. If not, I hope someone tells you.

Not everyone thinks this day is just the end of a long weekend.

Some of us remember.

So, to you who DIDN’T come home,,,,,Thank you.

an idea:

Overheard yesterday:

“It oughta  be a law that we make every kid under 30 wear red wool MITTENS when driving so they can’t F%$#$#IN text or Facebook, or whatever. Then the little bastards could stay in their lane and goddam drive.”

“Feared throughout the land…..”

CNN reports that there is a bulletin warning of possible revenge attacks against Texas cops by the Bandidos and other motorcycle groups:

      The bulletin warns of plots targeting high-ranking law enforcement officials and their          families with car bombs. The bulletin is based on unsubstantiated information from an        informant who claimed to have obtained it from Bandidos and Black Widows                       motorcycle gang members.

Perhaps the cops need to learn reality from fiction. 


An overreaction to a biker brawl….Cops kill 9…….And now they can’t even be bothered to find out that the “Black Widows”  MC doesn’t exist outside of a  Clint Eastwood movie.  As a parody….

I’m wondering if the Waco cops were so afraid of the bikers that day because all they knew about bikers was what they saw in the movies.