Northern Indiana and nearby..Reminder:

1 month from today:

Nappanee Gun show.

10/27 Nappanee In


My advice: Leave early enough to have breakfast at the restaurant just to the south.


Plus, Gunshow

Lots of antiques, very little plastic, shotguns and rifles, few EBR’s.

So true

It has been a month and a half, and I still look to see if she’s there guarding me when I get out of the shower. Or when I get up from sleeping. Or when I get home, I miss the fact that she isn’t there to greet me


I so terribly miss my loyal friend.

How much for a “hickory shampoo”?

So obstructing the business of the university and “Occupying” a building, which led to WARNINGS that they were going to be pepper sprayed and then actually being pepper sprayed led to a damage award of $30,000.

Ne, I think that once the police arrived, they were subject to any form of removal that the police chose to use. They had made their point, had disrupted university business, and were trespassing and being disruptive.

They should each have been arrested and charged. After being removed by whatever non lethal means necessary. Then jailed.

I’d have used a nightstick to subdue them. Repeatedly. Until they were compliant. Then once more for good measure.

But I am like that. Violent and direct.
And vengeful.

If you live in Indiana

Then I urge you to think about the advice Roberta gives.

The best way to get a decent judge in is to get rid of the asshole currently taking up a spot.

(And we are all better off if the ballot box does that than………….other methods.)

So I (too) urge you to vote ‘no” on the question: Should Justice Steven David be retained in office? 

Think about it.

If the judges are willing to destroy our Constitutional rights, where does that leave us?