So where are they?

Where are the protests from Black Lives Matter? Rioting in the streets and all that about dead black people…..

Or does Black on Black violence (and killing, , especially of women walking with 4 year old children) not matter?

Chicago passes 400 official shooting deaths this year.  Woman walking with man and 4 year old child killed, companions shot

Note: this happened a little after 5 in the evening…

(and, even though it makes me a Raciss to point this out, it (generally) doesn’t happen in melanin deprived neighborhoods….) 

Overheard in the house:

As we prepare to go out to a festival on Sunday morning:

“What shirt should I wear?”

“You could wear the red one.”

“Yeah, but then I’d never make it home…….”


Kinda want.

Not too sure about the “barrel cooling vents”, but I LIKE the look.

Next time I build a 1911 I may have to investigate further.

Lots of work to fit it and then finish it, either blue or nitride or whatever.

But it does look very cool. 

Just so you know

Charlie Gard has passed after life support was withdrawn by the hospital in the UK.

I don’t want to use him as an example of why “Socialized Medicine” is not a great idea….But realize that it was the National Health folks who successfully kept him from receiving (Experimental, and by no means a sure thing), treatment elsewhere until it was, likely, too late for him.

The issue isn’t who paid for his treatment, it was that they wouldn’t even let the parents take him elsewhere to try and help him.

The State owns the British children, apparently.


He shoulda killed ’em instead

68 years. People only get 20 years for killing someone. And that is before parole.

Bundy standoff supporter is sentenced to 68 years in prison.  He shoulda shot ’em, then he’d be out in less than 10 after parole and sentence reduction and all that…..

Cliven Bundy doesn’t say he “doesn’t have to pay” he says he doesn’t owe the FEDERAL government (BLM) the grazing fees….but rather the STATE.

The Feds pointed firearms and other wise threatened the folks that had gathered to resist at the Bundy standoff…..why was that legal and not the other way around? Why do Federal agents get a pass when there is a confrontation especially a peaceful one.

What this means is that next time such a standoff occurs, there is no reason not to be violent. Peaceful resistance, (with or without firearms) leads to longer prison sentences than Murder does.

Why our country is


There are jobs, good jobs, going wanting.  Jobs that don’t need a Tech Degree, nor sometimes even a high school diploma. Just people who will work, and be clean and sober while doing it….

Yet they can’t find workers to fill those jobs.
Because most applicants can’t pass the drug test requirements.
(and, of course, if they are “out of work”, why, the Federal and State governments will GIVE ’em Free Money, Free Food stamps, Free phone, Free rent, Free heath insurance).

And those ‘Benefits” don’t need a Drug Test. Why is that?

People make their choices. We make their choices not have consequences. If you want more of something, subsidize it….If we Drug Tested applicants for government aid, we’d reduce our budgets and FORCE folks to either be clean, or starve. Either way, our country would be better off.

Old school…

The problem with big trees for firewood, while they produce a LOT of wood for burning come winter…
Is that they make BIG rounds. Like 3 feet across.

I can pick up the ones that are 24″ across, they only weight about 250. Not that hard to put onto the splitter. Roll ’em onto your knee and stand up straight.

The ones that are 36-40 inches across weight somewhere in the order of 500-650 lbs (I weighed three that I just couldn’t roll onto my knee to pick up).

Hard for one guy to handle. Damp oak is HEAVY.

So I hadda get out the Wedge-and-Sledge to break ’em up into pieces I could handle.

Now THAT is work.
I’m gonna feel that all day long.


I can’t stand the Honorable Representative Peter J Visclosky. His politics and mine are about as far apart as can be. Plus his primary choice of folks he represents (because the re-elect him every time) is unions, which I don’t care for….

However, having an issue with a Federal Park in my area, and getting ZERO communication from management (I left detailed voice mail messages, no calls back and no action), I bit the bullet and called Visclosky’s office.

A week later, they called me back for clarification and some other details.

Amazingly enough, shortly thereafter, I got calls from the Federal Park Superintendent…. and action. Problem solved.

He may be a raving Democrat, and represent Unions, Liberals, and Socialists over Conservatives, but when I asked his office for help, they delivered.

This is how it is supposed to work. 

I had always thought it was urban legend…..

So, today, I was doing a bit of cutting with a chainsaw. Somewhere, somehow, I misplaced one of the nuts that hold the bar onto the saw in the grass while changing a chain. (apparently, the nut departed this universe, as I combed the grass and even went over the area with a magnet….?) Not a big deal, I have a spare…..

So, when I was done, on my trip into town, I stopped at the Stihl dealer and picked up 2 extras, so that when I misplace one again, I would be prepared…

And there, as I live and breathe, I saw him. Dude had a more or less brand new 14 inch Stihl chainsaw and not one, not two, but THREE chains. Complaining that “none of them cut worth a damn and only made smoke”.

Dude at the counter looked at him, then at me, then ran his finger over the chain.

“It’s on backwards” he said. Both of us tried not to laugh.

Harry the whining homeowner looked at the chain.
Looked at the other chains. I stepped up and felt ’em….still sharp as factory new, just discolored from heat from friction.

“Here, let me show you” Counter Dude says.

Harry the whining homeowner just picked up his saw and chains and walked out.

How can anyone be so stupid?