’tis almost amusing

Watching the Democrat defenders dance all around the memes and questions of Paul Pelosi’s relationship (maybe) with his attacker…

“The cries of how “hateful” they are and such. The over-the-top condemnations of the questions makes me wonder though…


Hey, assholes, you and the Media set the standard of behavior…Funny how much that shoe pinches innit?

(although despite the denials it looks a lot like there is a LOT more to the story than they are letting out)

((ETA 8:22 PM central): Ferinstance, these are some good questions. One might wonder how much is being downplayed.)


Having said that, I wish Mr Pelosi a quick recovery.


ETA: The Evening News is telling us that the perpetrator “Espoused Right wing philosophy” without giving or showing any examples….which probably means that there are no examples and they are trying to tie a whacko (or a gay tryst) to something Right Wing to deflect….I mean, if thre was something they could point to we’d surely have had it shoved in our faces by now.

interesting timing….?

Accidentally came across the CBS show 60 minutes…which is defending the viewpoint that there was no fraud in the 2020 elections. A very very carefully worded statement telling us that there was no fraud…..

One wonders, really, if it is truly a closed case, why, two years later, are they STILL denying that there was any fraud. Who are they trying to convince?

It looks like the Big Lie gambit.

We’ve been hearing for 2 years that there was no fraud. The Media (which has been shown to propagandize for the Democrats lean DNC) has told us for all that time that there was no fraud and that anyone that says otherwise is a deluded “election Denier”.

Why do they need to keep saying that? Why keep repeating it?

Things happen slower in the pattern

In a 172 vs a 340. In fact, in all phases of flight.

90 knots vs 160+….75-120 in the pattern.

I rented a 172 for a bit this morning. I gotta admit that I was a bit heavy handed at first, but it was fun to get back in the air. First landing was less than perfect, the other two were greasers. Practice practice and all that.

I was gonna go to Champaign and get a burrito, but the clouds were moving in and the forecast was unclear.

The aircraft I was able to rent was IFR capable, but the databases had not been updated and the G-1000 panel is totally worn out. Not all the buttons work all the time and frankly, because of that, the panel is a piece of shit. Plus the rudimentary autopilot isn’t reliable. Such is the state of rental aircraft in NW Indiana. Worn out crap. No ADSB–In either. If I’m gonna rent much I’m gonna have to get a Sentry or other ADSB-In device.

So I just flew around and practiced hand flying. Did 3 landings, one practice approach (doesn’t count since I had no safety pilot) and just generally aviated.


The fields are about half harvested.

So they gonna let him go on no bail

I mean, they’ve let others go on no bail for similar crimes….

Of course, those others were nobodies of importance, so  the District Attorneys didn’t care, felt it was more imp0ortant to Make a Statement….

And, of course, Mr. DePape is white, so as a perpetrator, he is not a privileged    person….


I expect that they will soon attempt to tie Mr DePape and his attack on Paul Pelosi to either Trump or some Right leaning organization…



Son of a bitch.

The day did not go as planned:

Forecast was for clear skies, high in the upper 50’s. Perfect weather to split and stack wood. Not too hot, not too humid, and a gentle breeze to keep me comfortable. (woulda been a nice day to fly too, but no joy there for another few MONTHS…)

So I pulled the woodsplitter up to where I was gonna stack it, tried to fire it up. No joy. the 15+ year old (and it was used and discarded then) old car battery finally gave up the ghost. Not a big deal, I had another (used, but serviceable) battery ready to go. I had kinda expected this to happen…..

Changed that out and tried to fire up the engine. No joy. Had spark, and it would fire on Carb Cleaner, so….fuel. Changed the filter (it should have been changed a long time ago)….but I had a spare on the shelf for just this eventuality, took less than 5 minutes. Again, not unexpected.

Ok, the engine on the splitter fired, and I took the tractor and got a round of dead and dried hickory about 20″ in diameter and hauled it over to the splitter. first piece split wonderfully. Second one ditto…..then the return line from the valve split wide open. Sprayed hydraulic fluid everywhere. .

Shit. That I don’t have a spare for….  and the only decent hydraulic shop is closed on Saturday.

So I pulled the hose off and capped the port and and will wait until Monday.

I cannot really complain, this hose is one that was on the splitter when I bought it 2 engines ago (something like 17 years, I dunno for sure) and it was old and hard then.

There is a part of me that says that I can afford the 1500-2000 dollars for a decent 20 ton splitter, but this one will do closer to 40 tons what with the really big ram on it. Plus I am as cheap as a man can be. (“Use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without” has been the way I lived , the way my parents taught me….)

Now, in case you don’t remember, I bought this at an auction 17 or 20 years ago. It was a project that someone had made. Built “Hell For Stout”….likely with parts “sourced” from industry….like maybe the Steel Mills in Gary. I dunno, but it is really overbuilt. I’ve put two used engines on it (it came with an 11 HP vertical shaft Briggs….used in a lot of mowers and I’ve put a 14HP and a 15HP used engine ( same engine “family”) on it as they are all the same size and the bolts line up) and have used it many times over the years. It will split Oak and Hickory like nothing. Even Hedge doesn’t give it trouble. So I am loathe to try and replace it with a modern unit with a 5 or 10 HP engine…. but the thought is tempting…..

But no splitting today.

I guess I can start my Saturday Drinking early…..

Maybe I will see if I can get a plane to rent for an hour or two….

It is a shame

The Democrats are pushing “A Woman’s Right To Choose” as a reason to vote for or against a candidate. It is all over the Chicago stations. Nearly every single election ad has that term used. I heard that term 18 times in just one commercial break this morning.

If only the Dems could use real rights as an argument…Free Speech, Right to Bear Arms, that sort of thing, rather than their made up “Right to Choose”. (and I am not coming down as Pro OR Anti abortion….but it isn’t a right either way.

Of course, as a wedge issue, it works. But their ads make it seem as it if were a Civil Right….Or one enshrined in our Constitution.

If only they cared as much about real constitutional rights or just Freedom in general. But those don’t sell as well in a commercial.


Hey, it is what they wanted

Of course, they condoned violence against Supreme Court Justices and any Republicans that opposed their liberal views and goals…..

(Not that I condone the attack on Paul Pelosi, Nancy’s husband….)


But the thing is, they condone violence against anyone that disagrees with them or who might be an impediment to their agenda…..and yet they dislike it when it happens to them.

I don’t think that this is what they thought it might turn out to be though. I feel sorry for Mr Pelosi. But his wife wished the same sort of thing on anyone who she disagrees with.

And yet, they claim that the midwest drought is “Unprecedented”

And yet we find this:

Drought in Missouri’s Ozark region exposes lost sections of caves used in Civil War era as a hiding spot for spies – and Sunday meeting point for families


So all the Glowbal Warming Climate Change hoopla is lies….it isn’t “unprecedented” at all. The cave was dry enough to be used during (and before) the Civil War (1861 to 1865). Lots of gasoline vehicles in use then. Lots of airliners. Coal power plants. all that stuff.

Or just maybe the droughts are normal seasonal variations…..And the river levels rise and fall over the years.

But when they say “unpresented” they are lying.


They never had the benefit of the doubt from anyone with a brain

Or, for that matter, anyone with two working neurons.

China ‘no longer deserves benefit of the doubt’: Bombshell Senate report concludes that COVID ‘most likely’ leaked from lab – as lawmakers point the finger at Beijing. Policymakers said ‘substantial’ evidence pointing to lab accident has emerged


Anyone who said otherwise for the past 2 or more years is a blatant liar. Public officials who lied to protect China are traitors (Looking at you, Anthony Fauci).