Things happen slower in the pattern

In a 172 vs a 340. In fact, in all phases of flight.

90 knots vs 160+….75-120 in the pattern.

I rented a 172 for a bit this morning. I gotta admit that I was a bit heavy handed at first, but it was fun to get back in the air. First landing was less than perfect, the other two were greasers. Practice practice and all that.

I was gonna go to Champaign and get a burrito, but the clouds were moving in and the forecast was unclear.

The aircraft I was able to rent was IFR capable, but the databases had not been updated and the G-1000 panel is totally worn out. Not all the buttons work all the time and frankly, because of that, the panel is a piece of shit. Plus the rudimentary autopilot isn’t reliable. Such is the state of rental aircraft in NW Indiana. Worn out crap. No ADSB–In either. If I’m gonna rent much I’m gonna have to get a Sentry or other ADSB-In device.

So I just flew around and practiced hand flying. Did 3 landings, one practice approach (doesn’t count since I had no safety pilot) and just generally aviated.


The fields are about half harvested.

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  1. Well, you aviated and flew, that counts for keeping proficient!

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