The Media seems to forget to tell you about this part

Despite the sensationalism, the truth seems to be different than as presented.


Secret Service lead and presidential driver are prepared to testify under oath that Trump did NOT grab steering wheel or lunge at agents to drive himself to Capitol on January 6.

(you pretty much can’t do that in ANY limousine from the passenger compartment, but whatever)

Bobby Engel, the lead agent on Trump’s detail, and the presidential driver at the time are prepared to testify under oath to the committee that Hutchinson’s testimony is incorrect, according to multiple news outlets

Will they tell us that news as breathlessly as they told us about the lies? (so far, no)


The big question is: Are they gonna treat Ms Hutcinson like they did Martha Stewart for Lying in testimony to Congress? Or are they gonna ignore it like they did Ms Blasey-Ford when she lied during the Kavanaugh hearings?

What with the “Pride” parades

and (ahem) other festivities this weekend, I expect an explosion of Monkeypox cases in the next few weeks.

If you’ve ever seen what happens in the alleys and behind bushes and such in the area of a Pride parade, then you’ll understand….The behavior is ….disgusting. If heterosexual people acted like gay men do at a pride parade they’d be arrested, but for some reason during a Pride event such is tolerated.

You can fully expect that since Monekypox is a gay men’s disease (95+% of cases are transmitted via sexual contact with other men) that this behavior at the Pride parades will ensure the spread…..I am told that the average promiscuous gay man will have 3-5 “interactions” in one day at a pride event.


She gets sentenced today

So Ghislaine Noelle Marion Maxwell gets sentenced today for her role in helping Jeffrey Epstein (who DIDN’T kill himself in jail) recruit teenaged girls for his trips to his Island, where they partied with much older men….


Yet not one single person has been named in that trial. Not one of the wealthy and powerful men has been named in any of the evidence.

Think about that. A bunch of young women have, supposedly, been “Victimized” at Epstein and Maxwell’s parties…But none of the men who were at those parties have been named at this trial.

Why not? Where is the outcry (especially from the Press) to name names? Shouldn’t we know who the men were? Shouldn’t we have them testify?

Odd that they are hiding those men, innit?


I know a dude.

He works out an hour or more each day.

Has enough free time that he gets to read a book a week, and has sex nearly every day.












Yet every day he complains how bad prison is…..

A question:

How can the Left and the Feminists claim that the Supreme Court has (as their rhetoric goes) “re-enslaved all women from 15 to 55″ when they can’t tell us “what is a woman”?

I mean, I know, and you know what a woman is, but the Left apparently can’t. Or at least they claim they can’t so they won’t have to “discriminate” against those “Trans” men who claim to be a woman when they aren’t….

But if you can’t define what is being discriminated against then is it really discrimination?

Guessing, lying, prevaricating and misrepresenting.

So Doctor Birx admitted that the US Public Health system didn’t really know what they were talking about when they told everyone that vaccinated people couldn’t pass on Covid.

Nor that they knew that the vaccine effectiveness would fade after 4 months or so.

Lots of other stuff here.

“So they were either guessing, lying, or hoping and communicating that to the citizens of this country”



Uninformed hysteria

I am amazed at how may women know so little about the Roe V Wade decision.

They only know what the Media is saying, none of the real data.

“The Supreme Court has made Abortion Illegal!”, and other words to that effect.

It is no wonder that the populace can be led when 40% or more of the women never bother to learn the real details and simply react to the headline. Add in female hysteria and overreaction and it is no wonder the DNC led Media can influence so many people.

I’d bet that about 30% of the men are the same way.

Jesus H. Christ. Is it too much to ask that people bother to learn the details before reacting?

The path forward

Fed Chairman Powell:

“We will need to get back where revenues and spending are better aligned.”

He sees the solution to be additional economic activity rather than reduced debt. But how do we get additional economic growth with the 3rd Obama Biden administration’s policies in place?

It Ain’t Gonna Happen with the policies that preclude growth.

So we are headed to a recession and ever greater inflation.

At some point someone is gonna get hurt

These protesters depend on the decency of people to not be hurt or killed. But at some point, someone is gonna get tired enough of their antics, the disruptions, de plain stupidity, and is gonna decide that being civilized and tolerant is not worth it.

And then it is gonna get ugly.

Tolerant cops are simply making the issue worse.

The above is Rome, but it is happening nearly everywhere. The right to protest is one thing, but this is another. Much like here in the US, where protests like BLM turned to other forms of “Mostly peaceful” protest….(Or the idiots in the Jan 6th riot).

And at some point it is gonna get bad.