I had not realized

Now much of a whitewash there has been regarding the malfeasance of Michael Mann and the others at the Climate Data Center.


I went to pull some articles in an attempt to show them to a person who is a True Believer….

And found that many of those articles hav3 been scrubbed….and I used other search engines than Google as well just to make sure that it wasn’t Google hiding them..

I then went back into my history and dug up some emails that had links to papers ….and found that the papers had also been scrubbed. Not just the websites, but the links to the papers and apparently the papers themselves.


Someone has totally rewritten history as regards the Global warming debacle. “Hide the decline” is now explained away as a simple misunderstanding, …There is no longer any loss of raw temperature data, etc.

Now only the Official Narrative exists.

Orwellian, really.


And there you have it….The State trumps parents rights

State officials can tell you how to raise you children now.

At least in Indiana they can.

Catholic couple say Indiana state government took their trans son away from them because they refused to use his preferred pronouns

To be honest, I might have expected this out of Oregon or Washington or California…but not Indiana.

15 year old confuzed kid taken away from his family because they wouldn’t go along with his issues. Parental rights mean nothing? Or only for Catholics….

I feel that there are several State officials that really need an as whoopin’; (not suggesting anything, mind you…but if it happened I would approve).


Really, officer, it’s “sawdust”.

Wow. This goes beyond credibility.

As proof, it is kinda sketchy. I admit Not really proof, but still….

But if you really believe that the photos found on Hunter Biden’s hard drive and iPhone were of carefully lined up “sawdust” along with photos of his paraphernalia, then you must really believe that Keebler Elves are the result of the Easter Bunny mating with Santa Claus

Hunter Biden‘s legal team have accused the Justice Department of an astonishing blunder in which investigators mistook sawdust for lines of cocaine during their investigation into the president’s son.    Attorney’s for Hunter claimed Special Counsel David Weiss made a mistake ‘straight out of a 1980s’ Police Academy film’  .It came after Weiss published photos from Hunter’s Iphone  and hard drive that the prosecutor said were proof he was using cocaine when he bought a gun.

. ‘Cause who doesn’t have photos of lines of sawdust on a mirror in their phone? AmIRite?

Gotta wonder why the Feebies listen so much to “Russia intelligence”

In the latest bit, we find that:

Indicted ex-FBI informant told investigators he got Hunter Biden dirt from Russian intelligence officials

Of course he did. Where else would we get further evidence of Russian Collusion?

And there’s this question: Don’t they ever verify their sources and data?


One other question…..I have never yet heard anyone say that, despite the story coming from “Russia” , that the bribes didn’t exist.


Another gun manufacturer leaves the East

And moves south…..To where they are welcomed and where gun laws (and, lets face it, employment laws) make it easier to do business.

Remington Leaves it’s ancestral home of Illion, New York for a new home in LaGrange, Georgia.


Is anyone really surprised?  Smith and Wesson made a similar move. Why should Remington stay where the State hates their product and the union hates them?


I expect Caterpillar to finish leaving the Peoples Republic of Illinois in a few years for the same reason.

A lot of talk

but I’ll go  7:3 that the “Truckers Boycott” never gets rolling and will fizzle rapidly.

It’s a sad thing, but there it is.


I hope I am wrong, but probably am not.

One would ask why

The US Army is spending any of it’s budget on Ukraine?

US Army says it will RUN OUT of money to protect Europe and Africa by May if Ukraine aid isn’t approved: Congress facing growing pressure to send more money to keep basic operations going


Not up to the Army leadership to spend money on Ukraine or anywhere else. That’;s up to our political leaders.

‘Twould seem to be misappropriation of funds unless they are tasked to go into battle for Ukraine or ordered to spend their ammo money or others supplies by the President (or congress) and to my knowledge, neither has happened.