Might be the most “Woke” place in the US right now…

And a perfect example of what is wrong with the Woke folks”

The town of Evanston, Illinois, is holding Pride and Juneteenth parades during the month of June, but canceling July 4 fireworks and Independence Day festivities.


Nothing wrong with celebrating alternative holidays, but not at the cost of patriotism and pride of country. Especially when it is all virtue signaling.

Good foundations:

It is said that a father is the foundation upon which his children build their morality and judgement for their adulthood.

For a son, it is the base upon which he builds his foundation for manhood.


I had a good base upon which to build.

Happy Fathers day, Dad.

Kinda sad day

Yesterday I turned the plane over to it’s new owner.


Nice to see his enthusiasm as we went over systems and he prepared to fly his new (to him) off into the skies for his journey home.

Sad though….it was MY first plane. Kinda sorry to let it go.

But it is just a plane…aluminum and rivets and such.

And the market for 182’s is high right now. Even after the money I put into the plane (some repairs and having the cylinders done, ADSB transponder, etc)….I came out WAY ahead.

Essentially, I have flown for the past 3 years for free, even including fuel, hangarage, and insurance.

But I was sad watching it take off without me.



What a joke.

It commemorates the end of slavery in Texas, NOT the emancipation proclamation. (I have heard many people, black and white.say that it commemorates the latter, not the former)

The best part though? The actual date is June 19th…but this is a moveable holiday, so this year, we celebrate it a day early. Note: The FIRST “Juneteenth”  isn’t even celebrated on Juneteenth….You know, really it is just an excuse to give Federal workers a day off.

If it were really a revered and special holiday, it’s date would be fixed, like Christmas, or Independence Day…. not moveable for the convenience of Federal employees. It could have had meaning and reverence and been something special…but it isn’t and it hasn’t.

In other words, it is a joke.

If the races were reversed…

The Media would be trumpeting it to the skies. Claims of “Hate Crime” would be generated every few minutes. We’d be hearing how all White people are Racist and such….

Facebook would be blowing up.

There would be riots and Burning/Looting/Murdering in the streets of most cities.

But since it was a Black man, and only whites can be racist,……


Black man says he targeted white men in shooting spree.

And the media says as little as possible…..

Sorry no good postings

I’ve taken a job as a tailgunner on a lumber delivery truck.


Nah, I’ve just got a lot going on. Sold the 182, looking at other planes, pulled something in my back, and just generally hectic.


45 and 3

South Side Chicago shootings and deaths. 3 more likely to not make it, desite the very experience doctors at Rush Hospital.

Most were just “Mindin their own bidness” in the late night, but some were in daylight. Some were drive by shootings on major highways.

No cops did any of the shootings.

It is funny though…..the media can’t wait to tell us the race of the cops when they shoot someone, but they fail to mention the race of the shooters or the victims (but they do tell us that they happen on the West and South sides….




The killing of black people continues

Looks like (at least) 32 shot as of 6/12 and another 5 killed on the South Side of Chicago, depending on the source you use. probablu another 25% before the weekend is over.

Zero (as in none) black men killed by cops though.

If Black Lives Matter, why don’t they matter to black people?

Plus, one dog injured by bullets when the car he was in was targeted by shooters and the driver was killed.

The Media, of course, keeps hiding the fact that nearly all the victims were black people, targeted by other black people….either to hide the fact that the violence is caused by (and mostly restricted to) one race and location, or to hide the fact that they are doing it to themselves, and it isn’t racist whites or cops doing the killing of black people.