Double standards again:

“JD Vance is unqualified to be president”


Yet they all applauded when Kamala Harris was chosen as Joe’s Vice-Presidential pick.

She is also unqualified for anything at all. Not a prosecutor, not a politician, not a vice president. She can barely speak, can’t put a sentence together, and is really only qualified for one thing, the reason she got where she is, by being on her knees.

If Vance qualified? More than the DNC VP choice, that’s for sure (But that is a really low bar, innit?)

Funny how those qualifications matter now, but not 4 years ago. .

I need another bottle

I used to have an old plastic quart-sized Jack Daniels bottle that I used as an iced ta container when I was working a work party at the range, or doing a charity project or walking the beach. Sadly, after much use, it cracked and is leaking.

There’s nothing like working for a while, announcing you need a drink, going to your cooler, pulling out that bottle (full of iced tea) putting it to your lips and drinking down half the bottle when people are watching, Then putting the lid on and getting back to work without a word.


People just aren’t sure what to think.

Like this:


If true….

then this guy needs to be tried for dereliction of duty. His job was to protect President Trump, If he saw the rifle, saw it being aimed, then he should have taken the shot regardless.

If he waited, then the deaths and injuries of the spectators as well as the damage to Trump is on his hands.

Anyone can be anyone on the internet, so I wonder if this is really the countersniper that is making this claim.

The problem is that no one can verify it, so you are left with your confirmation bias.



But for the turn of his head

(Updates as they occur to me)


We’d be talking about a different subject in this post.

(and we’d likely be seeing a civil war beginning here in the US)

The story is unfolding….and the storyline is, of course, still being trimmed and adjusted.

As it is, this early in the timeline, we have to ask:

How did a man with a rifle get to within less than 500 feet of Trump (or the area in general) with a rifle?

One might wonder: why no helicopter or drones for overhead watch?

Was this guy another Adderall filled drone under the control of the Feebs like so many of the other shooters in the recent past?

A headshot at that distance is not that difficult, but it does take some training and steady hands…neither of which the shooter appears to have had……

Would security have been this poor if it was Biden?  If so, why? If not, why was there a lower tier of security for the man who might well become the next president?





Is there a fund for the people who were shot ?   (Link provided by Rick in comments)



And, sadly, in today’s age, one has to wonder: Was this staged? I mean, was this supposed to be another Dallas but the shooter missed? It’s not, sadly, outside of the realm.


ETA: Kudos to the Secret Service agents who did their job and surrounded Mr. Trump and put their (body armor clad) bodies between him and any continued threat. That takes dedication to your job.


Also: My dad pointed out that anyone with even a bit of sense had to know that being the shooter was gonna be suicide. There was no way that the shooter cold get out of this alive. One wonders.


ETA: (Conspiracy theory time: Dude (Patsy)on the roof shot at the people in the crowd, Unsupported with an AR at more than 100 yards, so not terribly accurate….But he wasn’t a precision shooter either…..)

Another person was in the barn, out of sight, unseen,  A skilled professional, shooting the “Money Shot” from a rest and with a rifle in the same caliber. Much like the JFK assassination in Dallas in 1963….Prove me wrong…..This is a much more likely scenario. How shiny is your tinfoil hat?






Did any of us really think he was gonna face a trial?


Two tiered justice.

Rich people ….and folks like us


I expected some shenanigans like this to happen. Notice that the case was dismissed “With Prejudice:….they can’t re-file the same charge.

That way the prosecutor looks like they tried to bring him to justice but failed, and he gets off essentially Scott-free.

I wonder how much a judge in New Mexico costs….Is there a volume discount when you add in the prosecutor too?



Bring out the best china too

Cleaning house ahead of the Convention:


The city of Chicago is hosting the Democratic National Convention.

So, of course, they gotta clean up the place beforehand.

Including the “Homeless” encampments that the delegates tot the convention might see when they drive from the airport to the convention areas.

I mean, we can’t have those unsightly vagrants where they can be seen by visitors, can we? They are ok for the residents of Chicago to see and deal with on a daily basis, but not powerful and important visitors.


Failure in the victim selection process

So, apparently while a pair of US Marshals were sitting guard outside of (and down the block from) Judge Sotomayor’s home in DC, a pair of young Redistributionists chose them to help spread the wealth….

The agent responded to the young Democrat striking the window of the parked government owned Dodge Durango with a pistol by shooing (at) the kid 4 times, striking him once.

Another agent in a different car nearby apparently shot at the carjacker as well. He was struck once in the face and is expected to survive.

Really poor choice of victim, there.

And one has to ask how, from Bad Breath range, the Marshal only got one hit out of 4. (note: I wasn’t there, there may have been other circumstances we don’t know about but 1 in 4 or 5 is a pretty low hit percentage).

The accomplice drove away in another van that was, apparently, hijacked.

But wow, what a bad choice.


The media is showing

a bunch of people in the greater Houston area that are needing rescue in the aftermath of (currently) Tropical Storm Beryl.

Now if you were unaware that the storm was coming, with heavy and relentless rains, and the accompanying flooding in the Houston area, the perhaps we should not rescue you. You are stupid and not a benefit to the human condition. If you were unaware that your home is in a flood area, then you just don’t pay attention to much, do you?

Same same if you are “trapped” by floodwaters. They don’t happen in seconds or even minutes. It takes time in areas like Houston for the waters to rise. If you are stupid enough to drive into those floods, then you deserve what you get (see above on my comment of whether you should be rescued)

At the end of it all, anyone with 2 working brain cells knew that the area between Corpus and Houston was gonna get hit by the remnants of Beryl, that low-lying areas were gonna flood, and that the would be power outages. If you were not aware, and could not make reasonable preparations, then I cannot feel sorry for you. If you drive your car or truck into floodwaters, then, again, I am unsympathetic.

It is expected that there will be torrential rains here tomorrow as the storm rains itself out. Like Houston, most people will be smart….some will not.