White Privilege

So Kyle RIttenhouse goes to Kenosha Wisconsin, is chased and threatened by three men and defends himself….shoots 2 attackers. and is STILL in jail.

About a year and a bit later, Timothy Simpkins (allegedly) walks into a school and shoots 3 kids, and walks out a day later with a $75,000 bail. No threat to his life, just walked into the school and shot….and walks out a day later.

The difference? Kyle Rittenhouse used a rifle and is White.

Simpkins used a pistol and is Black.

Tell me about white privilege again?

SO, again

If the Covid situation is as bad as they keep telling us (By “They” I mean the CDC, the Biden administration and, of course Fauci, aided by the Media)….


Why then, did we have  all those folks in stadiums and racetracks and other public gathering where a “Supers[reader” event could have happened?


Perhaps they have found out what the rest of us already knew…that “SuperSpreader” events are just a figment of someone’s imagination and are only possible in their minds when it is a Right Wing event…

Or maybe they realized that no one cares anymore.

Have you noticed????

Kamala Harris has been missing nearly as long as Pete Buttieieg.

Sad when you don’t show up for work for MONTHS and no one notices.

Apparently we have no need for an appointed TRANSportation secretary if he fails to show up for work and no one cares….or missed him.


Have you ever wondered???

I mean, Slow Joe has made it “mandatory”  for working people to have the Covid shot…


But he hasn’t made it mandatory for those receiving government benefits to get the shot….Not for welfare, nor unemployment, not federal grants, nor free “obamafones” nor any other government handout.

Only for those who are intelligent enough, and motivated enough to hold a job.

Nor has he made it a prerequisite for illegal border crossers being settled in the country waiting a hearing, either.

Only the rest of the productive citizens.

Why is that???


Why would Mr Baldwin discharge the “Prop” firearm at the director/cinematographer? She was not an actor, therefore no reason to point the gun at her, much less pull the trigger.

Prop or not, why did he fire the gun at her chest?  (and why was there a cartridge powerful enough to go through the first person and injure the second person behind her on the set at all?)

Strange things here.  Something doesn’t add up.

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So what happened to Global Warming

Or, as they call it now, “Climate Change”.


Have you noticed? All those mitigation efforts have essentially disappeared in the wake of the “Covid Emergency”. No one is talking about “Climate Change”…not even Al the Gore. People line up at drive throughs like it was 1999,,,spewing tons of auto exhaust….no one cares about the environment anymore? Or is it that the RightThink that was Global Warming has now become the RigthtThink that is Covid? Have people found another set of words and actions they can follow and say that will make them fit in better? Dialectic to repeat in order to be Socially Acceptable? Words to Repeat  and actions to be Seen Doing in order to Fit In?


Hell, even White Guilt and Check Your Privilege has gone by the wayside since Covid came out.