Of course it isn’t

CIA now says mysterious condition dubbed ‘Havana Syndrome’ is NOT global campaign by hostile power against American citizens – but admits two dozen cases in Cuba remain unexplained


Odd, that, suddenly all those cases are now caused by “‘The evidence overwhelmingly points to mass hysteria, or as it is commonly referred to by scientists – mass psychogenic illness.”


Sure. I believe the CIA like I believe the FBI and the ATF are telling the truth about the Michigan Militia….

Covid kwestion (part whatever)

Since they are telling us that the current Covid case count is greater than ever before…..

And yet we are leaving schools open, and letting go of such things as mask mandates and other “precautions”. Resuming elective procedures at hospitals…that sort of thing.


Why? Why not, if the Cases and Hospitalizations are at record highs are we not returning to the lockdowns and other precautions like 2020? (not that they worked, mind you, but Fauci and the CDC assured us that they were working and have never admitted that they were wrong about most things Covid)…


Which is t? If “cases are at an all time high” then why are we easing restrictions….


Someone please explain the discrepancy

The end of an american Icon:

First Carhartt moved a significant portion of their production overseas. This was underwhelming to their customers..

Now they decided to go completely liberal…..

“No jab, No Job”


Do you really think that the demographic that buys Carhartt workwear is the same demographic that lines up in a sheeplike manner to get their covid shots?

Apparently Carhartt thinks so.

A gigantic polluter

Seems that the Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha’apai volcano that erupted near the island nation of Tonga dumped more than 400,000 tons of Sulfur Dioxide into the atmosphere….all at once.

That is more than 8 times the TOTAL yearly global emissions of Sulfur Dioxide produced by all of mankind last year.

I expect Acid Rain over the southern Hemisphere for the next few years.

How did he get it?

Where did our latest Muslim Terrorist get his gun?

I mean, he held people in a US synagogue using a gun he got here in the US….But from where? Did he bring it from England? Was it supplied to him here in the US?

One wonders….and why isn’t anyone in the media asking?


about 20 years ago, maybe longer, I knew some FBI guys . We weren’t friends, but we knew each other. Shot at the same pistol and rifle matches…Talked some. Ate a lunch or two together…Knew each others faces and names.

I knew some bikers and some real White Supremacist types too. The bikers and the supremacists (sometimes the Venn diagrams of those two groups overlapped) were customers of mine. We talked sometimes and became friendly, if not friends….Waved as we passed by and such. Didn’t hang around together ’cause they weren’t my kind of people nor I theirs…but friendly.

The FBI folks came in one day and asked questions about the other group. I told ’em what they wanted to know (not that anyone on the street didn’t know it as well, but it WAS news to the FBI types even if it wasn’t secret to anyone else) and they then came back again asking for more….most of which I declined to answer because it wasn’t anyone’s, especially the Feds, business.

But even back then, pushing 20 years now, the Feds were making noises about “Domestic Terrorism” . They wanted to know all about the white supremacist folks and how to get to some of the rallies that they held (Most “open” rallies one simply had to show up at….the others you had to be invited to. I went once to an open one just to see what it was all about, but never went back…nothing for me there…(hate ain’t my gig, man). But the Feds were sure that this was the next enemy…… They tried to get me to introduce their guys to the WS types……I declined because besides LOOKING like feds, they ACTED like Feds (and, to be honest, bumbling fools) and I didn’t need the trouble they could cause me with my customers…..And if I had to anger some group, I’d rather have the Feds angry with me that WS types…I didn’t think they’d go out of their way to fuck with me but I did’t want them as enemies either.

Of course, the Feds were by then ceasing to look at the real terror threat, those of radicalized religions, especially Muslims. They were even way back then concerned with “Domestic Terrorists” and “White Supremacists”…even to the detriment of looking at very obviously radical people who might well have been possible Muslim Terrorist suspects.

Now, I look back 20(ish) years later and see a pattern. The current meme  that Trump was a White Supremacist or at least supported by them….but they were preparing the battlefield 20 years ago.

I hear the Media and the Federal folks talk about White Supremacism and Domestic Terrorists and I hear the same words and thoughts that I heard long ago. Almost as if there was a plan…..

How come?

I mean, the DNC-led press and the Feds are going after Matt Gaetz for supposedly taking a minor across state lines for sex…(and rightfully so, if true).

But no one is talking about all the people that Epstein and Ms Maxwell supposedly groomed and “trafficked” those young girls to. I mean, if the young “ladies” were trafficked there had to be a person to whom they were trafficked. Who were they? So far, we are told that the women were “trafficked” to Prince Andrew, but oddly no one else’s name has come up…..Why? Who are they hiding? Why no names? If “Trafficking” someone is a crime (and Ms Maxwell has been convicted of that crime) then isn’t the other person, the one who receives the “trafficked” individual also committing a crime??? Shouldn’t they be on trial as well? If there was a crime proven, then surely that information is out there….otherwise how could they convict Ms Maxwell? To whom did she “traffic” the girls?

Where are the “MeToo!” crowd? I would think that they, at least, would be all over the “abuse” of young women (if that is really what occurred when these women came back time after time). And aren’t the parents somewhat responsible for allowing underage women to go on international trips with men? (“Hey, mom, this guy as old as Dad wants to take me on a flight to the Bahamas to party for a week, can I go?…”Sure honey, don’t forget to pack clean underwear!”)

But since they are going after Gaetz, shouldn’t they go after the folks who flew on the “Lolita Express” to the “private Island” for fun and debauchery? Or is it only when it is a Republican (We won’t even mention the disgusting folks at CNN who are, apparently, getting a pass on their actions) that it is icky and it becomes news?

Where are the names of these folks to whom Epstein and Maxwell catered?  Who were they?

And no, Epstein did not accidentally kill himself in jail while the guards forgot to check on him while the video cameras temporarily glitched. Please….Someone arranged his demise. And (so far) got away with it because the Feds and the Local LEO folks decided not to look. (I’m surprised Ms Maxwell hasn’t suffered a similar fate…..or died while microwaving dessert in the shower or something equally implausible)