So…a question:

If I move my residence to San Francisco….

And if I “Identify as Black”…..

Can I get in on the $5 Million gravy train? Will I get my reparations just like a real black person?

I mean, if I identify as a woman I get to use the woman’s locker room and all….

Why not race as well?


I don’t care what you think about the latest Trump

headline and half-assed attempt to find some way to punish Donnie Trump… find a way to make him ineligible to run again (But I am amused that they fear him so much)…


If you are stupid enough to attend the expected rally/protest/whatever regarding his (supposed) impending arrest…..

Then you are a fool.

If you take your phone with you, then you are an even greater fool.

If your face is unmasked, and you haven’t modified your shoes or otherwise taken precautions to mask/hide your gait, you are a fool.

If you don’t think that all of the above will be used to find out who you are, especially after Jan-6, then you are an idiot.

And if you think that going to the protest will in any way change the outcome for Donnie (Or that he really cares about you as an individual and will thank you later), then you deserve what you get. Enjoy the legal costs and (likely) jail time.

Some thing are worth fighting for, some are worth sacrificing for. This is neither of those.

The press won’t point it out

I mean, they’ll report on the ever increasing violence during the Spring Break season in many of the Florida and Texas traditional spring break locations….But they only hint, rather than tell you, that the demographics have also changed from years past, when crimes were mostly drunk-and-disorderly and other non violent crimes perpetuated by mostly white kids from wealthy families.

But the behavior has changed as the demographic mix of students has also changed, and the crowd has gotten less orderly and less understanding of what decent behavior is.

No one wants to say the reason, as I do not for fear of being branded racist.

But we all know the truth, the reason why. It is the same everywhere  that the change has happened and the demographic data shows us where the issue is.

Sadly, no one can really state what the issue is for fear of being hounded. Much like the crime statistics in larger “Urban” areas. No one dare speak the truth as to the reasons.

I wish they’d get the story straight

So I knew which one to debunk:


So currently, if I have this straight(and I might not…)…Hunter Biden is now suing the owner of the computer store for giving out copies of the hard drive from the computer that wasn’t his (the guy who sued Hunter for defamation) and the dissemination of the contents of said laptop (that wasn’t his) which were really Russian Disinformation except that the FBI hasn’t bothered to look at it to confirm or deny that it belongs to Hunter because it might contain evidence of crimes by both Hunter and his Dad…..that didn’t happen because they are disinformation from someone in the Trump Campaign paid for by Russia that wasn’t true but must be suppressed because it wasn’t Hunters laptop that had his personal information that was illegally disseminated…..Did I get that right?

I just think it is funny the progression of things as they first denied, then, when denial didn’t work, then slow-rolled things until the elections….Then, when there was no other course, admitted but then sued after it didn’t matter election wise.

Of course, this only happens with a press that is willing to go along.


Much truth:

I’m not sure who to give credit to, but this is stolen from somewhere. (ETA: Midwest Chick had it)

Not to mention the Indentured servant who were treated as slaves….

Enough bullshit that all Black people are victims and no one else’s ancestors….Every other ethnic group overcame and moved up, Only one ethnic group can’t seem to overcome their culture and be successful without special treatment.



Ladies: Surprise your man…leave him speechless….

Here’s a thought for the few women who read my blog: How to totally surprise your man (and make him love you even more!)


It isn’t that hard, really:

Actually apologize when you were wrong, he was right. Admit it.

or: Do it his way for once.

Guaranteed, he won’t know what to do or what to say.

And he will love you more for it.

Try it. It won’t hurt too much.

Democrat donations makes for a bank bailout

Seems that Gavin Newsom lobbied for a complete bailout of Silicon Valley Bank and to give 100% of deposits full coverage, rather than the usual $250K per depositor.

Also, (and oddly just coincidentally),  SVB gave a shitload of campaign contributions to a bunch of DNC senators and congressmen…..and donated a boatload of money to the projects of Newsome’s wife over the years.


‘Twas a good investment. They all pushed Biden and Yellen hard to make all the depositors whole. Lots of big powerful people had Millions of dollars in that failed bank. Lots of influential people would have taken a really BIG haircut. But now their deposits are made whole by the Feds, unlike other bank failures.

Funny how that works, innit?

And they claim that the RNC types are all bought and paid for by Big Business…… Projection?

No, they should change the accounting to reflect the change.

So some senators (apparently Republicans) are discussing changing the retirement age.…..Because people are living longer.

Of course, this screws with the Social Security (not like is isn’t totally fucked already….) because people who live longer get their government supplied “Pension” for a greater number of years….and the current system doesn’t allow for that.

Further ,Medicare and other health programs don’t account for the increased lifespan  and commensurate increase in spending over the lifetime of the recipient..

But change the accounting? Oh, No. Instead we should force people to work longer into their lifespan.

Why not change the accounting to reflect the change in lifespan rather than make people work longer?