Hyperbole much?

So a man has a loud party at his house and in his back yard.

Neighbors complain.

He ignores them.

One neighbor sprays water over the fence to make them go away.

No big deal, right?

Of course, this is outrageous, because the party thrower is black and his objecting neighbor is white, so it must be racism.

In fact: ” the incident created ‘a scene reminiscent of 1960s Birmingham, Alabama, when white law enforcement officers used fire hoses to douse, assault and batter African Americans participating in civil rights demonstrations”

These people have obviously never been on the receiving end pf a firehose, rather than a simple garden hose. Being sprayed with water is not the same as being pummeled by a firehose. But black makes right, am I correct? Couldn’t just be that the neighbor was tired of the noise and, after trying to resolve it peacefully, took other means to do so..


I am betting that this is not the first time there has been a complaint, either.

Plus, of course, 10% back to “The Big Guy”

And who knows how much Volodymyr Oleksandrovych Zelenskyy is raking off the top (and the back and the sides)

Joe Biden (and the United States Taxpayer) is bankrolling Ukraine’s 57,000 first responders – and even funding fashion stores, schools and farms – in $10bn aid package


While some of that 100 Million Dollars is direct Military aid….guns, ammo, cannon, etc, most of it is unaccountable CASH.


The good news is that the GPS on the 340 is no longer intermittent

The bad news is that it is fully broke. Which is sorta good, as it will be easier to find the issue.

Had a great day of flying today. Flew to KJXN and had brunch with Aaron.

We landed nearly at the exact same time. talked, ate, talked some more,  showed the planes to some kids, and flew away.

It was a good day.

Having said that, the GPS shit-the-bed about halfway to Jackson, and I had to do real VFR flying and navigating. Which is getting harder to do as the FAA decommissions more and more navaids. But I remembered how to fly without GPS and made it there and back. Compass headings and wind corrections and VFR landmarks.

Sadly, no pics that are worth showing, as I fell down on the job of photographer.

As we were preflighting, a dad with kids showed up at the fence, and we invited them to see the planes up close. I discovered that Aaron is REALLY good with kids, a skill I lack.

Then with them back behind the fence, we fired up the engines and I followed Aaron out and we taxiied to the runway, A quick runup and he was off.

He (Aaron) had issues with birds on takeoff, I heard him report it and climbed faster (nice having a twin sometimes) and never saw the birds.

Overall, it was a good day of flying. 49 minutes more or less each way, clear skies and nearly no wind.

Why’d they let them in?

“Concerned about their welfare in the heat”.

Fuck that, and Fuck Joe Biden too. That’s a bullshit excuse and anyone with the cognitive ability of arugula lettuce knows it.

Shocking moment crowd of 100 migrants storm across Rio Grande, leaving Border Control guards with no choice but to cut razor wire and let them into Eagle Pass after four-hour stand-off in searing 101-degree heat

IF the “Migrants” were hot, then they could have cooled off in the water of the River they crossed. You know, the one that marks the BORDER.

So are they Border Patrol or hand holders?


Hint: It’s summer. In Mexico. It’s ALWAYS 100 F or so. Somehow those people made it that far north in the heat.


Busy at the Range

Fall cleanup.

If we are lucky we might have 15 people show for the work party (and it’ll be the same 15 as last time).

Maybe. 15.

If we are lucky.


Having said that, we need to do the work, so there it is.

If you belong to an organization, whatever it is,  Church, social club, range, biker club, fraternity,  etc.,  and don’t volunteer for the work days, then you need to.


Just sayin’


ETA: we had 8 show up.

8 out of 124 members.