And yet another Democrat affiliated Judge stops pretending and throws away the cloak of impartiality

And uses the power of his position to try and harm Donald Trump.

Donald Trump’s stunning Mar-a-Lago estate is worth $282M MORE than the $18M valuation given by Manhattan judge who held ex president liable for fraud, Palm Beach realtor says

The judge should be embarrassed for his ruling and obvious partisanship.

Look: I still don’t want Trump as the only choice for President. But at some point one has to stand for something.


2 points: The price of a piece of real estate is determined by the buyers and the sellers at the time of sale, really. Anything else is simply a guess. It is the actual sale price that determines the value at the time of payment.

If he got loans on the real estate, and the banks did not do an assessment, that’s on the banks, not Trump.

This is again an example of Lawfare…the weaponizing the prosecutors and the judges against an opponent….and, honestly, it is making a mockery of our Justice System. This judge isn’t even PRETENDING to be impartial…..Enough of this. The excuses are wearing thin, and it is beginning to become clownish and embarrassing to those of us who believe in the rule of law.

If our justice system cannot dispense Justice, then what use is it? Why should I follow the law if it can be used against me even if I do all the right things? Why should I submit to the limitations our laws place upon us if there is no justice…. if the law can be perverted by judges such as this for political gain? Do we even have a system of law anymore if one party can pervert it to persecute a threat?

If we have no law, then we have anarchy. We are no better a country than a place like Liberia.


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  1. This is the same as my thinking. i believe that as long as he is alive, they will never leave him or his family alone. I hope he gets elected and goes after those partisan a-holes with machine guns.

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