Where is the Diversity???

I mean, I can’t see the Amish….Nor the Koreans, the Mexicans, the Canadians, the Swedish, the Eyetalians, the Greeks, the Russians……none of them are participating in the redistribution efforts.

All I see is people of African descent looting and pillaging and stealing. 

Where is the affirmative action? The DEI folks, Where is the inclusiveness? Were the others invited? If not, why not? I mean, we all want equality, right?


2 thoughts on “Where is the Diversity???

  1. THIS is who these people are. Shining examples of their communities and race. Constantly complaining and shouting “racism”. Never attempting to change their behavior, clean up their communities or contribute to a better world. Always at the forefront of destruction, theft, violence and crime. And they wonder why people distrust and avoid them. It’s not racism, it’s savage behavior.

  2. AOC says the looters just want bread to eat, but they’re not stealing bread are they?

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