Hyperbole much?

So a man has a loud party at his house and in his back yard.

Neighbors complain.

He ignores them.

One neighbor sprays water over the fence to make them go away.

No big deal, right?

Of course, this is outrageous, because the party thrower is black and his objecting neighbor is white, so it must be racism.

In fact: ” the incident created ‘a scene reminiscent of 1960s Birmingham, Alabama, when white law enforcement officers used fire hoses to douse, assault and batter African Americans participating in civil rights demonstrations”

These people have obviously never been on the receiving end 0f a firehose, rather than a simple garden hose. Being sprayed with water is not the same as being pummeled by a firehose. But black makes right, am I correct? Couldn’t just be that the neighbor was tired of the noise and, after trying to resolve it peacefully, took other means to do so..


I am betting that this is not the first time there has been a complaint, either.

3 thoughts on “Hyperbole much?

  1. Having used a handline and 100PSI to take down a dude high on PCP, I can tell you there IS a world of difference. We rolled him up in a corner and pinned him there until the LEOs could contain him.

  2. I have neighbors that play crap music outside sometimes, it happens to be the exact time my generator does it’s monthly test run.

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