On the “Budget Deal”:

No. Just no.

At the very least, keep the limit where it is.

Cut some spending. Go across the board a minimum of 5%.

Then we can talk about where else to cut and other remedies.

Don’t raise the limit even one red cent.

No new taxes either. Just stop the bloat.


Hold the line.




$10 billion

in about 10 days.

Target has, apparently, lost that much money that fast.

Apparently they overestimated the level of support for the gay/trans/LGBT agenda….

I did notice that the local Target store’s parking lot was less than 1/3 full this weekend, where most other parking lots were full or nearly so.

Apparently the Boycott is massive.

More than hot dogs and burgers

More than just an extra day off

More than a parade and a get together.

Today is a remembrance. A day to honor those who gave their lives for the country.

It is about honoring those men and women who sacrificed for their fellow citizens, who died defending a way of life, and idea, a Constitution….

More than just a name on a wall you’ll never visit, or a plaque you’ll never read. People who sacrificed, who are worthy of our thanks.

And, damnit, they deserve better than to be forgotten so that people can have an extra day off. Step up, take a moment, raise a glass. Say thanks.

You can do more, but you really should at least remember. Never ever forget.

What a joke of a racing organization

I mean, you spend all that time, effort, and money to get a car and driver into the Indy 500. Probably over a million dollars just to earn a starting position….


And at the start of the race your car won’t start because it has a dead battery.  A simple dead battery. You’d think that that would be one of the things your team would verify at the beginning of the day of racing. Chargers are cheap, or simply put in a freshly charged new one a few hours before the race. Do they not have a Before Race car preparation plan?  (You know, check tire pressures, oil, fuel,, make sure the windscreen tear-offs are in place, lug nut on each tire is correctly tightened, etc.) A checklist? Or are they just winging the whole thing? What kind of management is there if this can happen?


That simple oversight cost the Rahal Racing team 2 laps….at the start of the race.

There are so many things that can go wrong, things that break, things that just happen. But if you don’t eliminate the things you can, you start out at a disadvantage.

Nothing like shooting yourself in the foot.

Just a third

Most of the monies paid to “Black Lives Matter” went to enrich the founders, their families, their employees, and their hangers-on.  Only 33% actually went to help people. 

Typical Liberal fund raising. Never truly for the folks they claim to want to help….but always large salaries, consulting contracts, “Security” and other ways to siphon off money given by donors that really want to help.


Lucky for me I never gave ’em, a dime. I spent my charity donations locally where the money truly went to people who needed it and were staffed by volunteers.

But that is the way of “Checkbook Charity”.

Unless you live where I do

I’m an ER doctor this is why you should NEVER drive someone to the hospital if there’s a medical emergency

How very….city centric shall we say…. a viewpoint. I suppose that is a plausible answer if the injured person is in a city or other well populated area, with a hospital close at hand and ambulances just around the corner.

Thing is, the average response time for an ambulance is 14 minutes around here. In that time I can be 3/4 of the way to a hospital…..if I am driving at normal pace and not rushing. Likely less than 16 minutes all the way to the ER if I am in a hurry. And that is driving the truck. If I am in the car, what with better tires and more acceleration and much better handling, I can likely cut another 3 or 4 minutes off of that. (I’m not willing to try driving like that on open streets just to find out unless there is an emergency though)

If “time is of the essence”, I can be at the Emergency Room doors nearly before the ambulance will even pull up to the scene of the injury if it happens where I live.

He’s probably correct, in a city, or in a crowded suburb. Not so in the boonies. But that is the thing about “Experts” they only know what they know and that is it. Experts are really smart when it is in their experience….. Not so once something falls outside their narrow window.

How strange: More power plants bring electricity power prices down

Who would have thought?

Finland’s electricity is currently so cheap they can’t even charge for it, mostly due to a new Nuke plant that is supplying all the electricity that they need.

Hydro and other “Renewables” just couldn’t cut it, but a new thermal nuke plant means an abundance of electricity….and it can make up for things when the solar and wind won’t get the job done.

Funny how that works, innit? Now if only our people could figure the economics out.