There are few jobs

That I hate more than painting.

If I could find a painter who did as good a job as I do, or who made less mess and left fewer paint drops on the floor than I do, I’d be willing to pay for having my kitchen walls painted

Sadly, “Professional Painter” doesn’t mean “Craftsman” in this area….but rather “fairly sure which end of the paintbrush to pick up” and “not terribly likely to paint the wrong thing” and “might not make too much of a mess”.

So fuckit, I’ll paint.

But I hate it. I’d rather be a demonstrator model at a proctology school.


SO, it seems that, because of a simple misspelling, the brother Splodey Tsarnaev were simply not noticed by the DHS and other folks supposed to be watching for people like them.

Now, I understand that mistakes happen…Sometimes people hit the wrong key when entering data….sometimes they are tired or distracted or whatever.

But really, no one caught the fact that “Tsarnaev” might also be spelled Tsarnayev”? No one bothered to look at a guy who spent 6 months in training on how to blow people up?

And they spend all that time defending the integrity of their lists…even when completely (and obviously) innocent people are inconvenienced by being on it.

Sometimes incompetence is hard to tell from maliciousness. Especially in a bureaucrat.


This cold/flu/plague whathefuckerver is finally breaking

No real brain cell are firing at this time. however.

no blog for amyone for a while.

And here I thought I was gonna miss out on all the fun.

I must say

So on Christmas Day, I pulled a muscle in my back. Now, it has taken an inordiate amount of time to heal, and was lamost back to normal.

Also, I was feeling lucky, and congratulating myself on not getting a cold this winter season.

Both of these things intersected on Wed Evening, when my sinusi became flowing…nay, Gushing fountains of clear weepy fluid.

Thursday, this evolved into sneezing fits.

Which made my back feel so much better. Not Fun. At All.

Of course, I got bad enough to actually take something for the symptoms.

I could become happy with a steady diet of Dextromethorphan hydrobromide.

Sadly, it takes away the small cognitive ability that I have left, so I gotta go carefully down that path.

But it does help.

No blogging for a while, as it takes all I got to form words when under the influence.

In which I take a contrary position:

So there is a buzz about the fact that the Delaware Supreme Court has ruled that the tenants of Public housing have the right to “to keep and bear arms for the defense of self, family, home and State, and for hunting and recreational use

While I applaud the court’s decision to uphold the Second Amendment, I actually disagree with the ruling:
The landlord, in this case, the state of Delaware, would prefer that firearms not be present on it’s property. While I think that that is foolish, and does not make for a safer environment, the fact is that the tenants have no say as to what is or is not allowed on the property.
If they disagree with the choice of rules from the Landlord, then they need to move elsewhere. If they can afford a firearms for “hunting or recreation” then they can afford to pay full rent for a while. If they need a firearm for personal protection then, again, they should find a landlord who approves of (or at least doesn’t ban) firearms. 
Were this private property, owned by a single person or by a business entity, then the banning of firearms would, in fact, be legal. The same should apply when the landlord is the State. 
I firmly believe that people in Government subsidized housing have no right to privacy in their subsidized home, nor any right to special treatment of any kind. When someone else is paying the bill, then that someone gets to set the rules. Don’t like it? Move out and pay your own way.