Some lessons here:

 Read all about how some Britons stole some 1.5 MILLION British pounds…..(And got caught)

First of all, an ingenious method of making small contained explosions. With legally (and easily accessible) components. (I remember making such explosions with 55 gallon trash bags…it went well until we added hydrogen to the mix, but that is another story for another time…..) These components are fairly easy to transport and to mix and detonate… A handy bit of knowledge if and when you need something like that……I might also point out that there are other gasses (commonly available) that could be used with perhaps less effective  (but effective enough!) results.

But the biggest lesson here is HOW the police caught the thieves: Cell phone tracking via the cell sites and license plate tracking……..

While I have no intention of breaking into ATM’s nor robbing banks, I found the story nonetheless interesting……There are lessons here for those of us who believe that someday we might need to protest our government rather more… vigorously…. than blogging and facebook. More…direct action shall we say?  

Now, I’ve written before how, if you are stupid, you can easily be tracked with that small box you carry around in your pocket (or purse, if you are a lady). I’ve written before how you can avoid that using a burner phone from Walmart or other retailer, and how even that can be a trap if you aren’t careful. Tracking via cell phones was one of the ways that the British Police found the men, and even more so, found that they were gathering together. Add in license plate tracking and scanning and you had a recipe for incarceration. (and, lets face it, these men had a history of crime which put them at the top of the list when cell phone records were tracked). Simply leaving their cell phones at home might well have made it impossible for the police to track them. If they needed communications, cheap disposable phones would have sufficed (had they used proper security (see the linked articles)) and once the job or jobs were done said phones were easily disposed of afterwards, leaving no traces as to who had been where……..and who had called whom.

Please note: I am not advocating that you go and buy a tank of acetylene or propane and blow open any ATM’s. Nope, not at all. But I am suggesting that you might want to learn from these men, both their successes AND their mistakes. Should the time come when you want or need to emulate some of their tactics, perhaps in opposition to your government….. you might not want to also emulate their mistakes……

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Yeah, really, this is a bad idea

(In which I will no doubt  bring down a whole slew of epithets and the wrath of a lot of gunnies)

Stutzman to introduce reciprocity bill.  

Yeah, a lot of people are jumping up and down and urging support for this.

Yes, most of my readers would like to be able to carry across state lines, no matter what state they are traveling though or to. I would love to be able to do so as well. I HATE traveling to Illinois, (or especially Chicago) and having to leave my heater at home.

But think things through here:  Reciprocity, while a nice dream, is fraught with issues: To begin with, each state has different standards. Do you want to have zero standards? Others require a great deal of training and expense to obtain a Concealed Carry license.   Do ya think that if this bill passes that the requirements (and likely cost) won’t become onerous? Standards for a national CCL will move to the higher (or at least perceived higher) standards.

Then lets look at the the whole 10th amendment issue. You don’t think that if this bill were to pass (it won’t) it wouldn’t be used as a wedge to further erode the 10th amendment and even further enhance the powers of the Federal Government over the States? They already control a lot of things with Drivers licences and Marriage laws (and let us not mention the Commerce Clause).

Those of us who live in states that have good concealed carry laws chose those states (and/or supported those laws) and vote for representatives that continue to support those same laws. Those folks who live in states where concealed carry is difficult or onerous choose to continue to vote for lawmakers who keep THOSE laws in place.

Are you willing to allow a state like California or Illinois  or New York determine the regulations you have to meet to get a CCL? Or set national standards for magazine capacity? Or further erode the (ever less) sovereignty of the states?  ‘Cause that is what this bill is likely to do.

Some in our gunnie community are urging you to contact your Senators and Representatives to support this bill.  I urge you to do the opposite.

Let us not forget

That the people who forecast 27+ inches of snow for Noo Yourk Citty….

Are the same people who predict a glowball warming Thermageddon any day now…

From my Brother: “No shit?”

Whoda thunk it?

Sixty percent of job creation in 2014 was caused by the expiration of unemployment benefits, according to a new working paper published by the National Bureau of Economic Research.

While I would argue with the use of the term “Job Creation”, the fact of the matter is that when people have a chance to live off of someone else’s work, and can live comfortably with the money they are getting from the government, there is no incentive to find a job. Why should they? SOme one else is paying their bills and giving them food.

We are, as humans, lazy. SOme more than other, but ultimately, we want things. If we want more/better things, or if we are hungry, we work. If not, we tend to be Lotus Eaters.

The above is a perfect example of that.

Thanks Bro.

SO the Storm in New York City

must have been a liberal storm.

Lots of promise, but when it came time to be something… wasn’t.

(Which isn’t to make light of the fun that other parts of the Norther East Coast are having).

But New York? Hah. Wimps. Afraid of a few inches of snow.

The way we coddle certain groups, it’s gonna happen again

Only this time, it won’t be the Nazis who do it, but rather a subset of the Islamic religion.

They’ll find a passage in the Koran that says they can….and the rest of the Muslims will stand by and let them.I hope the rest of the world doesn’t, but I have my doubts that they will step up to stop it….

They said “Never Again” 70 years ago, but today’s world has likely forgotten…..