Nah, couldn’t be….


You Decide.

But something is rotten here….With only 39,000 black farmers, there are 94,000 claimants for damages due to discrimination by the USDA…

Something smells.

Wonder if this would hapen here?

Mourners lined the streets of Torquay for the funeral of Miss Nearne, whose daring wartime spy work came to light following her death on 2 September.
The 89-year-old died in her home in the resort after suffering a heart attack.

As a young woman Miss Nearne was recruited by the Special Operations Executive and was captured by the Nazis in France but never talked about it.


She was due to have a council funeral but these plans changed as a result of the publicity about her past.
Military charities donated cash and a local funeral director offered to fund a service more befitting a war heroine.

How many heroes have we, that are anonymous? Who die alone, unlamented because they are forgotten?

How many towns would have the streets lined in mourning and respect for those heroes when they pass?

How many of you know the story of Julia Child?  Not just a celebrity cook…

H/T Soft Green Glow

How soon?

Until this happens here in the US?

One way another, despite the current governments hopes and dreams, the US will have to cut things in order to pay its bills. When that happens, how soon until the protests begin….the anarchy, the destruction of businesses and government offices….The rioting and strikes and violence? The Spaniards saw it coming, and negotiated a peaceful, orderly strike…The Spaniards are, for the most part, a civil, orderly people….Not so much for Greece. And we shall see what happens when the French begin their cuts.

While there are a lot of fingers pointing in many directions as to who is to blame for all of the mess that the financial markets and European governments have gotten themselves into, ultimately it really doesn’t matter whose fault it is…..The fact is that the wheels are coming off the socialist states bus. And those folks who depend on that socialist state to eat will get angry….and angry people riot and do violence. “Bread and circuses) are not enough…

So what happens when things here become like things in Europe? We are on that path… is merely a matter of time until we are in the same situation. We are merely a “less socialist” state than they. But a too high percentage of our population is dependant upon that same state to feed, house and clothe them. Add in the high percentage of retired (or soon to retire) local, state and federal workers ( and maybe the military retired folks?) who are about to find out that there is no money in their retirement accounts and things might well get…..interesting.

I am not sure how we prepare for such an eventuality.

Class, style, and sportsmanship

This is an example of all of the above.

They had already won the game….they had nothing to lose, nothing left to prove….except that they had class.

Which they did…big time.

read the article HERE, then go HERE and watch the video.

Dick may be a dick occasionally, but he does come up with some doozies once in a while, and this is one. 

There may be hope for our culture yet.

Religion of Peace

my ass.

When I was but a boy, my parents used the phrase “actions speak louder than words”.

Follow the link, you decide. Peaceful? Or something other than peaceful. I have always held the belief that there are many Muslims with whom I could peacefully coexist…..But I see no condemnation of the fatwa by any Muslim groups. In fact, I waited a week before posting about this to see if any condemnation was forthcoming. I have seen none. 

I followed her lead, as did many others. I posted a lighthearted cartoon about Mohammed on this blog. Instead of going after a woman, I urge those who would threaten the cartoonist to come see me and express their displeasure. I betcha that I pay the ferrymans fee before I check out. And I bet your jihad warriors find out if the 72 virgins are real.

Wanna express your displeasure boys? Start here…Start with me instead of a woman. Be a warrior. Attack a target that fights back. It’s easy to threaten a woman or a child….. not so much when it is someone who will give you a run for your money.

Let us go find out about those virgins.

If this doesn’t wake the rest of you up, what will?

Perhaps I should keep my mouth shut next time….

So I was at my local downtown coffeehouse Friday evening, to get my weekly dose of caffeine and liberal propaganda thought, and I see that they have a pumpkin painted pink on the counter……”that’s odd….” I say to myself….

So I ask the proprietor why they have a pumpkin, carefully painted pink, on display.

“It’s our support for Breast Cancer something or other”, she replies…

“Should have used melons”, I replied, without conscious thought.

The guy at the table nearby nearly passed his cup of coffee through his left nostril.

I may not be able to return there…

And that is sad, because I have finally trained the staff how I like my coffee.