Randy Weaver

Has passed on

I met him once, long ago at some gunshow or something like that.

He was a broken man than. Nice enough, but broken.

What the US Marshalls service did to him and his son and then the FBI Hostage Rescue team did to his wife was a crime. He won the lawsuit against them, but was never the same. The fact that no one in either the Marshalls service nor the FBI was ever brought to justice wore on him as much as the loss of his son and wife. If you don’t know, or are too young to remember, then take the time to Google the crimes committed against this man and his family.

Godspeed, Mr Weaver, I hope you find a better life on the other side.

If you own Bitcoin through Coinbase:

If you’ve invested in Bitcoin, and have used CoinBase to do so, I STRONGLY urge you to take notice of this:

Coinbase warns its 98million customers they may lose ALL their crypto if company goes bankrupt after shares plunged 27% this week

Like an unsecured (Non-FDIC) bank, you can lose all of your money they are holding for you.

Bitcoin isn’t worth much right now, but if you have some with CoinBase, I’d get out what I can while you can, even if you lose money to do so.


Start some real chaos

Collect a bunch of attorneys business cards.

At the courthouse, place one under the windshield of every hooptie and Ghetto Cruiser you see, with a note on the back… “Sorry I dinged your car, call me to discuss this” or something similar…..

Mafia dumping ground

SO the low water levels at Lake Mead (caused by years of water mismanagement of the Colorado River) are exposing all sorts of stuff that have been hidden for 50 years or more…..

Second body found as low water levels continue


I wonder how many more they will find? I wonder if the police will be able to close a bunch of cold cases?


Perhaps Jimmy Hoffa? (Nah, he’s in a foundation in Detroit or New Jersey)

The one advantage

Of a stick welder over MIG is that you can weld outside in windy conditions. I no longer have a stick welder, so MIG is the whole game….

No welding for me today. 20 gusting 30. Kept blowing the shield gas (C-25) away.. While in this application I could probably get away with shitty welds, I refuse to do so.

Tomorrow, I guess.


When the lilacs bloom, it is time to plant.

That was according to my grandfather, and using that advice I have never lost a plant to frost nor have I had seeds rot because the conditions were not right for germination.


To me, the blooming of the lilacs is the REAL start of the season.


It’d be nice

If the Feds would treat this sort of vandalism as a Hate Crime and then use the tools they are using to persecute the Jan 6 protestors to go after these people..

You know, cell phone location data, and such, maybe video evidence (if any), facebook./other social media and all that….

But they won’t because they approve of such, and therefore they won’t bother to even try….’Cause like the BLM vandals, they are Lefty Approved Protestors, so it is allowed.