I wonder

If we can get the Presidential Candidates to do a drug test just before  (like minutes before) the debates. Like immediately before they walk out onstage. Each pees in a cup witnessed by the other and they hand the cups off to be tested. (Joe in a blue cup, Donne in red, of course). All testing witnessed and/ or performed by one representative each from each side. Announce the results after the introductions, just brfore the first question. Less than 10 minutes.

I mean, they have nearly instant pee tests that detect most classes of drugs,

It’s be interesting to see what they are on.

I’m bettin’ Biden is wired like a meth addict that just won the lottery. Trump. I dunno.

Seen a few hours later in Champaign, IL:



Just sitting there, no attendant, just parked and locked up.

Things worthy of note: That fiberglass shell must be heavy, the rims were 6 lug
  and pretty heavy duty. The interior is all vinyl in the same colors as the exterior. Pretty plush.  If I hadda guess it is a truck or van chassis.


Just not the things you expect to see as you drive by. Lots of people stopping to take photos though. I guess I am not the only Geek out there.


’tis funny

Those that use the “I can post anything I want because Free Speech!”  argument then  get all butthurt when someone uses Free Speech to criticize what they post. Sad they can’t see that.

It shows their low intelligence and lack of understanding.

It isn’t, as they claim (and they always fall back on that defense, don’t they?)  “Virtue Signaling”, I simply find it disgusting and insulting to those black, hispanic, and jewish folks that I know.

I object to the implication that my friends are subhuman.

‘Cause that is what they (ceder) and their supporters are saying.

Have ya ever noticed:

That even though “women can do anything men can!” and they think that they should get the same pay for working the same hours….

It’s always the men working at the home improvement stores that do the stocking of the heavy items and always the men who bring in the carts and always the men who stock the lumber and always the men who do the loading (for women customers) of the softener salt and the landscape blocks and any other heavy item….while the women just do the cashiering…

Odd, innit, that this separation of work happens even though “EQUALITY!”

Sad, really sad.

You may have noticed  (or not,) that I pulled Phil’s blog from my blogroll…. It was under the label “Bustednuckes”.

Sadly, Phil became less prolific of a poster and allowed some other dude with the handle “CederQ” to post….and he has become increasingly racist in his posting.

Now, we all have issues with how things are going, and how other races live their lives. We all make jokes and point out issues with them. I get that. However: “Hate Speech” is pretty had to define, but there is a point where that line is definitely crossed. “CederQ” has crossed over and over and is proud of it. Emails with Phil have shown that he supports, or at least won’t stop, the hateful, racist postings.

I can’t condone them, and believe in a community policing itself, even the Blogger community.

So I have pulled my links to his blog, as I don’t, in any way, care to be associated with such hateful speech that CederQ posts and Phil apparently condones or is too afraid of CederQ to stop. Either way, I don’t condone it.

I find it sad, as I once respected Phil as a hard working dude whos values were similar to mine…Never met him but would have liked to have a beer with. Now, not so much.

There’s a line that just plain shouldn’t be crossed. They keep stepping over it defiantly.

Free speech and all that, Phil’s blog, his rules. But I can’t condone what they post, so I gotta distance myself.



“OMFG it’s hot!!!”

“Dangerous Heat” ….95F

Heh, I can remember stacking hay bales on a wagon as they came out of the baler in this kind of heat. All friggin’ day long,,,no shade besides a hat. ., I’ve worked in worse and will likely do so again.

Lots of people work in this heat and humidity. Part of living most places in the US. Here in the midwest, from Texas to Minnesota, from Nebraska to Ohio, it’s called “:Summertime”

This isn’t Climate Change” it’s “Summer in the Midwest”. Hot weather, but, let’s face it, that’s the seasonal part of where we live.

95 degrees is what happens in summer, and it isn’t all that unusual.

But the Media makes it seem as it this is some sort of strange,, record breaking heat.

And it ain’t dangerous unless you are stupid.


A stupid name for an even more stupid holiday. One would have thought that they would do December 18th instead, since that is the real day that Slavery was abolished…But nope, they don’t (and never have) even bother to acknowledge that day,

Instead they use a day in the middle of summer, A made up day with a stupid name so that the poorly educated African Americans can have something to celebrate…And now a National Holiday……and so people who were never slaves, whose parents were never slaves, whose Grandparents were never slaves, whose GREAT-Grandparents were never slaves, can whine about inequality and demand reparations from people who never owned slaves, whos parents, nor grandparents, nor great grandparents never owned a slave (and many whose families weren’t even in the country when slavery was practiced).  And whine about how poorly they are treated and “Inequality ” and other bullshit excuses for their cultures failings.  Hell, many if not most, black people think that June 19th is the actual emancipation day….

I used to enjoy this day, as it is my Father’s Birthday, but the Leftists and the black leaders of the country have ruined it.