I can just see the folks on the left ranting like this:

I’m talking the Hard Left Believers like Ms Misfit (and those who tell her what she should be thinking this week) ranting like this

And nearly all the current Hard Left people pulling Biden’s strings. and the ones who actually run the DNC.


I laughed.


The sad part is that they hate him, and in their mind that makes him “Guilty” no matter what. They don’t even know why they hate him, they just do.

Spammers must die

I had over 600 pieces of spam in my comments this afternoon.


If you commented and it didn’t show, well, sorry about that. I deleted pages “en masse”, and there may have been some legit comments that got caught up in the removal.

Feel free to re-comment if that is the case for your legit comment.

Even Slick Willie

How far the Democrats have fallen. I didn’t like William Jefferson Clinton, but even a crooked dude like him knew the truth about illegal immigration and the effects on the country. (and he didn’t even mention how it would affect the Census data). Somehow his Democratic party has been taken over by the Cloward-Piven folks who see Illegal Immigration as the path to success


I cannot argue with those who believe that Joe should be tarred and feathered for his stance on illegal immigrants.


And yet the witness didn’t even follow, or do more than call 911

Terrifying moment armed suspect carjacks beloved wife Katherine Aguasvivas in the middle of a busy Florida intersection before killing her and setting her remains on fire inside the stole vehicle

I can understand…you are unarmed or don’t wanna get into a firefight (if you are armed) over someone you don’t know….


But to just drive on and call the cops later? ?


I’d have at least followed the car while calling 911. Stayed in view until the cops got there.

But then again, I actually care about my fellow citizens. Maybe not a sheepdog type, but at least help the sheepdogs against the wolves.

I’s what I’d expect in Florida though. Different than the Midwest culture wise.


We are all gonna drown

Because “Sea Levels are Rising”.


Except that they aren’t.

In many places the “rate of Sea Level Rise” is measured in inches per decade or less….in fact, much of that might be due to errors in measurement.

In fact, may of the island nations that were touted to soon disappear in the past 40 years…. “Entire cultures and languages will soon be extinct!! ” are actually gaining slightly in land area.

Islands That Climate Alarmists Said Would Soon “Disappear” Due to Rising Sea Found to Have Grown in Size

Hmmm. all this evidence and yet the Green Folks keep telling us that the climate is being destroyed by the works of Man and that the oceans are rising because of it….but the actual evidence says otherwise.

Much like Sea Ice, the measurements call ’em liars. Of course, the Media still gives them a platform for their lies. One wonders why that is.


“Were it possible to erase all the mistakes of your past:

that would also destroy the wisdom of your present…Remember the lessons, not the disappointments”





Odd coincidence, innit?

BLM is rising in power and activism (and Media coverage!)….funny that, just in time for the election

The rise in protests about black men being shot by cops is rising too,

Gotta stir up them darkies so they’ll vote Democrat“. I’m surprised they aren’t planning on handing out Fried Chikken and watermelon outside of the polling places. Jesus. The worst part is that this tactic with BLM actually works

And the media is helping by sensationalizing every single black dude who gets ventilated for doing something stupid while under arrest. I wonder how many good cops are gonna get crucified and lose their jobs, or even get jail time because of this pogrom?

I guess they feel they gotta do what they gotta do to get enough votes for Slow Joe, they can’t manufacture ALL of them at 4 AM.