So the News wants us to remember

They want us to take a moment and remember George Floyd…


So lets remember him:

A turd upon society, never being a model citizen….

A man who was a drug addict, a career petty criminal, who was arrested for trying to pass a fake $20 bill…

Who , at the time, was high as the moon on fentanyl, and other substances.

Who fought the cops trying to arrest him.

Who struggled so much they dogpiled him.

Ultimately, he died of the overdose. But his death was blamed, in the media stories, as the officers crushing his neck by kneeling on him….Which wasn’t true.

Lets remember that he was used to rile up the black population…because nearly all of them have had a brush with the police because, overall, they are not, generally, as law abiding as other demographics…..And the Democrats needed the black votes to make any election close enough that tampering was possible.

So yes, by all means, let’s remember him….for what he was.

Question for the Louisville police as well as the country prosecutor there…

Now that we have much more complete videos of the incident with Scotty Sheffler and his arrest for not being an obedient peon failing to follow the chaotic orders and since the videos (as well as eyewitness testimony) show that the officer was never “dragged” by Sheflers’s car (as it was written in the police report)…..are they gonna charge the officer(s) with perjury, or at least falsifying a police report….?

Are they gonna go back and review all the arrests from every officer involved because we now know that they are liars, and their testimony cannot be trusted?


Asking for a friend and all that.

It would seem to me that these officers, each and every one involved with the arrest or whose name appears on the report, should be fired, at a minimum, and, ideally charged and fired for lying.

Mr Sheffler is looking at a felony for the incident, which we now know was overinflated by the officers on the scene.


Shoot one or two

And it’ll stop entirely….and immediately.

Moment when illegal immigrants swarm border wall, throw sand, rocks and water bottles in ugly clash with Border Patrol agents trying to stop them

Enough of this bullshit. Behave or stay the hell out. IN fact, just stay the hell out, period.

Fuckers think they can pull this shit (and right now, they can)…But you shoot a couple and they’ll change their tune quickly.


So the hard questions were asked

But the ATF was not forced to answer. No one will be held accountable. Not for the timing of the raid, not for the failure to wear body cameras (neither the ATF raiders NOR, oddly, the Little Rock PD officers), nothing will happen.

Asking the hard questions makes the Senator look good and aggressive and all that, but failing to force him to answer shows this this is all just grandstanding. Waste pof time, really.

And no one gets any sanctions, much less jail time, for the murder of Brian Malinowski. Still under “Investigation”….Innit funny how other crimes, like the killing of a black man under arrest are reported and investigated in a day or so…this one will be “Under Investigation” until they think people will forget about it. Either way, it is still murder by the ATF.

The way this is heading, at some point any DOJ official, be they US Marshall, FBI, Fisheries, IRS, or ATF (and others) will have to be considered a threat, simply by existing….How you respond to that threat will be up to you. This may also , at some point, mean before they come for you, Preemptive, if you will.

Just sayin’

Remember: if they can do it to him, they can (try) to do it to you. Be ready. Leave a mark.

Don’t do anything stupid. But remember, if raiders/invaders are in your house it’s 2 to the chest, one to the head, and one to the groin. Repeat as necessary.


YMMV. Don’t do anything illegal……Yet.

Here’s an interesting fact:

It would seem that the Police Occifer that claims that Scotty Sheffler “dragged him nearly 30 feet” somehow failed to either turn his body camera on or somehow the footage was lost…..

So there is no evidence except what nearby people saw, the officer’s word, and Mr Shefflers version.

Odd, innit? That these officers somehow always fail with the cameras that would back up their version….

It isn’t like this is a new technology or that it takes extra special training to make sure they are on.


Will they hold his feet to the fire?

ATF Director Steven Dettelbach is supposed to testify regarding the ATF execution raid of Brian Mailnowski’s home at 6:01 AM that resulted in Mr Malinowski’s death….Shot by an ATF agent.

I look forward to the explanation of why they taped over and disabled his Ring Cameras, pulled the power to his home, broke down his door…all while NOT wearing the required-by-Law body cameras….And explain whey the Little Rock Police officers accompanying the ATF agents ALSO failed to wear body cameras….Against their department policy…..

I’d like to hear his explanation as to why the ATF could not have waited for a decent hour, or why they couldn’t have detained him at work, or done the raid while he was at work….Dude worked as the director of the Little Rock Airport, fer chrissake.

I also want to know how the agents have been punished for such an egregious violation of law and ATF policy regarding the body cameras…have they been suspended, demoted, or fired? Are they on trial for murder? After all, we only have their word that he shot at them…because they carefully made sure that there was no video evidence…..

I fully expect this inquest to be a waste of time, but I have hopes that they will actually hold someone accountable.

I won’t hold my breath though.

I think this looks like State Sanctioned Murder, and I would like explanations….If they can do it to him, they can do it to you or me.

7:2 the congressional investigation is just for show.

And the details are coming to light

The police report said Scheffler failed to comply with instructions and then drove away from an officer, Bryan Gillis, ‘causing him to be dragged along by the two-time Masters winner’s car‘.

But witnesses say otherwise:

Wischusen claims Gillis was ‘pretty, you know, enthusiastic’ as he walked up to Scheffler’s vehicle and beamed his flashlight into the golfer’s face.

Wischusen then claims Gillis screamed at Scheffler, saying words to the effect of: ‘Whoa, whoa, whoa, who are you? Where are you going? Get back in line. You’re not allowed to come through here.’

Gillis was ‘scolding’ Scheffler for passing the vehicle Wischusen and the ESPN crew were in and it was unclear whether he was a police officer or tournament security because of their yellow reflective jackets.

After Scheffler drove forward, the situation then escalated and Gillis ‘got very angry pursuing the car.’

Wischusen claims the officer was ‘kind of running alongside chasing the car, and maybe he tripped and fell.  

He added: ‘I mean, there was kind of an outcropping or median, you know, by the front gate. And keep in mind, it was raining. It was 6 o’clock in the morning. It was dark.’

Asked about the claims of Gillis ‘attaching’ himself to the car, Wischusen said: ‘I could see him stumble, but I did not have a very clear view of exactly how you want to categorize his contact with the car.’


So here we have at least one witness saying that the officer LIED in his police report (shocking, I know) I doubt that this lying and exaggeration is an isolated incident, either…..The only reason that it has come to light is that this was a celebrity, rather than joe average, that was treated badly…..And there were independent witnesses that saw the whole thing.


Buying more votes with petroleum

So the Biden folks are gonna dump a million gallons of gasoline onto the market, in an attempt to keep prices down.

Of course, theya re only releasing the gasoline on the east coat, where, apparently, the high cost is a significant part of the degrading of their voter base….

I wonder how much this release is gonna cost the US taxpayer? Biden still hasn’t refilled all the crude oil he sold from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve last election cycle…..

I sometimes think they are just trying to weaken the country….remove all the reserves,,,,they’ve already damaged our military….

One wonders why they don’t use Eminement Domain

I mean, governments have used Eminent Domain to take land for lesser reasons….

Inside America’s most breathtaking state park that almost NO ONE is allowed to visit despite its oasis of rolling hills and idyllic stretch dubbed ‘Peace Valley’… as debate rages about public access

I’m not saying they SHOULD  take land from the surrounding owners to create access, mind you, but if the state has the land , intended to be used as a park, then why have it if they can’t access it? Sometimes there’s a good reason to use ED.

There must be some powerful people with land in the area opposing this…..