Australia, Hawaii, Netherlands.

People are saying “NO!” to forced vaccinations.

This oughta be interesting.

Like usual, Totalitarian states just don’t know when to stop pushing.

Once one feels one has nothing to lose, then the protest gets easier….and the scope of the protest becomes easier to move.


Am I the only one that finds this commercial creepy?


I mean, people I don’t know (Likely actors anyway (And carefully selected for diversity!)) telling me to “Trust Us”.

I find very few “Health Care Professionals” to be worthy of trust anyway, finding that they mostly just follow “Protocol” unthinkingly….Few really observe data and make their own decisions…Few,  apparently, can think beyond what they are told. Very few are actual thinkers or analysts.

But I’m supposed to trust them, whoever they are?

Nah. I wouldn’t trust any of those people…”Doctor” or actor.

Know what they call the guy or gal that finished last in their Medical School class?


“Trust Us”.


The harder they push for me to take their “Vaccine”, the more they change their statements (remember where they once said 60% would give us “Herd Immunity”…then 70%, now it must be over 85%?) the less I trust them….the less inclined I am to take the shot….and the more suspicious I am about the real reason they want us to take it…..

One thing of note: Biden stated that “we need to protect the vaccinated workers from the unvaccinated workers”..

So: If the “vaccine” works why do the vaccinated workers need protection the unvaccinated?

If the “vaccine” doesn’t work, or is so ineffective, then why should I bother to take it?

Which is it?

I may have been mistaken

About the Australians.


It seems that some of them have some character and are willing to say “No!….Enough of this!”.

Perhaps there is some character left Down Under. I just hope those folks at the riots protests were smart enough to cover their faces and turn off their cell phones or the government is gonna get ’em for daring to think for themselves.

26 of the 27 had ties to the Wuhan lab

And now the Lancet is sorta-kinda backing away from their derision of the Wuhan Lab Leak Theory.

But “Trust the Scientists!” we are told…repeatedly.

When politics trumps science…when scientists make claims to keep their jobs and their paychecks….why should we trust any of ’em? Why should we trust the next statement from any scientist or doctor…how do we know their statement isn’t influenced by funding?

“Science” and “Scientists” and “Experts” have shown us that their advice isn’t worth listening to….they have, essentially, lied to us  (and any dissenting opinions have been suppressed)…Who can we trust? How can we know? Even the preeminent “expert” has played fast and loose with the truth…(Yes, Dr Fauci, I’m talking about you)…

When “Peer Reviewed” publications like the Lancet are willing to lie to us….Can we trust any of the “experts”? Can we trust ’em to tell us the truth about such things as the Covid “Vaccine” either?

Feelin’ it today

And that is after a double dose of  “Vitamin I”….I must be gettin’ old….

So yesterday, we had a work party to recoat the metal roof of the indoor range building. I try to get it coated every 5 years, but we were two years behind…..Both of our 2019 work days had been rained out, and we won’t bother discussing the dumpster fire that  was 2020. But this job had to be done soon….The metal roof is 45 years old and it has no rust yet, but we gotta keep it cared for.

(Caring for infrastructure of something like a range is an ongoing task…..paint, roof coating, general maintenance, it has to be done…..or it can cost you. Ferisntance: a new roof has been quoted at $64,000 without replacement insulation…And, frankly, the range doesn’t have that kind of money….so we gotta take care of what we got….)

I spent a few hours by myself on Friday cleaning a portion of the roof of old coating material in order to have one portion ready for coating while another part was being cleaned so we could stagger people in order to not have them all on top of each other or just standing around… That put my arms and hands at a pretty high fatigue level at the start of Saturday….

Saturday was a beautiful day for doing such work. at 8 AM the temp was 68 degrees. The sun was out and the roof dried of morning dew quickly. People showed up we had jobs for them. Brushing the roof of detritus, scraping the loose material, brooming and blowing it off, brushing on the new coating. I handed out gloves to some of them (who shows up to work without gloves???? At least they showed up though).

We had just enough volunteers show. Not any extra, but enough. One team cleaning the roof, the others brushing the new coating on.

Having said that, by 11:00 it was getting fairly warm and there was no breeze and people were getting hot . 3 or more hours of spreading roof coating or scraping the roof gets tiring. I made sure that everyone had enough cold water and stayed hydrated. Fatigue had caught up with me as my arms had not recovered well from my work Friday, but I pressed on

Soon enough, it was 1 pm and the temp was 84F…and we were cleaning up.

Everyone was hot and tired, but we should be good for at least another 5 years….My thanks to those other Range members who showed up and worked hard…when they could have chosen to do something enjoyable on a beautiful Saturday.. It is volunteers like this that keep the Range operational.

I am glad that things went as well as they did. My logistics and planning came off well, as there was mixed material there when it was needed and there was little waiting for clear space to work and such. I’ve done this 4 other times on this roof, so I had the plan worked out, and it worked out well. Experience pays.

My arms are still tired though, as I type this on Sunday Morning, and mostly my hands are a bit stiff… (I just don’t recover like I did 10 years ago. )

I always wanted to see Australia


But, sadly, the government’s reaction to the Covid issue….and more importantly, the citizens of that country and their acquiescence to the government’s lockdown have made me decide that I really can take that off my bucket list of places to visit and experience.

Sad, really. I wanted to see the country.


ETA: I had always believed that the Australians were rugged, individualistic, and as freedom loving as US citizens. A heritage that bred strong people, not slaves to government nannies. Apparently, I was incorrect.



Was there ever really any doubt?

Seems the Newsom “won” his recall election.

Was there really any doubt? What with the early voting, unverified mail-in voting, and all the other shenanigans, is anyone really surprised that this whole thing was simply Election Theater with Taxpayer money?

If you are surprised, then you apparently aren’t paying attention.

Thing is, I don’t know if the win by Newsom was legit or not, any more than Biden’s win less than a year ago was legit (or not). I do know that the system as it exists is ripe for opportunities for fraud. I do know that if we don’t have elections where we can trust the results, our governments become more and more illegitimate in the eyes of the citizens. This won’t end well.


How’s that search for 100% renewable energy working???

For Kalifronica….not well.


Seems tht they are now looking to burn even more fossil fuel to make up for the shortfall….and they want relief from Federal pollution standards to do so…

I think the Feds should tell the Californians to pound sand, and make ’em deal with the results of their idiocy. Darkness has an effect on people and it means that they need to see what their leaders are leading then towards.

Thing is, this push for renewables energy and purchasing electricity from other states simply means that the pollution happens somewhere else, not that there is no pollution happening to make electricity. Kinda like the idiots who claim battery powered cars are “Emissions Free”.

And another thing:

We are told all the current Covid Cases are the Delta variant…


But only months ago, they were all Covid “Alpha” and “Beta” variants. Now those variants seem to have gone away.

I find that hard to believe….that the “Original” two variants of this disease simply disappeared.

While I am not an epidemiologist, this seems….strange. One would think that the transition would include a mix of the original strains for a long time, with the Delta variant adding to the case count, not taking it over all at once.