Oil supply data being manipulated by the Biden admin?

Interesting article:

Some oil pundits are now claiming that the Biden administration has been fabricating low gasoline demand data in order to drag prices lower.

“While Gasbuddy claims there was a 2% rise in gasoline demand last week, the EIA reported a 7.6% drop in demand.”

Interesting, innit? Of course, this means that someone has engineered a conspiracy to give bad data…..but that is less likely than it was even 10 years ago.

But when a media outlet like Oilprice.com is printing this, then one must wonder……

Must be getting desperate

So the Mar-a-Lago raid…..For “classified materials”

Funny how they didn’t raid Hillary’s offices for those materials SHE had, innit? Or the server that contained all those classified emails.

The Left and Liz Cheney (but I repeat myself) couldn’t get any traction with the Jan 6 hearings, so now this.

They must really fear him running again in 2024. Really be afraid of him.

I’d probably vote DeSantis then, but they must think Trump is gonna run again and they must really fear him winning.

Things that make you go “Hmmmm?”

So Elon Musk asks the hard question:

“if the Biden administration is working so hard to free Brittney Griner it should also free Americans incarcerated on marijuana offenses”.

Damned straight. She broke the law and got her punishment (and, apparently, Russians who commit that offense get even harsher terms)….and folks in the US who break Federal drug laws get punishment as well..


But Biden and lots of Liberals think that she should get special treatment? Why?

It ain’t like the Left has ever been consistent in their thinking though.

Well. shit

So I gotta clean oil off of the concrete slab  in front of the garage.


See, MC’s car was due for an oil change.

No big deal, right?

I had her drive over (10 minutes), put out the Rhino Ramps (highly recommended), put the oil drain pan under the car, (making sure to pull the plug in the center of the drain area) and pulled the drain plug from the oil pan…which was, of course, hot after 10 minutes of driving. (I could have waited 15 minutes, but why?). Dropped the plug into the oil catch pan, and damned if it didn’t go DIRECTLY into the hole that drains the oil from the catch area to the inside…and fit tightly enough that the hole was essentially plugged. . Now, the car holds 4.7(ish) quarts and the oil catch area in the pan holds maybe 2.5……and the level of the catchment area was rising fast. Tried stirring the hot pool of oil with the wrench to dislodge the plug, but no joy.

FuckIt. Put my hand into the 200 degree oil and pulled the bolt out of the drain hole in the pan. Damn, that is hot. Not burnt skin, , but scorched. Like putting your hand into boiling water that sticks…..

I’ve done hundred of oil changes over the years. Never had a drain plug from the car hit the hole in the pan dead center and essentially plug it up perfectly like that. But some oil did escape from the catch pan as it tried to overflow.

The rest of the oil change went as expected. (I expect that Imp that is designated to screw with me got bored at that point, and left to make other mayhem elsewhere) Simple and clean. Quality oil and a quality filter. Checked the air filter and logged the date. Simple.

Of course, now I gotta get out the Dawn and scrub the concrete.

At least I know that the oil change is done right, not half-assed by some untrained minimum wage shop monkey who doesn’t care and who may or may not have used an impact to overtighten the drain plug or the (cheap) oil filter and may or may not have put the right amount of the correct oil in.

But damn, that oil is hot.


And I was at  O’reilley’s auto  and they had THIS oil drain pan on sale. The drain bolt won’t be an issue with this pan. and it will hold enogh to let me change the 3 gallon oil pan in my 6.7 cummins.



Last night at the Range: (normal Thursday meeting)


“I know  lot of folks who regret getting the Covid shot.

I don’t know anyone who regrets not getting one”


I had nothing to add to that.