I can hit a man sized target with a rifle at 500 yds 9 out of 10 times,

I can hit a man sized target at 25 yards 100% of the time….10 rounds , in under 10 seconds (including reload) with a 1911.

I can design (and build) a building, a bridge,a table or a bench or a drainage system.

I can operate nearly any piece of construction equipment in common use for the past 50 years, and repair them too, given the parts.

I can weld steel and aluminum, fab nearly anything out of metal, am a fair framing carpenter, can do tile and carpet. I am a decent plumber. I can fix nearly any mechanical device….. I have been known to repair COB electronics under a microscope.

I am a decent cook, I can handle a knife like a ginsu chef…. I can skin and butcher nearly any animal in North America. 

Yet I can’t sew worth a damn. I can barely thread the needle 10% of the time. And let us not discuss my stitching.

Strange that.

You should read


To many of you, this is no surprise. I’ve been waiting for the furor to die down and real facts to come out.

We now have them. More facts may be forthcoming, but the ones we already know are damning.

There are rumors that may be true that are even worse (scroll down), but until they become facts we can’t be sure.

Hopefully, soon, this ineffective man (I won’t call him a leader) will be gone soon.

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We shall see

If New York, New Jersey, and all the other blue states being trashed by this large (but not terribly intense) storm can do better than New Orleans at recovery in the aftermath.

While I sincerely hope that the damage is minimal, and no one is hurt, I wonder how they will recover. 

They all have HUGE “entitlement” populations, their populations all vote for Democrats, and they are all sheep like when it comes to government.

While they are somewhat better at self determination than their N’awlins southern neighbors, they are still democrats, and statist.


Free automatic weapons

At the Nappanee gunshow…

So, since the restaurant next door has all you can eat bacon for $8.95, we went.

Sadly, the Free Automatics were already gone…or it may have been a rumor put out by the Brady folks.

We did meet up with Og and entourage at the restaurant, and had an excellent breakfast while we discussed the shape of the world and how things were going and such….

Either way, after a large(ish) (>12,000?) number of bacon laden calories covered with a significant amount of potatoes and eggs covered with heaps of cholesterol laden (real sausage) gravy, (I  stopped after 4 trips to the buffet, when I couldn’t swallow any more and by them people were staring anyway) we entered the gunshow.

Sadly, there were very few bargains (unless you wanted shotgun barrels).

I had taken the 788 with me looking for a scope that would fit the look-though rings, but could not find anyone who had the same idea of the value of used scopes vs (nearly worthless) FRN’s. So I didn’t purchase a scope. I did get a great deal on some 45-70 bullets ($60/1000– 405 grain hard cast flat point) and some ammo cases. I am told by people who know more than I that the prices on the more collectible firearms weren’t great.

I was saddened that we missed out on the free automatic weapons giveaway, but it was an entertaining Saturday morning. If you like used firearms, and collectible rifles and pistols, you should check out the Nappanee Indiana gunshow, held spring and fall only.

Perhaps not too bad an idea:

Maybe skip that coffee from the coffeehouse for a few days, or perhaps take a lunch instead of going out, or cut your beer dosage in half for a few evenings or whatever, and instead send the money HERE.

I’m gonna write a check as soon as I get home. Maybe not for as much as I’d like to, but if enough of us give a few bucks, it’ll add up. No doubt a few bucks from each of us will help things, especially down the road.

Think about it.

Watching the political ads

on the Chicago area television stations, I must say that it is apparent that the people who the Democrats are pandering to must have an IQ somewhere between warm bread and newly hatched parakeets.

Not that anyone in the Chicago political scene is really worth voting for, but anyone who believes the half truths and misrepresentations in the ads must be an idiot or a union member or a lifelong democrat(but I repeat myself), not to mention the fact that the ad writers apparently believe that in order for the ad to be effective to the intended recipient the bullet points must be repeated at least three times shows that the candidates and the folks who write the ads think that the average voter is stupid and slow or retarded.

Were I in that voting block, I’d feel insulted, but after seeing the ads, I’m not sure the folks who they are aimed at have the capacity to understand WHY they should feel so.