2 thoughts on “Just passing it along:

  1. I find the informant suspect at least. Unless he was pretty high up in his' States NG organization he wouldn't be getting this type of specific SOP on target groups etc. and the explanation given embraces intelligence from small unit to almost a theater (statewide) perspective. Only the commander and his staff would have that kind of perspective.

    Besides there is no way any pro-fed idiot would ever attempt to use certain state's NG in an operation like this. Could you imagine giving such operational orders to say the Texas National Guard? LOL they would cede from the union the next day.

  2. Perhaps.

    Then again, while it does play into the greatest fears of a segment of the prepper community, it ain't outside the realm of possibility either.

    Remember what happened post Katrina with some NG troops. They certainly upheld the Constitution, didn't they?

    Sadly, I cannot say with certainty that this is impossible.

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