Odd: I was told it was all white males

And CBS and NBC are claiming that that the entire “Capitol Insurrection” was planned by and perpetrated by White Supremacist Males…..

 Yet here we have a member of the Latin Kings gang that is charged with entering the Capitol and other crimes.

He doesn’t look like the quintessential White Male Trump Supporter nazi to me….

He must be one of those “Mesican Nazis”. Or one of those “White Hispanics”

The propaganda spin coninues. 

Cut Wayne Off

 Get rid of his perks, like clothing, and travel allowances, cut his pay, cut his staff, cut his free jet travel, get rid of all the rest of his freebies…Treat Wayne La Pierre like a regular person and stop the looting of the organization.  Make him pay for his own clothing and travcl and housing. 

Lets get rid of his cronies who overcharge the organization: Outlandish fees for services their corporations charge for services. 

Let us start with a new board, and see that the organization is streamlined and leaner. 

Then, perhaps the NRA would not have to file for bankruptcy despite the incredible income stream from donations and NRA branded products and services. 

And then they could spend more on actually fighting the anti-Gun folks. 


Like anyone with a brain could not see that:

 “but we fail to find an additional benefit of stay-at-home orders and business closures

Well,, duh. That’s what we have been saying… The “Lockdowns” and business closures have damaged the economy, but done nothing to prevent the spread of Covid (and remember, Covid , while a deadly disease, DOES have a 99.6% survival rate).So, in essence, we have damaged our economy, caused tens of thousands of businesses to close, caused millions of people to be unemployed…….for little gain. (except possibly to damage the Trump economy).  

Of course, now that Trump is gone, the mayors and governors of Blue areas are pushing to “reopen” their bars and restaurants and loosen those restrictions because “The cost is too high”. Now that Biden is the President, expect things to change so the economy will rebound under Biden’s “Leadership”.  

The Big Lie

 I’m coming to believe that the Media and the DNC (But I repeat myself) are using the tactic of the Big Lie.

Say something outrageous, say it loudly, and say it often. 

Such is the statement about Trump and the Capitol….and they keep adding in the fear of the “Right Wing Extremists”. (and the “Deadly Attack on Congress by Right Wing Extremists”!).

All the special code words, repeated often, and, oddly, exactly the same way by all the Media.

Funny how that works. 

Are ya surprised?

 DiBlasio in New York City.

Lightfoot in Chicago

Cuomo for the State of New York

Despite the fact that they tell us that “Covid Cases are at an all time High”, the above Blue Leaders are now suggesting that indoor dining in bars and restaurants be allowed to resume….To help the economy….

The timing is interesting, innit? Now that Trump is out on his ear, they are suddenly wanting to reopen those bars and restaurants….”Because the cost of keeping them closed is so terribly high”.

Funny, that. 

It occurs to me

Listening to Biden’s speech:

 That Biden’s “Rrescue Plan” would easily be paid for from the existing Covid Relief Bill if we’d just stop the Pork payments that are going to other countries….(assuming that a significant protion of that money isn’t returned to the legislators that pushed for them)…

I mean, 300 million dollars we don’t have to send to Paksian (Or Pahkeestahn)  or China  or other countries gender studies programs, etc…..

All of his dreams could easily be paid for if we’d just cut off foreign aid. 

And if they are gonna extend the moratorium on evictions, then they gotta find a way to bail out landlords. 

Open restaurants? Odd how suddenly that is a good idea. ain’t it? 

Helping Small Businiesses? What a great idea If only Nancy Pelosi hadn’t kept that from happening last year…..

Aaaand of course, increasing the Minimum Wage will somehow help the Small businesses

America First? American Jobs? Where were you the last 4 years? 

And yes, “Fair Share”. I knew it was coming. 


 So on those days when the press of the world becomes too much, I go for a walk. 

A combination of the loss of an old friendship due to stupid stubbornness (not mine)… frustration from watching that person fall apart, combined with my inability to let the partisan politics and the exploits of Nancy Pelosi and her ilk and the possible repucussion just roll off my back, and the failure of the Republicans to do anything to reign that in, the election shennanigans, the attempt to purge all dissent via deplatforming and other supression, frustration at the obvious collusion of Big Media and Big Tech, along with a MAJOR financial setback personally all had me in a state where I found myself making a fist in circumstances where an open hand was more appropriate.  

I don’t avail myself often, but when life become pressing, I go for a long walk on the beach. Yes, the south shore of Lake Michigan. It’s where I relax, talk to the gods,….More inportantly listen for them to talk to me, let the pressures of the world fall away. Often it changes my viewpoint, allowing me to find a way to deal with things in a calm and rational manner. 

As I said, I don’t go often, lest I dilute the effect, but it is worth the trip when I do so. 7 miles along the beach, for the most part out of sight of all houses, seeing few other people. Just the sound of the wind and the waves and the sand. Calming.

For me, this is the place to relax. For others, it is other locatons. My brother uses the woods as his space, others use the desert or go out on the water. 

I spent nearly 5 hours there. ‘Twas a bit bracing at times, but one can dress for that. I returned, knees hurting (but that’s nothing new) and a bit tired, and chilled, but with a less angry outlook on life and a somewhat calmer spirit. The world may not have changed in the interim, but I had. 

I sincerely hope you have a place, a spot, wher you can find calm, and be a bit closer to your gods. 

The first time I have been disappointed with Brownells:

 I ordered some scope rings (for o rifle that is lost due to a Canoe Accident) to mount a new scope…..

It took 6 days for the order to ship, dspite the items being in stock.  The folks in customer service were, for the first time ever, Not Helpful…in fact, they really didn’t seem to care. 

This is sad. I had always used Brownells because of their quick shipping and their outstanding customer service…I generally didn’t bother to shop around,, if Brownells had the item I wanted in stock, I gnereally just bought it. 

That might change next time. 

FBI raids across the country

 For those who entered and (allegedly) damaged the offices in the Capitol….And most raids are, of course, accompanied by the Media crews swo they can show them as a warning to any others who would dare frighten the Legislative Branch….

Now, If they are guilty, then they deserve punsihment for any damage they did. The raids (some using SWAT teams) are mostly for misdemeanor tresspassing though, so the raids and the “Perp Walk” would seem to be somewhat overblown. 

If only the FBI had bothered to look as hard and find all those folks last summer who invaded property, looted stores, burned buildings, destroyed Federal property, damaged police stations, and defaced statues and other monuments….But I guess that they don’t go after people who participate in Approved Protests….at least those approved by the people in charge of the State.