“Congress has no jurisdiction over the TSA”

Yep, they said it.

Fire them. All of them. Every last manager of the TSA. Then reduce it to what it should be, security screeners at airports (if that). Nothing else.

And anyone else who fails to show up for a congressional hearing gets jail time. Were it you or me, we’d be in the clink. So why not John Pistole?

If any of our congressional leaders had balls, we wouldn’t be in the mess we are in. But here would be a good start.

And if not under congressional oversight, then who, exactly is responsible for their behavior?

Dream stuff

Did ya buy a ticket to the Powerball drawing? You still have time. The drawing is Wednesday night.

Spend a few bucks.

Take a chance. A one in 174 million chance… But hey, sometimes ya gotta say “WTF?”.

Half a BILLION dollars is potentially what you can win.

Enough to buy a lot of neat firearms, throw a party or two, and go live on an island with lots of scantily clad women (or, if that is your choice, men)..(or whatever). 

And the rest you can spend foolishly if you wish….

I mean, this is dream money. True “Fuck You” money.  You could do a lot of good with winnings like that, even after taxes.

Of course, if you read this, and  decide to buy a ticket and somehow win, then I fully expect a bit to be tossed my way….

So go! Spend a few bucks. Dream.

How soon until

Things like this happen here?

Holders of debt who refuse to be denied repayment demand their money in court? No matter if the country wants to pay or not? Argentina tried to forestall this by giving new debt instruments to replace the old ones. Not everyone chose this path.

Some holders of the original bonds want their money….Now.

I give it less than 20 years before this begins to happen with the debt of the US government.

Then what? We could, maybe, sell California. but would we get a decent price for it? )Being as how that state is already owned by their own bondholders……who will, someday, expect to be repaid.

Betcha Barry coughs it up

Control of the internet, that is.

It’ll be good for us, ya know.

Take an essentially unfettered system and give it to a bunch  of authoritarian folks who want control of the last free means of communication in the world? Who envies the productivity and freedom of the country which invented (and controls) it? A system that frightens them because they have no control over a means of disseminating information at (essentially) the speed of light?

Yeah, that is a good idea.

It’ll work out well in the end, I am sure….


Just like that.

“Boil the frog slowly” and all that…..


It has worked so far.

Why not in the future?

“The price of freedom is eternal vigilance”. And we are getting lazy. We are conceding the ground without a fight, daily. We will lose only because we choose not to fight.

H/t Feral Irishman

even more

Now they are finding evidence of fraud in Florida.

Voter fraud, that is. Apparently massive amounts of voter fraud.

Again, how much of this is necessary to turn the tide of an election?

Look: It isn’t the “will of the people” if there is massive fraud. On the one hand, I accepted that enough people voted for Barry Soretoro Barack Obama that he was, indeed, the legitimate president of the United States, even if only marginally more than halfway. But now I cannot help but wonder. How many people didn’t vote for him, yet were counted as voting for him? How many people voted more than once, or fraudulently, in key states?

Enough, maybe, to make those states give him the electoral votes?

How much fraud is too much before we begin to believe that the election was, indeed, stolen? How much before we decide that this government is not a legitimate government and choose not to work under it’s rules? How long before we elect our own government and break the United States into something else?

You might think that that is all rhetorical, but I assure you, it isn’t.

Until these questions are answered, and until people caught cheating on elections and election officials who are caught cheating or facilitating fraud are arrested, tried, and imprisoned, we will never have a belief that the government we have is a legitimate one.

And if out government is not legitimate, do they really have any say over us? Have they a mandate to govern? To make rules which are supposed to be, after all, the “will of the people”?

ETA: Plus THIS …(These people belong in jail… after being horewhipped)

Margin of cheat

How much is too much?

Is 1,286.6% too much?

Look: I am sure that this didn’t happen everywhere. But really, how many precincts does this sort of thing have to happen in to greatly change the political makeup in our country ? How many states did this happen in, how many precincts? How much DID it change the electoral votes?   How much is too much?

Perhaps we DO need the UN Inspectors..

Why not criminal investigations and CHARGES for anyone caught in such a scheme?Perhaps mandatory hard prison time for anyone caught and convicted of vote fraud…Like 10 years.

We gotta get a handle on this shit..and very soon. If we cannot depend on the election results to represent the true wishes of the citizens of this country, then we are just another “banana republic”, albeit a larger than average one….(see also Argentina).

The other choice is the battle of Athens writ very large. And bloody. I’m not advocating that yet but I wonder if it would not be a better alternative than the theft of the country? Would the damage an armed citizen’s revolt do be more than what is currently being done slowly?