Dream stuff

Did ya buy a ticket to the Powerball drawing? You still have time. The drawing is Wednesday night.

Spend a few bucks.

Take a chance. A one in 174 million chance… But hey, sometimes ya gotta say “WTF?”.

Half a BILLION dollars is potentially what you can win.

Enough to buy a lot of neat firearms, throw a party or two, and go live on an island with lots of scantily clad women (or, if that is your choice, men)..(or whatever). 

And the rest you can spend foolishly if you wish….

I mean, this is dream money. True “Fuck You” money.  You could do a lot of good with winnings like that, even after taxes.

Of course, if you read this, and  decide to buy a ticket and somehow win, then I fully expect a bit to be tossed my way….

So go! Spend a few bucks. Dream.

2 thoughts on “Dream stuff

  1. If we win you will be the extremely overpaid security at the party.

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