“Congress has no jurisdiction over the TSA”

Yep, they said it.

Fire them. All of them. Every last manager of the TSA. Then reduce it to what it should be, security screeners at airports (if that). Nothing else.

And anyone else who fails to show up for a congressional hearing gets jail time. Were it you or me, we’d be in the clink. So why not John Pistole?

If any of our congressional leaders had balls, we wouldn’t be in the mess we are in. But here would be a good start.

And if not under congressional oversight, then who, exactly is responsible for their behavior?

2 thoughts on ““Congress has no jurisdiction over the TSA”

  1. What I read is that a Transportation Subcommittee is holding hearings. TSA is under Homeland Security. The asshat at TSA stated (correctly, I believe) that the subcommittee has no oversight authority regarding TSA. I'd say call them before the Homeland Security Committee and ask, "just who the f$%k do you think you are?".

    Still, he's an asshat and this pulsating pile of fail should be abolished.

  2. Congress can sure as hell cut their funding.

    Good luck getting screeners to show up for work when there is no paycheck.

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