Mr. Obama, The Socialist Democrats, and the rest of the welfare/Obamacare crowd:
If an able-bodied person is ABSOLVED of the responsibility of providing for the physical needs of themselves and their dependents, by what logic do you arrive at a place where I am BURDENED with the responsibility of providing for the physical needs of said person and their dependents?

Seriously……Explain the logic.

I’m waiting to be enlightened.

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Via INSTY, comes the rerun of the REAL STORY of Katrina.

The truths are manyfold. The fact is that the Liberal DNC backed governmnent failed on nearly every level in New Orleans. The fact is that the National Guard, and the Coast Guard, and the rest of the military backed first responders did a wonderful job. The fact is that the union backed locals failed miserably, at least until shored up by the National Guard. The fact is that the DNC backed mayor had less ability than Democratness (and blackness), and couldn’t govern OR LEAD the people who elected him….Same story for the governor, who failed her state miserably.

The fact is that the story as represented by the media was at best poorly and incompetently reported, and at worst a well executed and well planned LIE to the American people for political purposes.

The fact is that the first reponders did a wonderful job, and that FEMA, which is not supposed to be a first responder, was castigated for not being there early enough, and for not doing enough. But the fact is that all of the story of Katrina was a lie.

Let us not forget, the non DNC run states, like Mississippi, recovered faster, even though they had more damage, did a better job of taking care of their citizens, and didn’t have a significant percentage of their populations who couldn’t take care of themselves or plan more than 4 hours in advance.



without much fanfare…..We marked the anniversary of the passing of a senator….

Who noticed?

The late, unlamented, Teddy.

How much damage did he do the US in his years in the senate?

I, for one, am glad he is gone. As forgotten as Ms Kopechne, I hope that he will meet her in the afterlife, and have to face her.

In another blog, in comments, someone pointed out that Teddy has, for the first time, made “one year sober”.  


“The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of blessings. The inherent virtue of Socialism is the equal sharing of miseries.”

Winston Churchil.

The Obama apology tour: part duex

See here for details.

More attacks on the US by our Socialist in Chief…He who hate the United States, and the structure which was so repressive that we elected him….

So he whines about us, our history (well rewritten), then apologizes to the UN for all that we are….

They’ll stop at nothing to pay for their schemes…

Seems that several prominent Democrats have suggested a “Transaction Tax“.

hey, it’s only 1%!

One percent more of your hard earned paycheck. One percent of your retirement EVERY TIME you move money from one mutual fund to another…..One percent every time you pay a home loan payment, or a credit card payment… percent every time you buy a car, or make a car payment. 

On top of the rest of the crushing taxes we already pay…..and the more crushing taxes that take place on Jan. 1, 2011 to begin to pay the Obamacare bill forward….

The real way to a “Debt free America” doesn’t include increased spending, and increased taxes, but rather the opposite….Unless you area a socialist democrat….

Expect to see this at the next lame duck session of congress. At that point, they will have NOTHING TO LOSE.

They keep trying….

They used the IRS to nail Capone when they couldn’t prove he’d done anything wrong….

(and that was in Chicago….)

Now, they will attempt to disarm us…not by taking our rifles, pistols, and shotguns, but by making the ammo we shoot illegal!  (interesting coincidence that the politician to whom the EPA reports is (or at least once was) a CHICAGO politician…..mmmmm?)

The one thing you gotta admit about the left in general, and the anti-gunners in particular: they keep trying until they get their way…..if we let them. 

(HT to a bunch of folks)


I went into my supplies box (in the truck toolbox) today, and found that the Loctite thread locker bottle cap had come unscrewed….

What a mess. everything in the bottom of the supplies box was firmly attached to the bottom of the box.