I had this long winded diatribe against our political leaders worked up and then NEWBIUS goes and cut the long winded part out and cuts to the chase…..

Yeah, what he said. In spades.

Fair share

The Prez want us to pay our “fair share”….

How much is fair? How much is fair for those of us who DO pay taxes….20% of our income? 30%? 50%? How much is “fair”….Those of us who do pay taxes get up and work generally at least 40 hours per week. (many times well in excess of that number).

How much is fair for the currently 43+% that pay no taxes whatsoever? How much is fair for those who actually take from the government (and therefore the rest of us) without giving anything in return?
I fully realize that the actual dollar amount that those with low incomes would pay under our current tax rates would be miniscule, but still, where should we draw the line?

Those who make in excess of $100K actually work……and generally, make good decisions in order to live well. They generally work hard, and do the right things in order to keep that job (or own their own business which likely entails even more sacrifice on their part to earn a living). Yes, they don’t have as much trouble meeting their bills, BUT THEY WORK FOR THE LIFESTYLE THEY HAVE and THEY DON”T MAKE STUPID DECISIONS that would end up losing them that comfortable existence. Few just sit there. They already pay taxes. They already share their income (and therefore their hard work) with the other 43% of our society who, for one reason or another, don’t work.

Most of our “Poor” and “Starvin” and “underprivileged” have made decisions which put them in the position that they exist in. Few who get government housing, or welfare, or other largess from the taxpayers actually do anything to take advantage of the handouts in order to get ahead in their place in society. Few actually learn a trade, or get an education which would lead to a decent job. Most just receive their income from the taxpayers and live…never improving themselves. To a large extent, “poverty” is a cultural issue.

So really. How much is a fair share? How many hours of your life are you willing to take from your and your loved ones and give to others who don’t work? Who don’t contribute? Who are not productive? How many more hours are you willing to let them steal from you in order to let someone else slack? It’s not like they are willing (or required) to perform even a few hours of community service in order to get those handouts from you and I. It’s not like they must even (except for IIRC, Florida) even prove that they are drug free like the productive members of our society must do in order to get our paychecks….

Again, since a significant portion of our citizenry fails to in any way contribute to the wealth and productivity of our society, and in fact consumes while getting special treatment with absolutely no effort to contribute…. How much is a “fair share”?

I am sure that that meme sells well in the inner cities of “blue” states, but all it does is piss off those of us who already contribute our time and effort, voluntarily or not.


I tried to call my senators today. (calling my congressman is a waste of time, as he is a party hack and will vote the party line no matter what his constituents might think)..

One had a “Please hold, we’ll get to you as soon as we feel like it” message, but did eventually come on line and ask what I wanted. If you’ve been reading this blog for long, you know what my comments were regarding the “budget debate”.

The other senators number just goes to voice mail. “we are experiencing heavy calls today….please, leave us a message to ignore as soon as we have time to do so”. And I tried twice an hour apart.

At least we constituents are having our say. Now if our comments could only be heard……

let us compromise

Here’s the deal:

You have money. I don’t.We need to come to some accommodation
You give me all your money.


Ok, Lets compromise….I’ll meet you halfway. I’ll only take half. And one of your cars too….

Yeah, it’s like that.

Start out with an outrageous position, then work towards a “compromise”.


You should read this too.

The fact is that those of us who are for non government interference in the marketplace have a better track record that the socialists statists progressives.

HT: Scotty


I sorta actually hope that the Fed fails to make a monthly Social Security payment…..This will then be a default of the Social Security system. Which would allow me (and no doubt many others) to be able to stop paying into Social Security…..And demand what we have put in to the system back…in cash. We’d likely never get interest on the amount already stolen deducted, but we could likely get the actual contribution back…. At least then I could invest it into something which I could control and which could generate a decent rate of return….

Yeah, I know, pipe dreams.