So some kids in Evanston, Illinois were at the beach….and one of them had a beach towel in the form of a Confederate Flag. 

Much controversy. 
Odd. innit. There is Rightspeak, and Wrongspeak, and some folks symbols are sacred (like “Black Lives Matter” murals) but others are deemed “Bad”. Some things are acceptable, but others are not. 
Just because a (currently) special class of people are offended, then a symbol (like the Confederate flag) is verboten. 
Of course, once the election is over, and the Dems no longer have a need for an agitated African American population (until the next election cycle) than the huhu will die down and things will go back to normal-ish…


delaying the election:

Bad Idea. 
Mail in voting? Up to the states. 
I’m not a fan of the idea, and we already have enough fraud in our elections….Mostly DNC based, but some on the other side as well. 
But not voting on Nov 3 but some other, later day? I’m agin’ it. Period. 
If it is safe enough to shop at your local grocery store, Wal-Mart, or Home Depot, then it is safe enough to vote. If yer afraid, then stay home, or sign up for an absentee ballot. So I see no reason to need mail in balloting either. 
I don;t care whether Trump or the DNC propose it,  both mail in ballots or postponing…….both are a Bad Idea…
ETA 7:30 pm Central: From the comments
if high ranking officials can safely gather in close proximity for a 4 hour funeral for john lewis. ……

us common peons can stand in line for a short time to vote in person”


What he should have done:

When the senator castigated Bill Barr for his minions “attacking peaceful protesters” he should have thrown a rock, or a water glass, or some other fairly heavy object at the Senator and asked him just how “peaceful” that was.

On John Lewis:

When he was younger, he had a set of gonads. Really large ones.

That march across the Pettus Bridge? He knew that there was gonna be a good chance that the police would kick his ass….I mean, a serious tune-up. Hickory Shampoo. In fact, he could have been killed, and back then, the cops would have gotten away with it.

He and the folks who marched with him had some serious guts….unlike today’s “protesters” who have no real fear of the police(or of being killed or seriously injured by them) or, for the most part, the rest of the citizens in the communities that they are terrorizing.

‘Twas only later, when he got to congress, that his commitment wavered towards expediency and away from righteousness.

But he is an example of guts, or at least was. 

But I still don’t think we should rename the bridge….And Lewis didn’t think so either. 

I looked back, and there was but one set of tracks…

And His voice came to me:

“The minions of the State hide their numbers by walking in single file….”

So I went for a walk on the beach…(Yes, ladies, I really DO like Long Walks on the Beach).

It was a beautiful day, and while this is not my favorite portion of the beach on Lake Michigan, it is the only one where there IS a beach at this time (Lake Michigan is a near record high levels, so lots of beaches are only feet wide, rather than tens of yards)….And so I walked along the beach for about 4 miles, then turned back. MC was with me, and, as I said, the day was about as nice as one could ask for…low 80’s, just enough breeze to be comfortable, sunny and bright.

We did our walk out, turned and walked back. Now, parking at the Federal Park for this beach is about a half mile from the actual beach, we were walking back to the car and we were passing a young mother with three kids…one about 6 years old, one about 5 and one about 3 years.

As we passed, the middle child reminded her “6 Feet social distance, Mommy”.

I must say I was taken aback that the kids, who have not been in school for the past 120 or so days, have been conditioned so strongly already, with -out the aid of school to help program their thinking.

The Mom was embarrassed, and looked at us (from a safe distance, of course) and said “I just hope that when this is over they can forget all this”…

Think about it, these kids have been programmed to already keep their distance, likely only through TV and computer games….And it is strong enough to get them to “remind” adults.


by now the excuse is worn

Have ya noticed that many firms are still using ‘The Coronavirus” as an excuse for their shitty service?

While I was willing to give allowances for shitty service at the beginning of this debacle, it has been in excess of 90 days.

Plenty of time to adapt and overcome any obstacles that “Da Covid” might have put in the way of you firm being able to provide a decent level of service.

I am now simply assuming that they simply don’t wish to provide proper service, be it telephone support or in person.

‘Tis interestin’

The media (perhaps to increase the panic over Coronavirus) is focusing on the number of cases of coronavirus…which is rising. (how much is from increased testing though, vs actual increased number of cases that were previously unreported because they were untested….) But the number of deaths, while slightly higher than at the end of the 2 week 90 day lockdown, is nowhere near the percentage  vs cases that were experienced in the early days….(Again, perhaps simply because of increased testing).

Were one to only get one’s data from the media, one might think that the Coronavirus is running rampant through the population…which it isn’t. One might think that deaths were rising exponentially…which they aren’t.

The reporters continuously tell us that the hospital intensive care rooms are at risk of being overwhelmed….which, according to the media, is a risk that has been present since March….They tell us that those portions of the hospitals are at 85% capacity…which is true….The Intensive Care portions of hospitals are nearly ALWAYS at a similar percentage….If not, the hospitals lose money…(Yes, some elective surgeries that might have put patients there to recover are being deferred, but still, this is misleading reporting).
It appears to me that there is a concerted attempt to, if not lie to the public, at least mislead us as to how severe this “crisis” is.

Fuck it, I’m studying for my Instrument checkride, and, if it doesn’t rain, I’m gonna go clear my mind by turning money into smoke and noise doing some precision paper punching.


Via Irish, who took the comment on these two posts and made a really good graphic.

I hope it goes viral.

You can find the original HERE

Well done, Irish!