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White boys matter:

Yeah, how many of us even heard about this”

Boy killed after city marshals shoot at vehicle.

Yeah, dad apparently didn’t stop when ordered to…cops chased him….Marshalls let loose and fire 18 shots at the car.

Sadly, they kill his 6 year old Special Needs son in his car seat as well as wound the Dad,…(They claim self defense, that the car was used aggressively against them (but the bodycam shows otherwise)

Last November…..it really happened.

The riots in Louisiana neighborhoods were loud and stopped traffic. The looting was terrible. Stores burned, people were injured, car were overturned.

The Governor considered calling the National Guard out to control things….

Oh, wait, it was a white child that was killed….and a white man that was shot. By black Cops.

There were no riots, there was no looting. White people didn’t stop traffic, nor burn down businesses. The National Guard wasn’t called.

Instead, they let the Justice system work….and those same cops were tried for murder.

Odd how that works, innit?

Yust FYI:

A test of the National EAS system will (or is SUPPOSED to) occur at 2:20 Eastern…

Since many are at work at that time, if might be worthwhile to see if you notice it.

Just so you will be notified, if and when……(or can arrange for alternate notifications from someone else if you don’t notice this test). Might be important someday to know if the EAS system reaches you at work….

That is all.

We’d know.

So the Media can’t wait to tell us all that Hillary won the Debate….Handily

I gotta say that I didn’t see it that way…

But the one thing I keep thinking is that if she had won the debate “handily”, then they wouldn’t need to tell us.

We’d already know


I am completely against any iteration of “Stop and Frisk”.

There is the pesky Fourth Amendment thing….

But why is it that no one will admit, or touch or even just fucking state the obvious:

The police stopped young black men under “Stop and Frisk” disproportionally simply because they got results…

Stopping carloads or groups of white dudes didn’t yield the drugs and weapons IN PROPORTION….

Fishermen fish in lakes where the fish are, not in barrels where they aren’t.

Willie Sutton, a notorious bank robber in the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s, was reported to have said, when asked  “why do you rob banks?”….”Because that is where the money is”

Same same with “Stop and Frisk”:

You can see, by their manner, the way they are dressed, etc.,  be they white or black or hispanic, which individuals are likely to result in a fruitful search. I can, if you are observant, you can, and especially experienced cops can.

If the fact that they choose not to waste their time on clean cut kids of any race offends you…if the fact that there is a higher proportion of clean cut kids that are white (and to a lesser percent, hispanic) and a lower proportion in the inner city black kids offends you…then I am sorry your pollyana viewpoint is hiding reality from you.

Again, I believe that Donald is wrong on ‘Stop and Frisk”…..

But why won’t anyone tell the truth?


My first thought upon waking was:

“Get this Damned cat off my feet”

But my second one was:

“The Donald didn’t really strike at any of the openings Hillary left him.”
Followed with “Why didn’t he?”

I mean, Computer Security, National Defense (Benghazi?) the “plight” of African-Americans, the failure of the Democrat leadership in cities, the list is long. I mean, her health alone could have taken an entire segment….

And he didn’t take any of the openings…..Why Not?


Our Second Amendment rights will be in the hands of 2 possible people.

A bad one
And a worse one….

As Tam said to me over lunch a few weeks ago. You have 2 choices:

A New York Democrat,

Or a New York Democrat.

Stop and Frisk?
No Fly list?
Terrorist Watch list?

Any of those statements would disqualify a candidate as President in my book.

So we are left with the choice of the lesser of the two weasels.


Yeah, that’s me…

Helping a friend at a gunshow. He is a dealer, but doesn’t have a store. Gunshows only. He has 8 tables, so needs some help to keep an eye out when it gets busy.

His policy is that you have to be 21 to fondle the pistols, 18 for rifles and shotguns…since you have to be that old to purchase them. I can let a father handle a rifle and hand it to his 14 year old son, but if you are a 19 year old man,  you can’t play with the pistols or revolvers.

So I am discussing the merits of an XD vs Glock with a very nice gentleman, nice guy, mid 40’s…wife or girlfriend alongside…. first gun for both of them.

Up walk 2 young men late teens, maybe early 20’s. Pick up a SW Shield… I ask politely if they are 21.


“Then I am sorry, the owner says I can’t show you pistols unless you are of age to buy one, so you gotta be 21 to pick ’em up.”.

“It’s because I am black, ain’t it?” (they were both, in fact, black).

The dude and his lady who I had been talking to looked at the kids. Dude says “He told you why….” (Dude himself is also black). “Don’t see no Racism here”.

Kinda shut the kids down.

He chose and I sold to him the XDS in .40.  I also sold ’em on the idea of some NRA Basic Pistol Training.

I appreciated his support, but the kids kinda pissed me off.


So at the gunshow yesterday, I found a gun that I had been looking for:

A Beretta TomCat 3032 in STAINLESS. (I have one in the Matte /parkerized finish, but my sweat eats non stainless guns…I have to clean it twice a week in the summer months, so I was looking for a stainless one)

When they were in production they weren’t common. now that production is currently on hold they are kinda hard to find.

Found one in a showcase. If it has been shot, it is less than a box full. like maybe a mag, if that. I think it was a drawer gun.

He wanted $530 which is about what they go for on GunBroker (plus shipping and FFL fees).

I offered $350. He said “no”. I walked.

Passed by again (he was at a corner table) and he offered $475. I countered with $375. He said “no”. I walked.

Saw him once more about 45 minutes later….he offered $400. I offered $399. He looked at me  and smiled and the deal was done.

Private sale. (Which was good because NICS was down most of the afternoon).

Cash talks.