White boys matter:

Yeah, how many of us even heard about this”

Boy killed after city marshals shoot at vehicle.

Yeah, dad apparently didn’t stop when ordered to…cops chased him….Marshalls let loose and fire 18 shots at the car.

Sadly, they kill his 6 year old Special Needs son in his car seat as well as wound the Dad,…(They claim self defense, that the car was used aggressively against them (but the bodycam shows otherwise)

Last November…..it really happened.

The riots in Louisiana neighborhoods were loud and stopped traffic. The looting was terrible. Stores burned, people were injured, car were overturned.

The Governor considered calling the National Guard out to control things….

Oh, wait, it was a white child that was killed….and a white man that was shot. By black Cops.

There were no riots, there was no looting. White people didn’t stop traffic, nor burn down businesses. The National Guard wasn’t called.

Instead, they let the Justice system work….and those same cops were tried for murder.

Odd how that works, innit?

2 thoughts on “White boys matter:

  1. there was much more to this. he was targeted for yet unknown reasons. these guys were out of jurisdiction and off duty, but in uniform and driving official cars. the dad claims they pulled them over and they started pulling their guns before they got out of their own cars. this was a hit gone wrong. the cops have been throwing one lie after another up against the wall hoping one will stick and can't get their stories straight about anything.

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