So at the gunshow yesterday, I found a gun that I had been looking for:

A Beretta TomCat 3032 in STAINLESS. (I have one in the Matte /parkerized finish, but my sweat eats non stainless guns…I have to clean it twice a week in the summer months, so I was looking for a stainless one)

When they were in production they weren’t common. now that production is currently on hold they are kinda hard to find.

Found one in a showcase. If it has been shot, it is less than a box full. like maybe a mag, if that. I think it was a drawer gun.

He wanted $530 which is about what they go for on GunBroker (plus shipping and FFL fees).

I offered $350. He said “no”. I walked.

Passed by again (he was at a corner table) and he offered $475. I countered with $375. He said “no”. I walked.

Saw him once more about 45 minutes later….he offered $400. I offered $399. He looked at me  and smiled and the deal was done.

Private sale. (Which was good because NICS was down most of the afternoon).

Cash talks.

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  1. That it does… 🙂 Interesting little pistol. I don't think I've ever actually handled one.

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