Today, at work

I met a dude (a customer) I’m gonna call slinky….

He ain’t good for much, but I thought if I could push him down the stairs  he’d amuse me for a while…..

You had me until I read the first paragraph:

As the people of Baltimore take to the streets to fight back against decades of systemic racism and police brutality, crunchy granola grocery store Whole Foods is on the scene with some much needed rations. Only instead of giving them to the non-violent protestors, volunteer clean-up crews or kids who went hungry because school was canceled today, they’re giving them to the fucking cops.

Lessee here:

Non violent protestors: Yep, saw that happen while the cops stood by and let the protestors non-violently loot and burn….and non-violently threaten the people leaving the baseball game.

Volunteer clean up crews: That would be the people who finished cleaning the shelves in the looted stores? 

“Kinds who went hungry because school was cancelled: Yep, that’s the reason for school, to feed yer kids. Can’t make ’em a sandwich at home or anything…..School feeds ’em breakfast and lunch. Gotcha.

There is so much wrong with this article and the attitudes of the people who wrote it that I don’t think that there is ever hope for an understanding between me and them. 

How about instead, you teach ’em not to break the law?

I understand that it is said black kids get it harder than us white folk when it comes to the law……maybe it is even true.

But to complain that “There is something wrong when a third of all black men face the prospect of prison during their lifetimes,” and that it MUST be RACISM, is bullshit.  All men face the prospect of prison. Some of us choose not to do things that will put us there….

Maybe a few white kids get a break that blacks don’t. But here is a thing: Don’t get caught stealing from a store, or  stealing a car, or carrying sale weight of drugs….or selling crack on a street corner. Try finding a real job. There are a LOT of  ‘ help wanted ” signs, even in the inner cities. Thing is, you gotta be disciplined enough to actually show up when you are supposed to and behave properly when you are at work…. do what you are told and shut up while doing it. And that can be difficult if your society, culture, and family never taught you how to do those things. And if you can’t learn to do those things, and behave a certain way, then you are, in effect, unemployable…. And it helps if your parents (if the school doesn’t) will bother to teach you to read and write and add and subtract and such….If you lack the discipline or the basic knowledge, then you are unemployable…. Leaving you on that street corner selling dime bags of crack in order to eat.

And, if you do that long enough, then you are gonna get arrested and charged and DO TIME….which makes you have a much harder time finding a decent job.

You gotta feel sorry

For all the decent, hard working people of whatever race who live in Baltimore whose lives are being disrupted by the rioters.

And especially those who have the same color of skin as those who are shown rioting in the streets, looting, and pillaging and destroying.

Every decent hard working black man and woman is watching 50 years of progress disappear in a few hours. Their chances to be seen as good, decent people is burning before their very eyes….and they can’t do anything to stop it.

THIS is what is lacking

THIS. If there was more of this, there’d be less crime, less turmoil, and less incidents that lead up the these riots.

This is just a sample of what I’d have gotten had I been seen at a riot when I was younger.

Then my Dad (I had a dad, so there is that) would have come home. Then life would have started to suck. And I knew that, so I didn’t….

Kudos to the Mom


Can those people whose property was damaged/stolen/burned/looted/etc look to the city (or the police) for damages, seeing as how the Mayor chose to deliberately fail in the protection of said property?

I mean, they deliberately gave the rioters a bit of space to let them blow off steam. And since the police were ordered to stand fast, if property was damaged after that order was given, is not the Mayor (and therefore the City) liable?

If it were my property that was damaged, I’d be calling an attorney.

Going back to the 60’s,,,

Y’know, every time the poor downtrodden black folks riot, I think they set the clock back just a bit farther in the whole equality thing.

Like this

So they want to be treated the same as white people….want to NOT be treated as criminals. Yet you gotta give black people space to riot a bit, now and then….let the “darkies” blow off a little steam…Even the black Mayor of Baltimore thinks that is the best way to handle them…..

Yet what does a crowd, a Mob, do?  Criminal acts. They loot, steal, and burn.

Oddly, white people (generally) don’t do that, even with provocation. We generally don’t riot, and don’t use a riot protest as an excuse to steal and trash a place of business…..And no one thinks that white people, or asians, need “Space to Riot” on order to blow off steam….. Only black people. Odd , that.

And they want equality. To be treated the same as others, not as criminals. Not to be thought of as something different from whites. Yet they act like this.

And the black neighborhoods claim that it is Whitey keeping the good businesses (and the jobs that they bring with them) out of their neighborhoods.

Sure, that’s the reason no one wants to do business in your parts of town…

Why would anyone open a business in a middle or lower class black neighborhood? Invest money and time to make a business….in a place where the likelihood of a riot is 10 times or more than in other neighborhoods….and the chances that your store will be looted or burned (or both) are high? Where a protest means burning and looting, and wholesale theft and destruction? Where locking your doors is not enough. Even if you overcome the high(er) crime part, in today’s world your business success or failure depends on where the News Media shines a spotlight this week….Where the riot may or may not happen.

Yeah, that makes all the white people feel safe……And brings a lot of investment to the community.

Makes white folks want black neighbors too….yeah, everyone wants people that riot at the drop of a hat…..And burns and loots. Yeah, People want to live near people who behave like animals.

Nothing like living the stereotype, is there?

The thin veneer of civilization we all wear is thinner on some than on others.