Can those people whose property was damaged/stolen/burned/looted/etc look to the city (or the police) for damages, seeing as how the Mayor chose to deliberately fail in the protection of said property?

I mean, they deliberately gave the rioters a bit of space to let them blow off steam. And since the police were ordered to stand fast, if property was damaged after that order was given, is not the Mayor (and therefore the City) liable?

If it were my property that was damaged, I’d be calling an attorney.

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  1. Generally, the law is that police and government have no duty to protect individuals unless they have affirmatively taken on a duty to do so or actively prevented the individual from protecting themselves (Ya I know restrictive gun laws should darn well count as preventing people from protecting themselves but courts haven't held that).

    So, most of these folks will be SOL regarding any lawsuit or claim against the mayor for having the police back off and giving her tacit permission to the thugs to riot.

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