Going back to the 60’s,,,

Y’know, every time the poor downtrodden black folks riot, I think they set the clock back just a bit farther in the whole equality thing.

Like this

So they want to be treated the same as white people….want to NOT be treated as criminals. Yet you gotta give black people space to riot a bit, now and then….let the “darkies” blow off a little steam…Even the black Mayor of Baltimore thinks that is the best way to handle them…..

Yet what does a crowd, a Mob, do?  Criminal acts. They loot, steal, and burn.

Oddly, white people (generally) don’t do that, even with provocation. We generally don’t riot, and don’t use a riot protest as an excuse to steal and trash a place of business…..And no one thinks that white people, or asians, need “Space to Riot” on order to blow off steam….. Only black people. Odd , that.

And they want equality. To be treated the same as others, not as criminals. Not to be thought of as something different from whites. Yet they act like this.

And the black neighborhoods claim that it is Whitey keeping the good businesses (and the jobs that they bring with them) out of their neighborhoods.

Sure, that’s the reason no one wants to do business in your parts of town…

Why would anyone open a business in a middle or lower class black neighborhood? Invest money and time to make a business….in a place where the likelihood of a riot is 10 times or more than in other neighborhoods….and the chances that your store will be looted or burned (or both) are high? Where a protest means burning and looting, and wholesale theft and destruction? Where locking your doors is not enough. Even if you overcome the high(er) crime part, in today’s world your business success or failure depends on where the News Media shines a spotlight this week….Where the riot may or may not happen.

Yeah, that makes all the white people feel safe……And brings a lot of investment to the community.

Makes white folks want black neighbors too….yeah, everyone wants people that riot at the drop of a hat…..And burns and loots. Yeah, People want to live near people who behave like animals.

Nothing like living the stereotype, is there?

The thin veneer of civilization we all wear is thinner on some than on others.

5 thoughts on “Going back to the 60’s,,,

  1. "Moe: I don't care what color they are. I judge 'em on the content of their character."

    Uh huh


  2. Lots of black people DIDN'T riot yesterday.

    Sadly, they don't (or can't) do anything about those who have the same color skin as they do.

    And now, the road for the decent black people is even harder because their cousins act like animals. And because you and I can't tell the difference between them, based on the color of their skin.

    Just as all cops are looked at funny because some of their brothers in blue are assholes, , all blacks will be looked at askance because inner city ones act like orangutangs.

  3. It's about "the nature" of black people. You don't seem to understand that. Saying a lot of PC words is mostly silly talk in my book.


  4. Perhaps you are right, Moe. And yes, I am seeing a pattern here. Maybe it *is* genetic, but I think it is more cultural.

    Again, there were a whole shitpot full of black people who live in the greater Baltimore area who DIDN'T riot.

  5. Oh, and Moe: Please don't think that I am a racist like you appear to be, or terribly PC. I call it like I see it.

    I have been tolerant of your views here is the comment section of MY BLOG.

    If you wish to say that all blacks are lower than whites, or that every black person is a liability or whatever you are implying, please do so elsewhere than here. You have a right to your opinion. Free speech and all that. But not here. Here you are a guest.

    I really do give everyone the same chance….look at their character rather than their skin.

    I believe your character is showing.

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