Chicago migrant money

Seems that the City of Chicago has finally released (some) of the bills used for “housing” of the migrants that have been bussed to the “Sanctuary City of Chicago”.

Over 100 million dollars so far. (now they are getting a taste of what the southern border states have had to deal with for years)

Thing is, it appears that less than HALF of that money was actually used for services….things like food, housing, sanitation, clothing, etc. the rest was “Staffing”….one could, of course, see that as a method of hiding graft. There are no details as to what the city got for it’s $55 Million dollars that was spent on “Staffing”. One might expect that , in the usual Chicago Way that the “Staffing” was overly inflated pricing for a few people actually doing some work and the rest to line the pockets of the connected folks…….

There is never a crisis in Chicago that is serious enough that Graft is not the first thought of those in power. Ever.

I’m thinking they are still afraid….(thus the Battlespace Preparation now)…

Of Donald Trump running.

And they know that these latest attempts to make him a criminal are gonna fail.

Here’s why:

They are already preparing their next challenge…prepping the battlespace with the theory that under the 14th amendment Section 3, “automatically excludes from future office and position of power in the United States government—and also from any equivalent office and position of power in the sovereign states and their subdivisions—any person who has taken an oath to support and defend our Constitution and thereafter rebels against that sacred charter, either through overt insurrection”

Of course, he has to have actually rebelled against the sacred charter, and courted, insurrection…..and the previous attempts to tar him with that brush have been unsuccessful. There’s that whole pesky thing about “Innocent until proven guilty” that they are ignoring as well. But that is par for the course with these people.

They even have a patsy filing a legal challenge to keep him off the ballot.

I think they are getting desperate.

Leftist teacher fail

Because she doesn’t know history, (shocking, I know) Gadsen flag is linked to slavery. Only someone who is ignorant would think that…..

Leftists are so damned stupid much of the time they don’t bother to actually think….I mean, the Right has it’s share of followers, but percentage wise, followers to thinkers, the left is such a failure. One would expect a (supposedly) college educated teacher to know better…..But I guess when it is indoctrination over education that doesn’t happen…

“I have a dream…..” Then live it.

60 years ago, The Rev Martin Luther King gave a speech in Washington DC. It was a great speech. “I have a dream”….

And it is a nice dream. But for that dream to work, EVERYONE must stand up and be worthy of it. Not one side, Both sides

So far, there has been a failure on the side of the “Negro” Yes, on the side of the whites too, but mostly on the side of the “Negro”.

“the Negro lives on a lonely island of poverty in the midst of a vast ocean of
material prosperity”     Well, yes, but it isn’t the fault of society. They’ve been given Billions of dollars, priority in spending on education, preference in jobs, “set asides” for public works projects contracts, and yet……

“black men as well as white men, would be guaranteed the unalienable
rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” Yeah, you got that, but then you complain when you get arrested and charged with crimes. Part of that contract is to abide by the rules of society. Mostly, y’all don’t.

“We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal.” Yeah, but equality means the same measure, the same set of rules. Not special treatment. Mostly, it appears today, black people don’t want “equality”, they want special treatment. Different laws for black people, different standards for behavior. This is not “Equal”.

“I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.” Look to your fellow black people for that….Most whites DO “Judge your people by the content of their character” We see, and remember the riots, the crime, the drug use, the single motherhood, the failure of the family, the lack of a decent society…..the animalistic behavior of so many…Yes, we do judge you by the apparent “Content of your character.” Not all of you individually,  but your societal behavior….. If your “character” is lacking….

“one day right there in Alabama, little black boys and black girls will be able to join hands with little white boys and white girls as sisters and brothers” Mostly, you can….even in the deepest South.  Mostly, you are welcomed….as long as you behave like decent people… long as you don’t listen to the Race Baiting clergymen and politicians…..Our hands are (mostly) open….yours are fists.

Every other “Minority Group” seems to have made the transition to equality….to being welcomed, to finding economic and cultural success…..every other group. It cannot be entirely a racial thing. Some are as dark as black people, many stand out from “Whites”…..

I too would like to see that dream come to pass…..But it takes both sides. You have to hold up your end. You haven’t.


I think the Rev. King would be ashamed of what black “Society” has become.

Full text of his speech here

Feel free to call me a racist for this post.






Still not all over the mainstream US news media

It is, apparently, a case of “Sudden Jihadi Syndrome“. 3 people shot, one fatally. Thwarted by another cop who did not hesitate. But for the most part, not a peep from the US media.


Strange though, we heard all about the White Nationalist Nazi loving dude who killed 3 black people yesterday in Jacksonville. All over print media, radio, and TV.


But nearly nothing in the US based media about the Syrian Muslim gunman who planned a mass casualty event in July.


One wonders why the discrepancy…..

For the obtuse, that last line was sarcasm….

Yes, Indeed, we have all asked that question:

Personally, I think he had photos of Michelle’s dick….


Daily Mail:

No 911 call…No toxicology…No ID of witness: What ARE the Obamas trying to hide about death of personal chef while paddle boarding in pond outside their Martha’s Vineyard mansion?

Police in Massachusetts are continuing to cover up information about the death of Obama personal chef Tafari Campbell even after declaring the case closed this week, can reveal. The response has prompted an outcry from First Amendment advocates who have been left asking: ‘What do they have to hide?’

That “Sanctuary City” thing

Is starting to pinch…..


Seems that even the State of New York is feeling that .

The state don’t want to spread out the “Migrants” all over the state, but rather concentrate them where they already are (although the people living in those areas are not in agreement) and may well not help New York City in funding the migrant shelters either (Apparently New York City has a “Right to Shelter” law in place….but the state says it doesn’t apply outside of the city….)

NYC is starting to feel the pinch of all those migrants needing shelter, food and care… It is expensive…..I think it is wonderful that they are feeling that pain….and that burden should continue to be spread out by the southern states to EVERY city that claimed to be a “Sanctuary”…..the liberals need to have their feet held to the fire…forced to walk the talk.

Of course, the rich liberals in Martha’s Vineyard showed us their true colors, and at some point the folks in NYC will have had enough of what they wished upon the Southern border states…….But until then let them squirm.

A question:

Since Georgia has eliminated “Cash Bail” for criminals, why do Trump and his other “Co-Conspirators” have to pay their bail at Fulton County ?


I mean, seriously. Pick one and stick with it, or you are just showing that this is a show trial….If thieves, murderers and such don’t have to pay bail to get out of jail, then why does Trump and his friends?

You’d think it was the end of the world….

So here in the Greater Chicago Metro area it is gonna be a hundred degrees Fahrenheit.. Hot, yes. Humid too.  Like dewpoints in the 90’s. Plus no breeze.

The media is, of course, hyping it up greatly. Like it has never happened before. (It has, many times). Lots of times I’ve worked outside in these conditions in the past. I may or may not do so today. But the TV folks are playing it up Big Time.

They are telling everyone how to not die in this terrible (not) heat.  Do people really need to be reminded to drink enough water? To stay out of the sun when possible? Is it a good idea to thwart Darwin by reminding them of this? Are people really stupid enough to not drink water and to stay in the sun when it is hot and humid? Should we care if they do?

The issue isn’t the heat, as they say, but the humidity and lack of a breeze. Even sweating, one cannot cool off because the sweat doesn’t evaporate. But it isn’t like it hasn’t happened before, and it isn’t like it isn’t endured by people in our southern states every year. It’s hot, but not even record hot.

If you die from being out in this weather it is generally cause you are stupid.