So what do they want Donnie to do?

Reports are in the Media that there is (or was) a “bounty” on US servicemen fighting in Afghanistan.

Perhaps it is true, and perhaps it isn’t…..Intelligence sources seem to have mixed opinions on the veracity of the claims.

But, seriously, what would they have Trump do about it if it is true?

How can it be proven one way or another?

What is he supposed to do? Protest to Russia? To the (useless) United Nations?

Start an equivalent bounty on Russian soldiers? (Bad idea, this would escalate things fairly quickly in a VERY bad direction, I think.)

Seriously, other than another club to strike at him with, what would the Left and the Media (but I repeat myself) have the President do about it?

(as an aside, a Green Beret I know who worked with Indigenous Forces in Vietnam has told me stories about bounties for the capture of or bodies of Russian “advisors” working with the Viet Cong back in the day…..)

An open letter to NASCAR Sponsors

I intend to send this to every major sponsor of NASCAR I can find a contact for:

Like most people, I was at first horrified and disturbed
when I heard the news reports regarding the noose found at Bubba Wallace’s
garage in Talledega Alabama Speedway. I was cheered and heartened to see that
the entire field of drivers was willing to support him in the time following
the “incident”. Later, I was disgusted and angered when I found out that the “noose”
was in fact, a simply a garage pull rope tied in a loop, and that nearly every
garage door had a similar loop tied in it…That the “noose” was, in fact, a hoax. NASCAR is still defending the story that this was a hate crime, even though the FBI has indicated otherwise.

Mr. Wallace at first claimed that the sight of the “noose”
had disturbed and frightened him. Later, when the FBI had time to investigate
and it was determined that the entire “noose” incident was not, in fact, racism,
that the pull rope had been there for at least a year, he claimed that he “Never
saw the noose himself” (in his own garage?), but had simply been told about it by Steve Phelps, President of
NASCAR” in an attempt to walk back his initial statements.

I, frankly, find this race-baiting disgusting. There is
enough racist incidents in our country without creating false incidents in order to
generate publicity and as a vehicle to demonstrate how “woke” NASCAR is. This whole incident was, in effect, a poorly done publicity stunt.

Your firm, as a sponsor of the racers, is the heart of
NASCAR. You, as the source of funding, are what keeps the racers racing and
what keeps NASCAR solvent. You have a responsibility to use your influence to
prevent such things from happening again, and to see to it that the people involved
in the current incident are punished…..Be it the NASCAR management or Bubba Wallace himself.  THIS SORT OF

I have been a NASCAR fan for many years, Often, my choice of
product purchase is influenced by the sponsorship of the cars in the NASCAR
season. “Win on Sunday, Sell on Monday” is often true in the case of my
purchasing decisions. NASCAR sponsorship has influenced my choice of many
purchases. Losing viewership such as mine will negatively affect the value of
your sponsorship dollars.

It is incumbent, therefore, that your firm, as a sponsor of
NASCAR teams, force NASCAR to fix this issue and punish those guilty of perpetrating
this hoax, be it Steve Phelps, his managers, other NASCAR management, or
whomever else in NASCAR who had knowledge of this incident. Further, Mr.
Wallace was a willing participant, and needs to be sanctioned for his role in
this hoax as well.  If you continue
funding NASCAR teams without pressuring NASCAR to stop this behavior, then you
as a corporation are complicit in funding race-baiting and perpetuating racial strife in the United States.

Failure to do so will make your firm complicit
in this hoax. Failure to act, to clean up NASCAR, to prevent acts like this in
the future (you obviously find sponsorship to be profitable) will result in losing
me and others as customers. NASCAR fans have long memories. We can
as well as
support team sponsors.

If you are a NASCAR fan, I strongly urge you to write a similar letter. 

I find this sad

Due to the “Noose!” hoax perpetrated by NASCAR and Bubba Wallace (if NASCAR wasn’t aware of the fact that it was a hoax, then it was simply because they didn’t want to be aware and chose not to bother to look at said “Noose” in an attempt to stage the Woke Theater that last week was…) I chose, for the first time in over 25 years to not watch a NASCAR race.  This is not to say that I have not  missed televised races in the past, but this is the first time I have CHOSEN to not watch, rather than having been unable, for work or family or other obligations, to have to miss watching.

I find that sad. A once mostly apolitical organization has gotten “Woke” and it will be the downfall of the sport. NASCAR has hired too many press and public opinion people and has lost their way. Soon the NASCAR organization, already floundering before this, will go the way of the Dodo, and become extinct.

The France family had better wake up.

Have you noticed?

Ever since the “Covid Crisis”, then, of course the BLM/George Floyd unrest, the Media has apparently simply forgotten about the Climate? No more lies about the “Warmest year on record: (when it wasn’t) nor cries about Human caused “Climate Change”.

Od, innit, how that subject went from the “beginning of the end of the world”, to something that is just a footnote in history now that the Meeedia has something really juicy to sink their teeth into,

Yup, as long as we are purging

As I said below, lets purge all the federal projects, building, bridges, rural clinics, libraries, airports and all the other stuff that has the Grand Exalted Kleagle Cyclops of the Klu Klux Klan, Sen Robert Byrd.

I’m not the only one who thinks so.

I mean, lets be consistent.

I also think that the DNC folks need to apologize for their nearly century long association with the KKK and their obstruction of the Equal Rights Act. I think their party should, in fact, make some sort of reparations.

Plus, of course, they can wash the feet (or is it shine the shoes?) of Bubba Wallace too.

upon further reflection

I’m thinking that the whole “Noose” thing with Bubba Wallace is just theater .

There was absolutely NOTHING to this “incident”. Made up of whole cloth.

NASCAR officials HAD to have seen the supposed “Noose” and therefore had to have known what the deal was. Nothing. Absolutely NOTHING. Yet they made a big deal about it.

This was theater. Simply theater.

While I appreciate the support the other drivers gave Bubba Wallace, (if they were unaware of the real story) I find the fact that now that Bubba Wallace now claims that he NEVER ACTUALLY SAW THE NOOSE, but rather that it was just reported to him (and NASCAR) and therefore he was unaware of the actual facts (then why did he make such a big theater about it before the race? How could to have affected him so much if he was never actually aware until someone told him about it?) to be very telling. He claimed to have been “terribly affected” and that he was “tested” by this….except that now that the facts are coming out, he claims that he never actually saw the noose and therefore he was unaware of the facts….

He does say that he “has seen the pictures” and that it is a “noose” (It isn’t, it is a well tied loop in the garage door pull rope) and “the FBI corroborates that fact”. He’s trying to cover his ass.

Did the think that someone would not investigate this? That someone would not look closely? Or (like Jussie Smollet) did they think that the rest of the world would just take their word for it?

While I do think that FIFTEEN FBI investigators was a bit excessive, I am glad that they investigated and took the time to make a statement bout their findings…. that basically said “Hoax”.

I think that Bubba Wallace’s popularity will be greatly reduced after this. I would bet that his career will never recover.

If this was a stunt by NASCAR, then they have broken Bubba for nothing. It does appear that there was collusion to make something from nothing.

I just cannot fathom as to what they thought the benefit would be.

Toldya so.

Is Bubba gonna apologize? Say ” I’m sorry” to all those NASCAR fans he maligned with this little stunt? To the drivers and their team members who he placed under suspicion?

I’m thinking that Bubba Wallace (who is no more a representative of the African American folks in the United states tha Colin Kapernick is) should be embarrassed. He must be getting his advice on Racism from the same folks that gave Jussie Smollett (and Colin Kapernick) advice….

Seems that the “noose” that was found by someone on the Bubba Wallace NASCAR team wasn’t exactly a Noose.

(and the fact that the FBI dispatched 15 people to investigate this is disgusting) (FBI statement)

It was a garage door pull rope that was exactly like every other garage door pull rope on every garage door in Talledega and most other NASCAR garages Simply a rope tied into a loop to make the door easier to pull down.

Of course, if you are looking hard enough, you can find SOMETHING that can be “racist”.

So I wonder if he’d know an actual “noose” if he saw one?

I find it hard to believe that Bubba is that stupid, nor that anyone else in the garage is that stupid….or that they couldn’t recognize the piece of rope for what it was. (or was everyone too afraid to point out that it was just a garage door rope, fearful that they would be shunned for pointing out the obvious: that it wasn’t a noose?)

I believe this was all a stunt.

And it’ll backfire.

No matter how much outrage you demonstrate when people point out the above


So my local media is pushing the fact that the number of positive Covid-19 tests is again on the rise.

The number of TESTS has increased daily. I mean the total number of people tested has grown. There are a greater number of people that get tested every day.

One statistic that is NOT being disseminated is the percentage of positive tests….In other words what percentage of the total number of people tested show a positive?

It would seem to me that this is a more reliable indicator of the spread of the disease. If last week the authorities tested, say, 20,000 people and (just a number) 2000 came back positive, then that would be a positive rate of 10%. If the week before they had tested 10,000 and 5000 came back positive, then that would have been a rate of 50%.

But we don’t get that statistic. We get “Number of Positive Cases” which without the underlying data does not tell us anything. Unless we adjust for the total number of tests, we don’t get any useful data.

Why is it that the media doesn’t give us the whole story? Are they incompetent to understand the concept? Or is it just another attempt at fearmongering? Or is the data not disseminated to them by the medical authorities so they can continue to have a reason for the restrictions that they have placed upon the people and the damage to the economy?

I have found that, generally, when someone gives me incomplete statistics they are trying to hide something from me……