So what do they want Donnie to do?

Reports are in the Media that there is (or was) a “bounty” on US servicemen fighting in Afghanistan.

Perhaps it is true, and perhaps it isn’t…..Intelligence sources seem to have mixed opinions on the veracity of the claims.

But, seriously, what would they have Trump do about it if it is true?

How can it be proven one way or another?

What is he supposed to do? Protest to Russia? To the (useless) United Nations?

Start an equivalent bounty on Russian soldiers? (Bad idea, this would escalate things fairly quickly in a VERY bad direction, I think.)

Seriously, other than another club to strike at him with, what would the Left and the Media (but I repeat myself) have the President do about it?

(as an aside, a Green Beret I know who worked with Indigenous Forces in Vietnam has told me stories about bounties for the capture of or bodies of Russian “advisors” working with the Viet Cong back in the day…..)

2 thoughts on “So what do they want Donnie to do?

  1. Never mind that infamous "deck of cards" our government gave out to the indigenous peoples of Iraq and Afghanistan…

    Nah… No bounties paid out there… aside from, maybe, a free round at the local opium den…

  2. They want the G-8 invitation rescinded (at least that's TODAY's demand)

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