So why should We listen to him?

I’m talking about Dr Anthony Fauci.

He’s now claiming that there is a “Possibility of 100,000 new cases a day” (of coronavirus).

Thing is, he’s been wrong more than he’s been right about this whole health crisis.

His advice on chinese travel? Wrong.
His advice on screening travelers? Wrong
His advice on masks? Yeah, it’s hard to tell if it was wrong because he changed it so many times. Masks-Yes…No….sometimes….They help…they don’t…they help spread, but they don’t.

We were gonna shut down for 2 weeks to “flatten the curve” so our hospitals would not be overwhelmed. 2 Weeks…. extended to 3 months. By now the curve should be as flat as Kansas.
All the lockdown did was damage our economy…we are no better off now, covid-wise, than we were in March.

I am beginning to think the good Doctor doesn’t really know much more than I do.

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