upon further reflection

I’m thinking that the whole “Noose” thing with Bubba Wallace is just theater .

There was absolutely NOTHING to this “incident”. Made up of whole cloth.

NASCAR officials HAD to have seen the supposed “Noose” and therefore had to have known what the deal was. Nothing. Absolutely NOTHING. Yet they made a big deal about it.

This was theater. Simply theater.

While I appreciate the support the other drivers gave Bubba Wallace, (if they were unaware of the real story) I find the fact that now that Bubba Wallace now claims that he NEVER ACTUALLY SAW THE NOOSE, but rather that it was just reported to him (and NASCAR) and therefore he was unaware of the actual facts (then why did he make such a big theater about it before the race? How could to have affected him so much if he was never actually aware until someone told him about it?) to be very telling. He claimed to have been “terribly affected” and that he was “tested” by this….except that now that the facts are coming out, he claims that he never actually saw the noose and therefore he was unaware of the facts….

He does say that he “has seen the pictures” and that it is a “noose” (It isn’t, it is a well tied loop in the garage door pull rope) and “the FBI corroborates that fact”. He’s trying to cover his ass.

Did the think that someone would not investigate this? That someone would not look closely? Or (like Jussie Smollet) did they think that the rest of the world would just take their word for it?

While I do think that FIFTEEN FBI investigators was a bit excessive, I am glad that they investigated and took the time to make a statement bout their findings…. that basically said “Hoax”.

I think that Bubba Wallace’s popularity will be greatly reduced after this. I would bet that his career will never recover.

If this was a stunt by NASCAR, then they have broken Bubba for nothing. It does appear that there was collusion to make something from nothing.

I just cannot fathom as to what they thought the benefit would be.

6 thoughts on “upon further reflection

  1. They probably thought it would win them points with the woke and progressive crowd. After all, their quick condemnation and bold stance against racism had to curry favor for them with the left.

    After all if you don't have an outrage to get worked up about and to virtue signal about, manufacture one.

  2. Of course, your car being sponsored by those whose lives are the only ones that matter had nothing to do with it…

  3. Seems a buncha folks need bulletproof shoes.. I was no Big Fan of NooseCar, not for years, BUt,, I Would watch some of a race occasionally.. Not NoMore,,
    Folks,, A Noose is a slipknot,, that closes down when the wrapped part slides, There was NO Wrapped part. It was a LOOP, tied to facilitate pulling down,,Everyone KNew it,, Its obvious, but Hey, lets all pretend its a noose and hyperventilate and get all butthurt until its time to get embarrassed,, STUPID world we are living in,

  4. If Bubbas eyesight is so bad that he can't tell the difference between an noose and a door-pull, should he even be driving?

  5. And had apparently been in that garage since last OCTOBER!

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