Toldya so.

Is Bubba gonna apologize? Say ” I’m sorry” to all those NASCAR fans he maligned with this little stunt? To the drivers and their team members who he placed under suspicion?

I’m thinking that Bubba Wallace (who is no more a representative of the African American folks in the United states tha Colin Kapernick is) should be embarrassed. He must be getting his advice on Racism from the same folks that gave Jussie Smollett (and Colin Kapernick) advice….

Seems that the “noose” that was found by someone on the Bubba Wallace NASCAR team wasn’t exactly a Noose.

(and the fact that the FBI dispatched 15 people to investigate this is disgusting) (FBI statement)

It was a garage door pull rope that was exactly like every other garage door pull rope on every garage door in Talledega and most other NASCAR garages Simply a rope tied into a loop to make the door easier to pull down.

Of course, if you are looking hard enough, you can find SOMETHING that can be “racist”.

So I wonder if he’d know an actual “noose” if he saw one?

I find it hard to believe that Bubba is that stupid, nor that anyone else in the garage is that stupid….or that they couldn’t recognize the piece of rope for what it was. (or was everyone too afraid to point out that it was just a garage door rope, fearful that they would be shunned for pointing out the obvious: that it wasn’t a noose?)

I believe this was all a stunt.

And it’ll backfire.

No matter how much outrage you demonstrate when people point out the above