“What are ya gonna do, shoot me?”


While no one wants to see anyone dead, this Darwin Candidate ended up that way.

Let’s see here…..intruder (thief), accosted by man with gun (homeowner). Cooperate? Nah.

One might say that he deserved what he got.

Then again, the homeowner must now defend himself against murder charges.

Me? I say give him a medal, a small gratuity, and free beer for a week.

Might well cause other miscreants to rethink their profession.

I know, I know, you ask….”Is your property worth another man’s life?”

Well, the Darwin Candidate obviously thought so…..


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They have no idea what kind of a shitstorm this will bring

Healthcare passed

This is going to bring a shitstorm upon those who voted for it. Yet another notch forward on the cog of revolution…

Personally, I’d like to see what happens when (if) the public finds out how much of our money has been spent to bribe senators buy votes.

Were we a less civilized people, we might riot, burn, hang and behead our senators. Think torches and pitchforks, rope, tar, and feathers, tree branches…..

Of course, I would not advocate such violence…….yeah, that’s it.

Methinks our forefathers would, however, have expressed their dissatisfaction in a physical way when said senators return home. Good thing for then that we are less inclined to do so. Otherwise homes and cars might burn and families flee in fear.

I expect that the elections in 2010 shall be interesting. It’s always a bad idea to poke the sleeping giant dragon….

perhaps our newly elected representatives and senators will repeal this disastrous legislation

And once again, we follow the money

I tole a ya so (again).

Follow the above link. Read and follow HIS links.

I told ya,I told ya, I told ya.

This isn’t about the climate….It’s about money and power.

And, of course, control.


Someday soon, we will burn climate scientists at the stake (along with AlGore).

ETA: More HERE (via Insty)…..Read more on the good Doctor at page 3

Words from a wise man now dead

Posting this again. It bears repeating. Again.

Listen to it.

True then. True today.

What, other than the incremental step forward for socialism, do the democrats get out of passage of this bill? Fully 1/3 will lose their comfortable positions in congress or the house. The DNC loses its majority, perhaps for many years.

What do they get? Other than advancing the cause of socialism forward.

I don’t get it. Is socialism that important to them?

Or am I thinking checkers when they are playing chess?

So now that they have 60

Does that mean that we can begin assembling the gallows and making pretty loops and such out of rope?

’cause we all know that a majority of their constituents oppose the “reforms” that they are soon to vote upon.

Personally, I’d sooner see their heads on pikes outside the capitals. Hanging’s too good for ’em.

But then again, I am reactionary.

One wonders if they will ever be able to come home.

Were I that type of person, I’d make ’em afeared to do so.

I am sure that someone will….Glad it doesn’t have to be me. If I were that type of person (I am not!) I would make them afraid to show their face in their home state…and make ’em afraid for the safety of their families and such…..Make’em afraid that their houses would suddenly catch fire….. afraid of car backfirings and such that sound like gunfire and all that……stuff like that.

Lucky for them that their constituents are civilized and all…..right?

(this is in no way a suggestion that anyone else should take any action discussed here…we are all adults and should take appropriate measures, never resorting to violence of any sort……!)

I’m just sayin’

Had this been just a citizen they’d be in jail

More proof that there is a double standard…One for “citizens” and one for cops…..

The upshot is that the cop pulled a gun after being hit with SNOWBALLS. Had I tried that, I’d have been hit with several charges: Displaying a weapon, intimidation, using a weapon in a threatening manner,Threatening deadly force…etc. Probably lost my carry permit as well (and as it should be).

Displaying a weapon should only be done when there is a need for the use of deadly force. Not as a threat.

The cop in question “detective Baylor” should not be allowed to possess a weapon, nor should he be in the position to protect the public nor make decisions affecting the public.

There is no (zero, none, nada, zilch,) reason for this behavior.

And the shame is that (so far) he has gotten away with it. And he is supposed to “protect and serve”.

Look, Cops are human. But this is beyond bad judgement.

And they should be held to standards at least as stringent as the rest of us.

Cops should police their own.

No blue wall.

As I said, had this been any of us, we’d likely be in jail, for sure have had our weapon confiscated (even in a carry state) and likely be looking at having our ccl revoked.


More/better/longer video here….

Y’know….Someday the crowd is going to decide NOT to allow this. then what?

Then the line will be crossed…

And someone will be shot or dead. Maybe a cop, maybe a civilian….But dead or shot, nonetheless. And all because a cop went WAAAY over the line and wasn’t man enough or just couldn’t bring himself to back down….

At least they didn’t try to tell folks that they couldn’t use video…..or confiscate cameras…