Had this been just a citizen they’d be in jail

More proof that there is a double standard…One for “citizens” and one for cops…..

The upshot is that the cop pulled a gun after being hit with SNOWBALLS. Had I tried that, I’d have been hit with several charges: Displaying a weapon, intimidation, using a weapon in a threatening manner,Threatening deadly force…etc. Probably lost my carry permit as well (and as it should be).

Displaying a weapon should only be done when there is a need for the use of deadly force. Not as a threat.

The cop in question “detective Baylor” should not be allowed to possess a weapon, nor should he be in the position to protect the public nor make decisions affecting the public.

There is no (zero, none, nada, zilch,) reason for this behavior.

And the shame is that (so far) he has gotten away with it. And he is supposed to “protect and serve”.

Look, Cops are human. But this is beyond bad judgement.

And they should be held to standards at least as stringent as the rest of us.

Cops should police their own.

No blue wall.

As I said, had this been any of us, we’d likely be in jail, for sure have had our weapon confiscated (even in a carry state) and likely be looking at having our ccl revoked.


More/better/longer video here….

Y’know….Someday the crowd is going to decide NOT to allow this. then what?

Then the line will be crossed…

And someone will be shot or dead. Maybe a cop, maybe a civilian….But dead or shot, nonetheless. And all because a cop went WAAAY over the line and wasn’t man enough or just couldn’t bring himself to back down….

At least they didn’t try to tell folks that they couldn’t use video…..or confiscate cameras…