So now that they have 60

Does that mean that we can begin assembling the gallows and making pretty loops and such out of rope?

’cause we all know that a majority of their constituents oppose the “reforms” that they are soon to vote upon.

Personally, I’d sooner see their heads on pikes outside the capitals. Hanging’s too good for ’em.

But then again, I am reactionary.

One wonders if they will ever be able to come home.

Were I that type of person, I’d make ’em afeared to do so.

I am sure that someone will….Glad it doesn’t have to be me. If I were that type of person (I am not!) I would make them afraid to show their face in their home state…and make ’em afraid for the safety of their families and such…..Make’em afraid that their houses would suddenly catch fire….. afraid of car backfirings and such that sound like gunfire and all that……stuff like that.

Lucky for them that their constituents are civilized and all…..right?

(this is in no way a suggestion that anyone else should take any action discussed here…we are all adults and should take appropriate measures, never resorting to violence of any sort……!)

I’m just sayin’