I’m not gonna make a joke….

I’m not, I’m not, I’m not…

But the thought of submarines filled with women could lead one down that path….

Seriously, though, WTF? Why the push to force the Navy to accept women everwhere?

I’m not bashing women, and I am not saying that they can’t do the job. But much like the controversy with DADT, there ARE issues with women and men (and, for that matter, homosexuals) being in close proximity to other genders/sexual orientations for extended periods. On shore is one thing, in a ship (less room), another….In a sub (even less room), yet another. Perhaps subs staffed with women only?

The Navy will have to refit the sanitary facilities, and privacy, always an issue among hetero men (and even moreso with ladies), will become an even greater issue.


What gain is there? More combat effectiveness? I doubt it.

Just so some militant feminist(s) can be submariners? Or is it something else?

When will it end?

Yeah, I know, all the old arguments that are rehashed each and every time this comes up, but the fact is that there WILL be issues, there are issues now with women and men on ships as it stands.

And I bet the wives of these men will NOT be happy with this. Which WILL lead to issues and those men may not want to re-up. ’cause if momma ain’t happy no one is happy.

But all is good, I suppose, as long as we get a truly feminized integrated force……The PC folks will do anything to get their way, even to the weakening of our military.

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so this occurs to me…

Just to be fair, since we have Black History Month this month (highlighting all the special folks who, throughout history who may have been black, or partially so, to be remembered and revered for a 30 day period, their accomplishments highlighted and their less than savory sides hidden) Do the rest of the races get their fair share of the rest of the months?

According to Wikipedia, the percentage of the population which is listed as “black” is 12.4%, or one in eight people. OK, they get the month of February. (which is one in 12 parts of the year more or less). (to be fair, they should get about a month and a half, or 6 weeks…)

Since Hispanics are 15.4% of the population, they should get “Hispanic History Month” which should really be about 7 weeks….

Asians should get about 2 weeks for their period of pride…

Whites, being 75% of the population, should there fore get 8 weeks or so to crow our accomplishments, and promote our “heroes”.

We, being the majority, can give a few days to each of the other ethnic groups to give them a chance to show pride in the accomplishments of their race.

Personally, I think the whole dammned thing is racist and stupid, but we have a history of pandering to the insecurities of our minorities, (which is why they cannot seem to rise above the racism that other folks have. (see also the Irish, the Poles, and many others).

So when is White History season? I’ll settle for just a quarter, rather than 3/4 of the year.

I can hear the screams already….

I just gotta ask

I mean, I realize that the reason that over 60% of the population of the US doesn’t want any part of socialized medicine is because we are too stupid to understand the nuances of the plan(s)put forth by the socialist party DNC drones….and we are also too stupid to understand the explanation (s) given to us by der leader the One Mr. Obama (may he rest in peace)….

But since over 60% of us dislike the idea of DMV like drones making health care decisions Socialized Medicine, then WHY are they pushing this AGAIN?

What is so important about socialized medicine that the leadership is willing to fail AGAIN? Destroying your party and what little power base it has left in an all out push AGAIN to promote Socialized Health Care? Towards what gain?

I realize that the socialists DNC party folks that are movers and shakers in the movement have had health care run by government drones Socialized medicine as a goal for something like 65 years, but still….. Even with a majority in the House and Senate, they still couldn’t get it done in the last year. It cost them seats in the Senate, and most likely governorships and other spots in government and will no doubt cost them the majorities in both houses of congress.

They might be able to recover from some of this, and regain their power…. yet they still and again are pushing for some kind of bill that they can call “Socialized Medicine”. Why are they willing to go against the will of the people that elected them, when recent events have shown that it can be suicide?

At what cost? What, besides the thin end of the socialist wedge, can they be gaining? Is it just that the edge of the wedge of socialism can lead to ever increasing socialist programs (like we don’t have enough now?), Or is it that they have to act before there is even more damage done to their base of power? Can the advancement of Socialism be that important to these people that they would destroy themselves in the attempt to do so?

Any continued action on this will further erode their chances for the next 10-12 years…… Yet forward they march.

There has to be a reason…..What is it?

(sorry, no links. But my numbers are accurate. Go use Google, Yahoo. or Bing and look ’em up yerself.)

Just to maqke sure we are all still aware of the rules….

RULE I: ALL GUNS ARE TO BE TREATED AS IF THEY WERE ALWAYS LOADED (self explanatory….If not, see below)


RULE III: KEEP YOUR FINGER OFF THE TRIGGER UNTIL YOUR SIGHTS ARE ON THE TARGET (keep yer booger-hook off the bangswitch until you want the thing to go “bang”)

RULE IV: BE SURE OF YOUR TARGET AND WHAT IS BEHIND IT (try not to shoot anyone else behind your intended target…Like maybe me)

Any questions?

Ask ’em in the comments so everyone else will know how stupid you are….


If this were a private individual who had done this, they’d be in jail.

But the school corp tried.

Big brother and all that.

One wonders what else they have up their sleeve.

Were I a parent of one of these children, I’d be gathering the pitchforks and torches and rope.

But then again, I have never been accused of being a pacifist.

USMC gets better rifle rounds

This article in the Navy times tells us that the US military is finally addressing the issues with the 5.56 mm round that has been in use for so long.

IMHO, these soldiers should have the most lethal round available to them. It’s not like they shoot someone without the intent to cause great bodily harm and/or death.

While the merits of different caliber/bullet/rifle combinations have gone on(and will go on)forever, the fact is that the 5.56 round has issues. Some of these are being addressed with the change to the new bullet design.

But there is no substitute for bullet weight and diameter. Speed helps, but only so much.

A heavy, larger caliber bullet turns cover into concealment.

But this new bullet design should help them do what they do best.

Break things and kill people.