Here’s an interesting fact:

It would seem that the Police Occifer that claims that Scotty Sheffler “dragged him nearly 30 feet” somehow failed to either turn his body camera on or somehow the footage was lost…..

So there is no evidence except what nearby people saw, the officer’s word, and Mr Shefflers version.

Odd, innit? That these officers somehow always fail with the cameras that would back up their version….

It isn’t like this is a new technology or that it takes extra special training to make sure they are on.


Will they hold his feet to the fire?

ATF Director Steven Dettelbach is supposed to testify regarding the ATF execution raid of Brian Mailnowski’s home at 6:01 AM that resulted in Mr Malinowski’s death….Shot by an ATF agent.

I look forward to the explanation of why they taped over and disabled his Ring Cameras, pulled the power to his home, broke down his door…all while NOT wearing the required-by-Law body cameras….And explain whey the Little Rock Police officers accompanying the ATF agents ALSO failed to wear body cameras….Against their department policy…..

I’d like to hear his explanation as to why the ATF could not have waited for a decent hour, or why they couldn’t have detained him at work, or done the raid while he was at work….Dude worked as the director of the Little Rock Airport, fer chrissake.

I also want to know how the agents have been punished for such an egregious violation of law and ATF policy regarding the body cameras…have they been suspended, demoted, or fired? Are they on trial for murder? After all, we only have their word that he shot at them…because they carefully made sure that there was no video evidence…..

I fully expect this inquest to be a waste of time, but I have hopes that they will actually hold someone accountable.

I won’t hold my breath though.

I think this looks like State Sanctioned Murder, and I would like explanations….If they can do it to him, they can do it to you or me.

7:2 the congressional investigation is just for show.

And the details are coming to light

The police report said Scheffler failed to comply with instructions and then drove away from an officer, Bryan Gillis, ‘causing him to be dragged along by the two-time Masters winner’s car‘.

But witnesses say otherwise:

Wischusen claims Gillis was ‘pretty, you know, enthusiastic’ as he walked up to Scheffler’s vehicle and beamed his flashlight into the golfer’s face.

Wischusen then claims Gillis screamed at Scheffler, saying words to the effect of: ‘Whoa, whoa, whoa, who are you? Where are you going? Get back in line. You’re not allowed to come through here.’

Gillis was ‘scolding’ Scheffler for passing the vehicle Wischusen and the ESPN crew were in and it was unclear whether he was a police officer or tournament security because of their yellow reflective jackets.

After Scheffler drove forward, the situation then escalated and Gillis ‘got very angry pursuing the car.’

Wischusen claims the officer was ‘kind of running alongside chasing the car, and maybe he tripped and fell.  

He added: ‘I mean, there was kind of an outcropping or median, you know, by the front gate. And keep in mind, it was raining. It was 6 o’clock in the morning. It was dark.’

Asked about the claims of Gillis ‘attaching’ himself to the car, Wischusen said: ‘I could see him stumble, but I did not have a very clear view of exactly how you want to categorize his contact with the car.’


So here we have at least one witness saying that the officer LIED in his police report (shocking, I know) I doubt that this lying and exaggeration is an isolated incident, either…..The only reason that it has come to light is that this was a celebrity, rather than joe average, that was treated badly…..And there were independent witnesses that saw the whole thing.


Buying more votes with petroleum

So the Biden folks are gonna dump a million gallons of gasoline onto the market, in an attempt to keep prices down.

Of course, theya re only releasing the gasoline on the east coat, where, apparently, the high cost is a significant part of the degrading of their voter base….

I wonder how much this release is gonna cost the US taxpayer? Biden still hasn’t refilled all the crude oil he sold from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve last election cycle…..

I sometimes think they are just trying to weaken the country….remove all the reserves,,,,they’ve already damaged our military….

One wonders why they don’t use Eminement Domain

I mean, governments have used Eminent Domain to take land for lesser reasons….

Inside America’s most breathtaking state park that almost NO ONE is allowed to visit despite its oasis of rolling hills and idyllic stretch dubbed ‘Peace Valley’… as debate rages about public access

I’m not saying they SHOULD  take land from the surrounding owners to create access, mind you, but if the state has the land , intended to be used as a park, then why have it if they can’t access it? Sometimes there’s a good reason to use ED.

There must be some powerful people with land in the area opposing this…..

And once again, the Global leftists want even more taxes…..

This time a “Minimum Tax on Wealth” 

I.E. Targeting the ultra rich…those with a net worth of more than a million dollars. t

I bet that a billionaire pays significantly more taxes that a thousand folks making $100K a year under the current tax scheme….. Plus they employ a bunch of people .

But these folks keep bleating about “Fair Share”…..How much tax is a “fair share” per person? ..

Yet they also increase their level for “Poverty” where people pay no taxes….and they promote folks not participating in our society by actually working and paying taxes…..Plus all the undocumented that cost about $5K per person per month….*and the foreign aid and the gifts to Ukraine’s President….)

And, of course, spending money that we don’t have ….But gotta tax the “Rich” more to pay for that spending…..

I’m actually surprised that Janet Yellen opposes it….


So I’ve asked this many times. How much tax is enough. What, exactly, is a “Fair Share”?

(sometimes I think it is simple jealousy…these Leftists know they are failures, and can barely keep an overpaid  government or academic job…they hate the folks that made money by actually earning it by creating something.…..)



For all you college protesters

That want , nay, DEMAND a “Permanent and immediate ceasefire” in Gaza….

Remember this:

There WAS a ceasefire in Gaza. In fact, “Palestinians” were WORKING in Israel.

Then Hamas changed that…Not the Israelis. Hamas…The government that the “PALESTINIANS” chose. Hamas chose to assemble a bunch of “fighters”, equip them, give them leaders….and allow them to attack across a border and slaughter innocent people. (and not a single “Palestinian” chose to say anything before the attack, either).

Now that they are getting their butts kicked, Hamas, the “Palestinians” are crying for a ceasefire. Like blaming the hornets for starting the war after you knocked their nest down with a stick. Whose fault is it that you got stung?

I realize you think it is cool to follow a cause. But THINK.

And on Sunday…

I watched the Formula 1 race and then decided to go fly….It was Severe Clear…..,so I  kidnapped invited MC, stuffed her in the 340A and we flew to KMCD…Mackinac Island, Michigan.

The flight up was pretty much uneventful.  A bit hazy, but VFR all the way. We cruised north up at 9500 as that was the best for fuel and speed….Higher burns more fuel in the climb, but less fuel at cruise, but more fuel due to the headwind component….. sometimes a bit difficult finding the best combination for speed and fuel burn………

But off we went about 11 AM. …South Bend Approach was pretty busy, but then the next controller, Great Lakes Approach, was really quiet…Then Minneapolis Approach took us all the way to Mackinac…he was pretty busy.

South Bend did ask us to deviate north right after takeoff to avoid some skydivers…..(I hate ’em, they get caught in the wings, unbalance the  the props, and  as MC says “They won’t stop screaming!” )  but then it was straight o the destination. 1 hour 26 minutes later we had the island airport in sight. Followed a TBM in the pattern and landed. Short runway (3500 feet) , but the 340 can, if I am on my game, land in less than 1600 ft, so it wasn’t a big deal. we made the 2200 foot turnoff with room to spare and parked right next to the TBM 700.

Walked the 3 or so miles to the downtown…past the Grand Hotel, and just wandered around for a while.

We ate at the Yankee Rebel Tavern, I think it was…Fresh pan fried walleye over smashed taters with green beans…Damn, that was good. MC had the prime rib sammich.

Then, of course, being Mackinac Island, we had to buy some fudge…and then we decided that it was time to go because there was possible weather at home….

Decided on a cab (horse drawn, of course, but dispatched via telephone) because I didn’t want to walk back (it’s all uphill to the airport)…But that took longer than if we had walked….

Ended up at the airport, got someone to let us in (we forgot to get the gate code from the ranger that runs the airport) and preflighted the plane. Waited for two other, slower airplanes to take off and get clear, then did a short field takeoff I didn’t really need to do, but hey, practice, right? and turned south… Had to climb hard as BOTH of the other two airplanes were down low but right on our course, but passed over them at well over a thousand feet separation…we were talking to each other all the time, so no big deal….Called Minneapolis Approach and got flight following and then set an economy cruise at about 185 knots at 10,500….I calculated that we would have about an hour’s fuel at the end , but if we had headwinds or something we could always stop along the way as there are lots of airports in Michigam….there is NO FUEL of any kind available at Mackinac Island.

Turned out I was right, we landed with about 30 gallons left in the main tanks… but the aux tanks were bone dry. So an hour of fuel left. The landing was…..firm…. Definitely not my best. Hey, it happens. Unlike Aaron, whose landing are always like butter, I sometimes demonstrate how NOT to do it. (Someone’s gotta be the Bad Example)…But we CAN use the plane again. (Guess I’m gonna have to spend an hour or two working on my landings.)

There were thunderstorms about 40 miles to the south of our airport, but nothing for us to worry about.

So 1.6 (VFR) each way and 2 landings, and damned nice afternoon.

Sorry no pictures. I was enjoying myself too much on the island, and there wasn’t much to see but hazy blue skies on the trip out (and back) over Michigan. The Mackinac bridge was pretty to see, but I was too busy preparing for landing to take a pic.


Lots of miles this weekend…370 on Saturday and 580 on Sunday…plus I was a passenger in Aaron’s plane for another 160 or so miles. Al told I flew for about 7 and a half hours between both days. 1100 miles or so.

That would have been about 28 hours of driving. This way I had time for fun and still home each night.


‘Twas a Beautiful day to fly:

So we did:

Went out and saw Aaron yesterday. Flew to PTK then dropped off the 340 and got into his Piper Archer for another leg..

The flight out to PTK was sorta in and out of IMC., even the approach to PTK was really hazy until about 1500ft. From Indiana to Pontiac, it was just kinda-sorta almost but not quite Instrument Meteorological Conditions. Smooth though.

So once in the Archer (slower, but still fun to fly) we headed to Mount Pleasant Michigan to hit the Casino. The weather was Severe Clear with a touch of Smooth most of the way…once close, Aaron put on the Foggles and did an approach for his instrument currency with me a safety pilot….Now, like shooting, instrument currency and proficiency is a perishable skill. Aaron did OK but was, as all of us are, heavy handed at first, but them got it together and did a really nice approach and a smooth as butter landing under the foggles. and without an autopilot. All hand flown.

Currency is one of the hardest things for us non-professional pilots to maintain, But the  skills are there, we just need to polish them. And that was part of the reason we flew the Archer instead of the 340 (plus the Archer is fun to fly)

We then chocked the plane and called for the ride to the casino…Outside was a really nicely done crew car:

After giving our money to the casino, via Craps and Blackjack and a meal, we caught the bus back to the airport, preflighted the airplane, and took off for Pontiac. Aaron flew much better this time,….it shows when we haven’t flown for a few weeks and then get back behind the yoke,…..Just a tiny bit of flying polishes our skills .He flew a perfect approach into 09R at PTK. I’d consider the skillset polished.

We then put his plane away, drove around the airport to where my plane was parked, did a flight plan, and I preflighted the plane, filed the flight plan, and started the engines.  Got my IFR clearance and was told to taxi to 09R….but then Ground called and told me to do a 180 on the taxiway and proceed to 27L….they changed the runway.!? I asked if I had misheard the first time? He said no, they just changed the active runway after I got my taxi instructions.

Got to the runway, did a runup (mag check, cycle the props, all that) then got takeoff clearance and proceeded west(ish) into rising clouds.

After that is was pretty decent flying. Got just above the clouds and cruised for a while. I did ask for some course deviations for some rapidly building rising clouds, but they we easily avoided.

While I like flying at 100 knots, for making miles, there is nothing like burring fuel and cruising high and fast…190 knots makes for a faster trip.

After that it was a nice decent from ATC and a setup for the RNAV approach to my runway.. It was all thick haze (Not IMC but certainly not VMC either) on the descent until about 1600 feet, then clear to the runway…where I did an adequate (but only barely) landing. Glad no one else was in the plane to see (and feel) that. Some landings are better than others….

Taxi and hangar the plane and then home.

It was a good day:. flying, friends, a different plane, gambling, more flying….

Probably more like that today too.